Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Electronic Engineering and Renewable Energy

Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Electronic Engineering and Renewable Energy
اسم المؤلف
Bekkay Hajji, Giuseppe Marco Tina
7 ديسمبر 2022

Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Electronic Engineering and Renewable Energy
ICEERE 2018, 15–17 April 2018, Saidia, Morocco
Bekkay Hajji • Giuseppe Marco Tina
Kamal Ghoumid • Abdelhamid Rabhi
Adel Mellit
Communication, Networks and Information Technology
Performance Evaluation of DS-CDMA System Based
on Multiple Access Interference Analytical Expression . 3
A. Alami Hassani, M. Zouak, M. Mrabti, and F. Abdi
60 GHZ Millimeter Wave Generation for RoF Systems Based
on the Beat of Narrow-Band Bragg Filters 10
Amina Ghadban, Moussa El Yahyaoui, Youssra Chatei,
Radouane Kouddane, El miloud Ar reyouchi, and Kamal Ghoumid
Efficient Analysis of Dual-Band Anisotropic Monopole Antennas
for Wireless Applications 16
Feriel Guidoum, Mohamed Lamine Tounsi, Noureddine Ababou,
and Mustapha C. E. Yagoub
Horizontal-Shuffled Scheduling for the Low Density Parity
Check Codes Decoding for WiMAX Application 22
Mouhcine Razi, Anas Mansouri, Abdessalam Aït Madi, and Ali Ahaitouf
Estimating Direction of Arrival Using Spatial Smoothing
Improvement Adapted to MUSIC for Indoor
Localization Using RFID 30
Adel Zier, Lamya Fergani, and Zineb Belhadi
Analysis of Epstein Distribution Effect on the Plasma Reflectance . 39
Yasser Ekdiha, Khalid Mounirh, Soufiane El Adraoui,
Mohsine Khalladi, and Mohamed Iben Yaich
Effect of Packet Length on the Resulting Bitrate
in Narrowband Wireless Networks . 43
Youssra Chatei, Kamal Ghoumid, El Miloud Ar-reyouchi,
Hamza Barboucha, and Omar Sefraoui
viiImpact of Message Size on the Average Delay
in Narrowband Wireless Links 51
Youssra Chatei, Maria Hammouti, Amina Ghadban,
El Miloud Ar-reyouchi, Slimane Mekaoui, and Kamal Ghoumid
Comparative Study of PageRank Calculation 58
Hamza Barboucha, Omar Sefraoui, and Kamal Ghoumid
ANOVA Decision Tool for Determining the Best Estimation of a Large
Scale IP Network Traffic Matrix Using ARIMA/GARCH Algorithm . 69
Slimane Mekaoui, Anis Boubekeur, Choukri Benhamed,
and Kamal Ghoumid
An Enhancement for the Autonomic Middleware-Level Scalability
Management Within IoT System Using Cloud Computing . 80
M. N. Bahiri, A. Zyane, and A. Ghammaz
Highly Efficient UPS Systems for Output Voltage
THD Maximum Protection . 89
EL Miloud Ar-reyouchi, Hajar Chadli, Afaf Bouzidi, and Kamal Ghoumid
Textures Classification by Color Multi-space and Evolutionary
Strategy Approaches . 98
F. Lekhal and M. El Hitmy
Vehicle Trajectory Clustering Using Variable Kernel Estimator 107
Loubna El Fattahi and El Hassan Sbai
Human Activity Recognition in Smart Home Environment
Using OS-WSVM Model 113
M’hamed Bilal Abidine, Belkacem Fergani, and Shikhar Seth
Performance and Scalability Improvement of GMM Background
Segmentation Algorithm on Multi-core Parallel Platforms . 120
Lhoussein Mabrouk, Sylvain Huet, Said Belkouch, Dominique Houzet,
Yahya Zennayi, and Abdelkrim Hamzaoui
E-Health Human Activity Recognition Scheme
Using Smartphone’s Data 128
Ihssene Menhour, Belkacem Fergani, and M’hamed Bilal Abidine
Materials and Devices Applications
Localized States in GaAs/Ga1-XAlxAs Multi-Quantum-Wells . 137
F. Z. Elamri, F. Falyouni, Z. Tahri, and D. Bria
Study About a Filter Using a Resonator Defect in a One-Dimensional
Photonic Comb Containing a Left-Hand Material . 146
Y. Ben-Ali, Z. Tahri, F. Falyouni, and D. Bria
viii ContentsLow Temperature Sensor Based on One-Dimensional
Photonic Crystals 157
Afaf Bouzidi and Driss Bria
Thermoacoustic Effect Under the Influence of Resonator Curvature . 164
Zahra Bouramdane, Abdellah Bah, Nadia Martaj, and Mohammed Alaoui
Estimation of the Effective Magnetic Permeability of Polycrystals
Using a Self-consistent Scheme 170
E. Boulhafa, R. Kouddane, H. Ouadfel, and F. Soussi
Effect of Sputtering Area Ratio of Gold/Silica Target and Thermal
Annealing on Structural and Optical Absorption Properties of Au
Nanoparticles Dispersed in Amorphous Silica Dielectric Films 181
Ahmed Belahmar, Ali Chouiyakh, Abdallah Bendoumou,
and Mounir Fahoume
Crystallographic, Morphological Analysis on Al Doped
ZnO Nanoparticles . 192
A. Bendoumou, A. Belahmar, M. Fahoume, and A. Chouiyakh
III-V MOSFET Structure (InP/InAs/InGaAs) I-V Characteristics
Using Silvaco TCAD Simulator . 207
S. Ammi, A. Aissat, N. Wichmann, and S. Bollaert
Theoretical Study of Intersubband Absorption Coefficient
in GaNAsBi/GaAs Quantum Well Structures . 216
L. Chenini, A. Aissat, and Jean Pierre Vilcot
Oscillation Detection Using PMU Technology in the North Africa
Power System . 225
Mohammed Tsebia and Hamid Bentarzi
Degradation of Peach Using an Electronic Nose for Food
Quality Control . 232
Nihad Benabdellah, Khalid Hachami, Mohammed Bourhaleb,
M’barek Nasri, and Naima Benazzi
Electro-Thermal Model of a Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET 239
K. Frifita, N. K. M’Sirdi, E. Baghaz, A. Naamane, and M. Boussak
Optimization of the Temperature Effects on Structure
InAs/GaAs QDSC 250
Abdelkader Aissat, Nabila Harchouch, and Jean Pierre Vilcot
Contents ixASIC Physical Design Flow: Power Saving Opportunities
on Interconnection Components . 258
Lekbir Cherif, Jalal Benallal, Mohammed Darmi, Mohamed Chentouf,
Rachid Elgouri, and Nabil Hmina
Full-Wave Modal Integral Method for Robust Modeling
of Symmetrical/Asymmetrical Finlines Structures Embedded
in Multilayered Dielectric Substrates . 266
A. Khodja, M. C. E. Yagoub, and R. Touhami
An Accurate NPT-IGBT SPICE Model with Simple
Parameter Extraction Method 273
Yassine Hadini, Abdelghafour Galadi, and Adil Echchelh
Fractional Behavior of PN Junction Diode Under AC-Small
Signal Conditions 283
F. Boulgamh, M. Remram, and A. Djouambi
Power-Performance Trade-Off in 7 nm Designs . 290
Mohamed Chentouf, Lekbir Cherif, and Zine El Abidine Alaoui Ismaili
State Space Models for Power SiC MOSFET . 298
N. K. M’Sirdi, K. Frifita, E. Baghaz, A. Naamane, and M. Boussak
Design and Simulation of an Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor
(ISFET) Readout Circuit, with Low Thermal Sensitivity 306
Abdelkhalak Harrak and Salah Eddine Naimi
Electrical and Thermal Modeling and Aging Study
of a C2M0025120D Silicon Carbide-Based Power
MOSFET Transistor . 313
E. Baghaz, A. Naamane, and N. K. M’sirdi
Improved Electrical Performance of InP-Based Single Heterojunction
Bipolar Transistor in Terms of the Maximum Frequency
of Oscillation . 319
J. Ouchrif, A. Baghdad, A. Sahel, A. Badri, and A. Ballouk
Power Electronics, Systems and Applications
Switched Reluctance Motor Iron Losses Prediction Method 329
Jamal Bouchnaif, Khalid Grari, Anas Benslimane, and Manal Haloui
Analysis of the Electrical Unbalance Caused by the Moroccan
High-Speed Railway in the High Voltage Power Grid
for the Starting Horizon (2018) and the Horizon (2030) . 336
Anas Benslimane, Mostafa El Ouariachi, Jamal Bouchnaif,
and Khalid Grari
x ContentsNonlinear Numerical Study of Mutual Inductances for Switched
Reluctance Machine 344
Kadi Laila and Brouri Adil
Design, Simulation and Implementation of an Isolated
Switched-Mode Power Supply 350
Driss Yousfi, Hajji Bekkay, Mohamed El Hafyani, Mustapha Kourchi,
Hassan Mohssine, Nasrudin Abd Rahim, and Jeyraj Selvaraj
Control Systems
Robust ADRC Control of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator
Based Wind Energy Conversion System . 359
Mohssine Chakib, Ahmed Essadki, and Tamou Nasser
Adaptive Super Twisting Sliding Mode Controller for DC/DC
Converters in Electric Vehicle Applications 369
Saïd Boubzizi, Moataz El Sied, Jean Bester, and Augustin Mpanda Mabwe
A New Maximum Power Point Tracking PV_Control for Rapid
Changes in Irradiation Level . 384
Yamina Khlifi, Bekkay Hajji, and Abdelhafid Messaoudi
Power Flow Control in Autonomous Micro-grid Operation Using Ants
Colony Optimization Under Variable Load Conditions . 392
Hemza Sellamna, Nassir Rouibah, Adel Mellit, Giuseppe Marco Tina,
and Hajji Bekkay
Methylcyclohexane Continuous Distillation Column Fault Detection
Using Stationary Wavelet Transform and K-Means 399
Hanae Azzaoui, Imad Manssouri, and Bachir Elkihel
Solar Charge Controller with a Data Acquisition System
Based on Arduino . 412
Byou Abdelilah, Abarkan Mouna, Nacer Kouider M’Sirdi,
and Abarkan El Hossain
Consolidation of FLC and ANN to Track Maximum Power Point
for Stand-Alone PV Systems . 421
Anas El Filali, El Mehdi Laadissi, and Malika Zazi
Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of a Directly Coupled
Water Pumping System, Using a Photovoltaic-Fed Synchronous
Reluctance Motor 431
K. Kerbouche, A. J. M. Cardoso, K. Yahia, and A. Mellit
A Method for Parameter Extraction of Photovoltaic Modules 438
N. Rouibah, H. Sellamna, S. Haddad, A. Mellit, L. Barazane, and A. Rabhi
Contents xiDesign of a Quadratic Boost Converter for a Standalone PV
System Based on INC MPPT Algorithm 447
Salheddine Belhimer, Mourad Haddadi, and Adel Mellit
Comparison Between Artificial Neural Network and Its
Combination with Perturb & Observe as a MPPT Control
Method of Photovoltaic System . 454
Fayrouz Dkhichi, Mohamed Tabaa, Karim Alami, and Brahim Chouri
Interleaved Positive Buck-Boost Converter (I.P.B.B) . 461
Lagssiyer Brahim, Aziz Abdelhak, and Mohamed El Hafyani
A Reconfigurable PV Architecture Based on New Irradiance
Equalization Algorithm . 470
Loubna Bouselham, Bekkay Hajji, Adel Mellit, Abdelhamid Rabhi,
and Abdelfattah Mazari
Optimal Exploitation of the Photovoltaic System and Compensation
of the Energy Deficit by the Electrical Grid 478
Sanae Dahbi, Mostafa El Ouariachi, Abdelhak Aziz,
Messaoudi Abdelhafid, and Yamina Khlifi
Implementation of a Real-Time MPPT of Hybrid Renewable Energy
System Composed of Wind Turbine and Solar PV Cells 490
Badreddine Lahfaoui, Smail Zouggar, Mohamed Larbi Elhafyani,
and Abdel Hamid Rabhi
Design, Simulation and Performance Analysis of Voltage Regulator
Based on STATCOM for Asynchronous Wind Turbine . 498
Mohammed Mokhtari, Smail Zouggar, M. L. Elhafyani, Taoufik Ouchbel,
Soufyane Benzaouia, and Mhamed Fannakh
A Comparative Investigation and Evaluation of Maximum Power
Point Tracking Algorithms Applied to Wind Electric Water
Pumping System . 510
Benzaouia Soufyane, Zouggar Smail, Rabhi Abdelhamid, M. L. Elhafyani,
Mokhtari Mohammed, and Fannakh Mhamed
Design of a Switch-Mode Power Supply with Soft Switching
and Analog Control 524
E. Baghaz, A. Naamane, and N. K. M’sirdi
Real-Time Control of AC Machine Drives Using RT-LAB Package 533
Mansour Bechar, Abdeldjebar Hazzab, Mohamed Habbab,
Lahcen Lakhdari, and Mohammed Slimi
xii ContentsSliding-Mode Controls Applied to Induction Machine Fed
by Three – Level Inverter 545
Lahcen Lakhdari, Bousmaha Bouchiba, Mohamed Habbab,
and Bechar Monsour
The Buck/Boost Shunt Converter for the PV Systems 555
Seddik Mohammed and Smail Zouggar
A Decoupled Control Study of a Grid-Connected
Photovoltaic Power System . 565
M. Fannakh, M. L. Elhafyani, S. Zouggar, M. Mokhtari, and S. Benzaouia
Comparison of the Different Commands Direct and Indirect
of a Single-Phase Inverter for Photovoltaic 576
Abdelhak Lamreoua, Anas Benslimane, Abdelhafid Messaoudi,
Abdelhak Aziz, and Mostafa El Ouariachi
Intelligent Methods for the Maximization of the Energy of Wind
Systems with Synchronous Generators Permanent Magnet 587
Baddou Abdelmjid, El Kari Abdeljalil, Ayad Hassan, and Mjahed Mostafa
Induction Machine Parameter Identification Using LMS Algorithm
Associated with a Nonlinear Adaptive Observer 597
Mohammed Belkheiri, Ahmed Belkheiri, Mourad Boufadene,
Hamou Ait Abbas, and Abdlhamid Rabhi
Renewable Energy
Photovoltaic Discoloration and Cracks: Experimental Impact
on the I-V Curve Degradation 609
Salima Sarikh, Mustapha Raoufi, Amin Bennouna, Ahmed Benlarabi,
and Badr Ikken
Evaluation of Different PV Prediction Models. Comparison
and Experimental Validation with One-Year Measurements
at Ground Level . 617
Charaf Hajjaj, Ahmed Alami Merrouni, Abdellatif Bouaichi,
Mohammadi Benhmida, Badr Ikken, Smail Sahnoun,
Abdellatif Ghennioui, Ahmed Benlarabi, and Houssain Zitouni
Experimental Investigation of Potential Induced Degradation (PID)
Impact and Recovery on Crystalline Photovoltaic Systems 623
Abdellatif Bouaichi, Ahmed Alami Merrouni, Charaf Hajjaj,
Choukri Messaoudi, Badr Ikken, Aumeur El Amrani, Houssain Zitouni,
and Abdellatif Ghennioui
Contents xiiiMathematical Models Calculating PV Module Temperature
Using Weather Data: Experimental Study . 630
M. Zouine, M. Akhsassi, N. Erraissi, N. Aarich, A. Bennouna, M. Raoufi,
and A. Outzourhit
Influence of CZTS Layer Parameters on Cell Performance
of Kesterite Thin-Film Solar Cells . 640
Assiya Haddout, Abderrahim Raidou, Mounir Fahoume, Nadia Elharfaoui,
and Mohamed Lharch
Geometric and Optical Efficiency Study for Solar Parabolic
Trough Concentrator Using the Deflectometry Technique . 647
Massaab El Ydrissi, Hicham Ghennioui, El Ghali Bennouna,
and Farid Abdi
The Characterization and Modeling Kinetics for Drying
of Taraxacum Officinale Leaves in a Thin Layer
with a Convective Solar Dryer 656
Haytem Moussaoui, Ali Idlimam, and Abdelkader Lamharrar
Experimental Study of Fouling in Hybrid Cooling Tower Used
in CSP Plants: A Prototype Scale Preliminary Test Feedback 664
Afaf Zaza, Nour Eddine Laadel, Hassan Agalit, El Ghali Bennouna,
and Youness El Hammami
Data Visualization and Statistical Analysis of a Solar Parabolic
Trough Collector Possesses of Filled-Type Evacuated Tube
with U Shaped, Under South-Eastern of Morocco . 672
Mohammed Halimi, Imane Outana, Aumeur El Amrani, Jaouad Diouri,
and Choukri Messaoudi
Absorber Designs Effect on the Performance of PV/T Water
Hybrid Collector 679
Chaimae El Fouas, Mohamed Hajji, Hicham Bouali, Bekkay Hajji,
Giuseppe Marco Tina, and Yamina Khlifi
Modeling Approach of the Experiment: Waste Reuse
of the Jerada Thermal Power Plant (Morocco) . 690
Youssef Regad, Bachir Elkihel, and Fabienne Delaunois
Load Analysis and Consumption Profiling: An Overview . 697
Khadija Tazi, Fouad Mohamed Abbou, and Farid Abdi
Modelling and Exergy Analysis of Latent Heat Thermal
Energy Storage System 706
Zineb Erregueragui and Abdeslam Tizliouine
xiv ContentsParameters Extraction of Photovoltaic Cell Based on Experimental
Current-Voltage Characteristic . 713
Hamza Mokhliss and Khalid Rais
A Comparative Study on Hydrogen Production from Small-Scale
PV and CSP Systems . 723
Samir Touili, Ahmed Alami Merrouni, Youssef El Hassouani,
El Ghali Bennouna, Abdellatif Ghennioui, and Abdel-Illah Amrani
Optimal Hydrogen Production by Photovoltaic Energy
Using an Electrolyzer with Cylindrical Electrodes . 731
Abdelhafid Messaoudi, Sanae Dahbi, Yamina Khlifi,
Mostafa El Ouariachi, and Abdelhak Aziz
Modeling Surface Solar Radiation for Cloudy Sky Using MODIS
Atmospheric Products 739
Farah Benharrats, Habib Mahi, and Hamida Samiha Rahli
Turbulent Forced Convection Heat Transfer in a Horizontal
Partitioned Channel 746
K. Amghar, M. A. Louhibi, H. Bouali, N. Salhi, and M. Salhi
Potential Sensible Filler Materials Thermal Energy Storage
for Medium Range Temperature 755
Soukaina Hrifech, Hassan Agalit, El Ghali Bennouna,
and Abdelaziz Mimet
Study of Different Latent Heat Storage Technologies Adequate
for Application in the 1 MWe Fresnel CSP Plant Installed
at Green Energy Park in Morocco . 762
Zakaria Elmaazouzi, Hassan Agalit, El Ghali Bennouna,
and Mustapha El Alami
Electrical Loads of a Smart House and Consumption Analyses . 771
N. K. M’Sirdi, A. Naamane, A. Boukara, and M. Benabdellatif
Correction to: Methylcyclohexane Continuous Distillation Column
Fault Detection Using Stationary Wavelet Transform and K-Means . C1
Hanae Azzaoui, Imad Manssouri, and Bachir Elkihel
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