Production at the Leading Edge of Technology

Production at the Leading Edge of Technology
اسم المؤلف
Mathias Liewald , Alexander Verl , Thomas Bauernhansl , Hans-Christian Möhring
19 مايو 2023
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Production at the Leading Edge of Technology
Proceedings of the 12th Congress of the German Academic Association for Production Technology (WGP), University of Stuttgart, October 2022
Mathias Liewald , Alexander Verl , Thomas Bauernhansl , Hans-Christian Möhring
Recent Developments in Manufacturing Processes
Development of a Temperature-Graded Tailored Forming Process
for Hybrid Axial Bearing Washers 3
J. Peddinghaus, Y. Faqiri, T. Hassel, J. Uhe, and B.-A. Behrens
Study on the Compressibility of TiAl48-2-2 Powder Mixed
with Elemental Powders 13
A. Heymann, J. Peddinghaus, K. Brunotte, and B.-A. Behrens
Concept for In-process Measurement of Residual Stress in AM
Processes by Analysis of Structure-Borne Sound 24
J. Groenewold, F. Stamer, and G. Lanza
Characterisation and Modelling of Intermetallic Phase Growth
of Aluminium and Titanium in a Tailored Forming Process Chain . 32
N. Heimes, H. Wester, O. Golovko, C. Klose, H. J. Maier, and J. Uhe
Model Based Prediction of Force and Roughness Extrema Inherent
in Machining of Fibre Reinforced Plastics Using Data Merging 42
Wolfgang Hintze, Alexander Brouschkin, Lars Köttner,
and Melchior Blühm
Mechanisms for the Production of Prestressed Fiber-Reinforced
Mineral Cast 52
M. Engert, K. Werkle, R. Wegner, and H.-C. Möhring
Development of Thin-Film Sensors for Data Acquisition in Cold
Forging Tools . 61
A. Schott, M. Rekowski, K. Grötzinger, B. Ehrbrecht, and C. Herrmann
Application of Reinforcement Learning for the Design
and Optimization of Pass Schedules in Hot Rolling . 71
C. Idzik, J. Gerlach, J. Lohmar, D. Bailly, and G. Hirt
ixx Contents
Simulation of Hot-Forging Processes
with a Temperature−Dependent Viscoplasticity Model 81
J. Siring, M. Schlayer, H. Wester, T. Seifert, D. Rosenbusch,
and B.-A. Behrens
Investigation on Adhesion-Promoting Process Parameters in Steel
Bulk Metal Forming . 91
U. Lorenz, K. Brunotte, J. Peddinghaus, and B.-A. Behrens
Finite Element Analysis of a Combined Collar Drawing
and Thread Forming Process . 100
E. Stockburger, H. Wester, D. Rosenbusch, and B.-A. Behrens
Monitoring of the Flange Draw-In During Deep Drawing Processes
Using a Thin-Film Inductive Sensor . 111
T. Fünfkirchler, M. Arndt, S. Hübner, F. Dencker, M. C. Wurz,
and B.-A. Behrens
Parameter Investigation for the In-Situ Hybridization Process
by Deep Drawing of Dry Fiber-Metal-Laminates . 122
M. Kruse, J. Lehmann, and N. Ben Khalifa
Numerical Analysis of the Deep Drawing Process of Paper Boards
at Different Humidities 131
N. Jessen, M. Schetle, and P. Groche
Numerical and Experimental Failure Analysis of Deep Drawing
with Additional Force Transmission . 142
P. Althaus, J. Weichenhain, S. Hübner, H. Wester, D. Rosenbusch,
and B.-A. Behrens
Efficient Digital Product Development Exemplified by a Novel
Process-Integrated Joining Technology Based on Hole-Flanging 152
D. Griesel, T. Germann, T. Drogies, and P. Groche
A Force-Sensitive Mechanical Deep Rolling Tool for Process
Monitoring . 162
J. Berlin, B. Denkena, H. Klemme, O. Maiss, and M. Dowe
Optimization of the Calibration Process in Freeform Bending
Regarding Robustness and Experimental Effort 170
L. Scandola, M. K. Werner, D. Maier, and W. Volk
Numerical and Experimental Investigations to Increase Cutting
Surface Quality by an Optimized Punch Design 179
A. Schenek, S. Senn, and M. Liewald
Process Design Optimization for Face Hobbing Plunging of Bevel
Gears 189
M. Kamratowski, C. Alexopoulos, J. Brimmers, and T. BergsContents xi
Experimental Investigation of Friction-Drilled Bushings
for Metal-Plastic In-Mold Assembly . 199
M. Droß, T. Ossowski, K. Dröder, E. Stockburger, H. Wester,
and B. -A. Behrens
Localization of Discharges in Drilling EDM Through Segmented
Workpiece Electrodes 209
K. Thißen, S. Yabroudi, and E. Uhlmann
Experimental Studies in Deep Hole Drilling of Ti-6Al-4V
with Twist Drills . 219
M. Zimon, G. Brock, and D. Biermann
Determination of Largest Possible Cutter Diameter of End Mills
for Arbitrarily Shaped 3-Axis Milling Features . 228
M. Erler, A. Koch, and A. Brosius
Investigation of the Effect of Minimum Quantity Lubrication
on the Machining of Wood . 238
A. Jaquemod, K. Güzel, and H.-C. Möhring
Fluid Dynamics and Influence of an Internal Coolant Supply
in the Sawing Process 246
C. Menze, M. Itterheim, H.-C. Möhring, J. Stegmann, and S. Kabelac
Investigation of the Weld Line of Compression Molded GMT
and UD Tape 256
J. Weichenhain, J. Wehmeyer, P. Althaus, S. Hübner, and B. -A. Behrens
In-situ Computed Tomography and Transient Dynamic Analysis
of a Single-Lap Shear Test with a Composite-Metal Clinch Point . 265
Daniel Köhler, Richard Stephan, Robert Kupfer, Juliane Troschitz,
Alexander Brosius, and Maik Gude
Development of Pressure Sensors Integration Method to Measure
Oil Film Pressure for Hydrodynamic Linear Guides 276
B. Ibrar, V. Wittstock, J. Regel, and M. Dix
Multivariate Synchronization of NC Process Data Sets Based
on Dynamic Time Warping . 288
J. Ochel, M. Fey, and C. Brecher
Investigation of the Process Limits for the Design
of a Parameter-Based CAD Forming Tool Model . 297
J. Wehmeyer, R. Scheffler, R. Enseleit, S. Kirschbaum, C. Pfeffer,
S. Hübner, and B. -A. Behrens
Embossing Nanostructures . 307
D. Schmiele, R. Krimm, and B. -A. Behrensxii Contents
Model-Based Diagnosis of Feed Axes with Contactless Current
Sensing . 314
M. Hansjosten, A. Bott, A. Puchta, P. Gönnheimer, and J. Fleischer
Measurement Setup and Modeling Approach for the Deformation
of Robot Bodies During Machining 324
L. Gründel, J. Schäfer, S. Storms, and C. Brecher
Determination of Tool and Machine Stiffness Based on Machine
Internal and Quality Data 335
M. Loba, C. Brecher, M. Fey, F. Roenneke, and D. -F. Yeh
Adaptable Press Foundation Using Magnetorheological Dampers 346
S. Fries, D. Friesen, R. Krimm, and B.-A. Behrens
Implementation of MC-SPG Particle Method in the Simulation
of Orthogonal Turning Process . 355
P. Rana, W. Hintze, T. Schall, and W. Polley
Thermomechanical Multiscale PBF-LB-Process Simulation
of Macroscopic Structures to Predict Part Distortion Recoater
Collisions . 366
K. Drechsel, M. Frey, V. Schulze, and F. Zanger
Digitization of the Manufacturing Process Chain of Forming
and Joining by Means of Metamodeling . 376
P. Brix, M. Liewald, and M. Kuenzel
Analysis of Cryogenic Minimum Quantity Lubrication (cMQL)
in Micro Deep Hole Drilling of Difficult-to-Cut Materials 386
M. Sicking, J. Jaeger, E. Jaeger, I. Iovkov, and D. Biermann
Friction Modeling for Structured Learning of Robot Dynamics 396
M. Trinh, R. Schwiedernoch, L. Gründel, S. Storms, and C. Brecher
Potential of Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete
UHPFRC in Metal Forming Technology . 407
K. Holzer, F. Füchsle, F. Steinlehner, F. Ettemeyer, and W. Volk
Smart Containers—Enabler for More Sustainability in Food
Industries? 416
P. Burggräf, F. Steinberg, T. Adlon, P. Nettesheim, H. Kahmann,
and L. Wu
Investigation on the Influence of Geometric Parameters
on the Dimensional Accuracy of High-Precision Embossed Metallic
Bipolar Plates . 427
M. Beck, K. R. Riedmüller, M. Liewald, A. Bertz, M. J. Aslan,
and D. CarlContents xiii
Investigation of Geometrical and Microstructural Influences
on the Mechanical Properties of an Extruded AA7020 Tube . 439
J. Reblitz, S. Wiesenmayer, R. Trân, and M. Merklein
Metallic Plate-Lattice-Structures for a Modular and Lightweight
Designed Die Casting Tool 451
B. Winter, J. Schwab, A. Hürkamp, S. Müller, and K. Dröder
New Approaches in Machine Learning
Impact of Data Sampling on Performance and Robustness
of Machine Learning Models in Production Engineering 463
F. Conrad, E. Boos, M. Mälzer, H. Wiemer, and S. Ihlenfeldt
Blockchain Based Approach on Gathering Manufacturing
Information Focused on Data Integrity 473
T. Bux, O. Riedel, and A. Lechler
Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Virtual Quality Gates
in Changeable Production Systems 484
A.-S. Wilde, M. Czarski, A. Schott, T. Abraham,
and Christoph Herrmann
Analytical Approach for Parameter Identification in Machine
Tools Based on Identifiable CNC Reference Runs . 494
Philipp Gönnheimer, Robin Ströbel, and Jürgen Fleischer
Application Areas, Use Cases, and Data Sets for Machine Learning
and Artificial Intelligence in Production . 504
J. Krauß, T. Hülsmann, L. Leyendecker, and R. H. Schmitt
Function-Orientated Adaptive Assembly of Micro Gears Based
on Machine Learning 514
V. Schiller and G. Lanza
Data Mining Suitable Digitization of Production
Systems – A Methodological Extension to the DMME . 524
L. Drowatzky, H. Wiemer, and S. Ihlenfeldt
An Implementational Concept of the Autonomous Machine Tool
for Small-Batch Production 535
E. Sarikaya, A. Fertig, T. Öztürk, and M. Weigold
Benchmarking Control Charts and Machine Learning Methods
for Fault Prediction in Manufacturing . 545
S. Beckschulte, J. Mohren, L. Huebser, D. Buschmann, and R. H. Schmittxiv Contents
Enabling Data-Driven Applications in Manufacturing:
An Approach for Broadly Applicable Machine Data Acquisition
and Intelligent Parameter Identification . 555
Philipp Gönnheimer, Jonas Hillenbrand, Imanuel Heider,
Marina Baucks, and Jürgen Fleischer
Data-Based Measure Derivation for Business Process Design 564
M. Schopen, S. Schmitz, A. Gützlaff, and G. Schuh
Improving a Deep Learning Temperature-Forecasting Model
of a 3-Axis Precision Machine with Domain Randomized Thermal
Simulation Data . 574
E. Boos, X. Thiem, H. Wiemer, and S. Ihlenfeldt
Game-Theoretic Concept for Determining the Price of Time Series
Data 585
J. Mayer, T. Kaufmann, P. Niemietz, and T. Bergs
Method for a Complexity Analysis of a Copper Ring Forming
Process for the Use of Machine Learning 600
F. Thelen, B. Theren, S. Husmann, J. Meining, and B. Kuhlenkötter
Advancements in Production Planning
Prediction of Disassembly Parameters for Process Planning Based
on Machine Learning 613
Richard Blümel, Niklas Zander, Sebastian Blankemeyer,
and Annika Raatz
A New Approach to Consider Influencing Factors in the Design
of Global Production Networks . 623
M. Martin, S. Peukert, and G. Lanza
Pushing the Frontiers of Personal Manufacturing with Open
Source Machine Tools 633
M. Omer, T. Redlich, and J.-P. Wulfsberg
Aggregated Production Planning for Engineer-To-Order Products
Using Reference Curves 642
F. Girkes, M. Reimche, J. P. Bergmann, C. B. Töpfer-Kerst,
and S. Berghof
Template-Based Production Modules in Plant Engineering 652
J. Prior, S. Karch, A. Strahilov, B. Kuhlenkötter, and A. Lüder
Lean Engineering and Lean Information Management Make Data
Flow in Plant Engineering Processes 664
Sabrina Karch, Johannes Prior, Anton Strahilov, Arndt Lüder,
and Bernd KuhlenkötterContents xv
Sustainable Personnel Development Based on Production Plans 677
J. Möhle, L. Nörenberg, F. Shabanaj, M. Motz, P. Nyhuis, and R. Schmitt
Very Short-Term Electric Load Forecasting with Suitable
Resolution Quality – A Study in the Industrial Sector . 686
Lukas Baur, Can Kaymakci, and Alexander Sauer
Approach to Develop a Lightweight Potential Analysis
at the Interface Between Product, Production and Material . 696
S. Zeidler, J. Scholz, M. Friedmann, and J. Fleischer
Improving Production System Flexibility and Changeability
Through Software-Defined Manufacturing . 705
S. Behrendt, M. Ungen, J. Fisel, K.-C. Hung, M.-C. May, U. Leberle,
and G. Lanza
Improvement of Personnel Resources Efficiency by Aid
of Competency-Oriented Activity Processing Time Assessment 717
A. Keuper, M. Kuhn, M. Riesener, and G. Schuh
An Efficient Method for Automated Machining Sequence Planning
Using an Approximation Algorithm . 727
S. Langula, M. Erler, and A. Brosius
Early Detection of Rejects in Presses 737
J. Koß, A. Höber, R. Krimm, and B.-A. Behrens
Aspects of Resilience of Production Processes
Optimal Selection of Decarbonization Measures in Manufacturing
Using Mixed-Integer Programming . 749
C. Schneider, S. Büttner, and A. Sauer
Concept for Increasing the Resilience of Manufacturing Companies 761
J. Tittel, M. Kuhn, M. Riesener, and G. Schuh
Industrialization of Remanufacturing in the Highly Iterative
Product and Production Process Development (HIP3D) . 771
A. Hermann, S. Schmitz, A. Gützlaff, and G. Schuh
Determining the Product-Specific Energy Footprint
in Manufacturing 781
P. Pelger, C. Kaymakci, S. Wenninger, L. Fabri, and A. Sauer
A Service-Oriented Sustainability Platform—Basic Considerations
to Facilitate a Data-Based Sustainability Management System
in Manufacturing Companies . 791
D. Koch, L. Waltersmann, and A. Sauerxvi Contents
Leveraging Peripheral Systems Data in the Design of Data-Driven
Services to Increase Resource Efficiency . 799
T. Kaufmann, P. Niemietz, and T. Bergs
Potential for Stamping Scrap Reduction in Progressive Processes 810
S. Rosenthal, T. -S. Hainmann, M. Heuse, H. Sulaiman,
and A. -E. Tekkaya
Creating Digital Twins for Production
Digital Twins in Battery Cell Production . 823
J. Krauß, A. Kreppein, K. Pouls, T. Ackermann, A. Fitzner, A. D. Kies,
J. -P. Abramowski, T. Hülsmann, D. Roth, A. Schmetz, and C. Baum
Use Cases for Digital Twins in Battery Cell Manufacturing 833
S. Henschel, S. Otte, D. Mayer, and J. Fleischer
Author Index 843
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