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Brain King, Azien Watkin
28 يونيو 2018

36. Photo-Etching
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Workshop Practice Series
Brain King, Azien Watkin
Chapter 1- Introduction
Basic description of the photo etching process
Chapter 2- Uses, Advantages and Limitations of Photo Etching
Uses for intricate parts, surface details, positional accuracy, hole drilling, laminating,
pierced parts, ship’s boat parts, applique, ladders, guardrails, jigs and fixtures.
Limitations of size and intricacy, weight, toxic chemicals, cost.
Chapter 3- Preparation of Artwork Using the Drawing Board
Positive and negative drawings, scaling drawings, use of stencils, use of coloured lines
to denote half etching, instructions to industrial etcher, drawing for home etching.
Chapter 4- Producing Artwork Using CAD
Computer drawing and design software, snaps, geometric drawing aids, editing tools,
measuring tools, line width, drawing for industrial etchers – bracket, ship’s wheel,
stepped ladder, rubber stamping, rearranging components, producing front and back
sheets, electronic transfer to etcher, producing front and back sheets for home etching,
using the computer accuracy to fit parts together, storage of components.
Chapter 5- Component Design
Limitations of process, troubles you may encounter, assembly aids, locations, mock
ups, half etching – fold lines, raised and sunken areas, trompe d’oeil, adding detail,
guardrail design and fitting, ways of approaching component design, using the drawing
board or CAD and electronic transfer.
Chapter 6- The Maths Bit
Properties of a circle, triangle, frustum of a cone, true length of a line.
Chapter 7- Sheet Layout
Border, datum, arranging components, matrix, component identification, assembly
drawing, links to matrix.
Chapter 8- Etching at Home
Toxic chemical warnings, basic requirements, preparation of metal sheet, exposure to
UV, development, etching.
Chapter 9- Industrial Etching
Production of acetates, cleaning metal sheet, laminating with emulsion, exposure to
JV, development, etching, finishing.
Chapter 10- Handling and Assembling Etched Parts
Cutting out components, handling, folding bars, folding blocks, assembly sketches,
assembly of etched parts, funnel cages, gun mounts, annealing, ship’s boats, ship’s
wheels, soft soldering, soldering technique, resistance soldering machines, assembling
an accommodation ladder, applique.
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