Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics

Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics
اسم المؤلف
Paul M . Fishbane, Stephen T. Thornton
22 مايو 2018

Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics
Paul M . Fishbane
University of Virginia
Stephen G. Gasiorowicz
University of Minnesota
Stephen T. Thornton
University of Virginia
Brief Contents
27 Direct-Current Circuits
28 The Effects of Magnetic Fields
29 The Production and Properties
of Magnetic Fields
30 Faraday’s Law
31 Magnetism and Matter
32 Inductance and Circuit Oscillations
33 Alternating Currents
34 Maxwell’s Equations and Electromagnetic
35 Light
36 Mirrors and Lenses and Their Uses ..
37 Interference
38 Diffraction
39 Special Relativity
40 Quantum Physics
41 Atomic and Molecular Structure
42 Quantum Effects in Large Systems of
Fermions and Bosons
43 Quantum Engineering
44 Nuclear Physics
45 Particles and Cosmology
Answers to “What Do You Think?”
Answers to Odd-Numbered Understanding
the Concepts Questions
Answers to Odd-Numbered
Photo Credits
1 Tooling Up
2 Straight-Line Motion
3 Motion in Two and Three Dimensions.. . . 60
4 Newton’s Laws
5 Applications of Newton’s Laws
6 Work and Kinetic Energy
7 Potential Energy
and Conservation of Energy
8 Linear Momentum, Collisions,
and the Center of Mass
9 Rotations of Rigid Bodies
10 More on Angular Momentum and Torque 280
11 Statics
12 Gravitation
13 Oscillatory Motion
14 Waves
15 Superposition and Interference
of Waves
16 Properties of Fluids
17 Temperature and Ideal Gases
18 Heat Flow and the First Law
of Thermodynamics
19 The Molecular Basis of Thermal Physics
20 The Second Law of Thermodynamics . .. 573
21 Electric Charge
22 Electric Field
23 Gauss’ Law
24 Electric Potential
25 Capacitors and Dielectrics
26 Currents in Materials
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