Metal Forming – Process, Tools, Design

Metal Forming – Process, Tools, Design
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Mohsen Kazeminezhad
12 فبراير 2019

Metal Forming – Process, Tools, Design
Mohsen Kazeminezhad
Preface VII
Section 1 Process 1
Chapter 1 Hydroforming Process: Identification of the Material’s
Characteristics and Reliability Analysis 3
A. El Hami, B. Radi and A. Cherouat
Chapter 2 Stamping-Forging Processing of Sheet Metal Parts 29
Xin-Yun Wang, Jun-song Jin, Lei Deng and Qiu Zheng
Chapter 3 Developments in Sheet Hydroforming
for Complex Industrial Parts 55
M. Bakhshi-Jooybari, A. Gorji and M. Elyasi
Chapter 4 Forming of Sandwich Sheets Considering
Changing Damping Properties 85
Bernd Engel and Johannes Buhl
Section 2 Tools 109
Chapter 5 Impact of Surface Topography of Tools
and Materials in Micro-Sheet Metal Forming 111
Tetsuhide Shimizu, Ming Yang and Ken-ichi Manabe
Chapter 6 Towards Benign Metal-Forming:
The Assessment of the Environmental Performance
of Metal-Sheet Forming Processes 135
Marta Oliveira
Section 3 Design 151
Chapter 7 The Design of a Programmable Metal
Forming Press and Its Ram Motion 153
Weizhong Guo and Feng Gao
Chapter 8 Self-Consistent Homogenization Methods
for Predicting Forming Limits of Sheet Metal 175
Javier W. Signorelli and Maria de los Angeles Bertinetti
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