NonDestructive Testing Methods and New Applications

NonDestructive Testing Methods and New Applications
اسم المؤلف
Mohammad Omar
20 أغسطس 2023
(لا توجد تقييمات)

NonDestructive Testing Methods and New Applications
Edited by Mohammad Omar
Preface IX
Part 1 General Nondestructive Testing
Methods and Considerations 1
Chapter 1 Nondestructive Inspection Reliability: State of the Art 3
Romeu R. da Silva and Germano X. de Padua
Part 2 Innovative Nondestructive Testing
Systems and Applications 23
Chapter 2 SQUID Based Nondestructive Evaluation 25
Nagendran Ramasamy and Madhukar Janawadkar
Chapter 3 Applications of Current Technologies
for Nondestructive Testing of Dental Biomaterials 53
Youssef S. Al Jabbari and Spiros Zinelis
Chapter 4 Neutron Radiography 73
Nares Chankow
Chapter 5 Flaw Simulation in Product Radiographs 101
Qian Huang and Yuan Wu
Chapter 6 Study of Metallic Dislocations by Methods of Non
Destructive Evaluation Using Eddy Currents 127
Bettaieb Laroussi, Kokabi Hamid and Poloujadoff Michel
Chapter 7 Magnetic Adaptive Testing 145
Ivan Tomáš and Gábor Vértesy
Part 3 Concrete Nondestructive Testing Methods 187
Chapter 8 Elastic Waves on Large Concrete Surfaces for
Assessment of Deterioration and Repair Efficiency 189
D. G. Aggelis, H. K. Chai and T. ShiotaniVI Contents
Chapter 9 Ultrasonic Testing of
HPC with Mineral Admixtures 221
R. Hamid, K. M. Yusof and M. F. M. Zain
Chapter 10 Imaging Methods of Concrete
Structure Based on Impact-Echo Test 235
Pei-Ling Liu and Po-Liang Yeh

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