Mechatronics – Recent Technological and Scientific Advances

Mechatronics – Recent Technological and Scientific Advances
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Tomáš Bˇ rezina · Ryszard Jablonski ´
1 يناير 2020

Mechatronics 2013 – Recent Technological and Scientific Advances
Tomáš Bˇ rezina · Ryszard Jablonski ´
Design, Modeling and Simulation of Mechatronic
Monitoring of Energy Flows in the Production Machines 1
J. Augste, M. Holub, R. Knofl´ıˇcek, T. Novotn´y, J. Vyroubal
Off- Road Vehicle with Controlled Suspension in Soft
Unprepared Terrain . 9
A. B´ılkovsk´y, Z. Sika ˇ
The Manipulator of the Passive Optoelectronic Rangefinder
as a Controlled System of Servomechanisms . 17
V. Cech, M. Cervenka
Energy Management System Algorithms for the Electric
Vehicle Applications . 25
J. Danko, L. Magdolen, M. Masaryk, J. Madaras, M. Bugar
Virtual Commissioning of Mechatronic Systems with the
Use of Simulation 33
J. Hloska, M. Kub´ın
Prediction of Machining Accuracy for Vertical Lathes . 41
M. Holub, M. Michal´ıˇcek, J. Vetiˇska, J. Marek
Towards to Haptic Keyboard: Modeling the Piano Action . 49
P. Horv´ath
Gubanov Model for Vacuum Packed Particles 57
R. Zalewski, P. Chodkiewicz
Eco-design of Mechatronic Systems 65
M. Iskandirova, P. Blecha, M. Holub, F. Brad´ aˇcVIII Contents
Thick Film Polymer Composites with Graphene
Nanoplatelets for Use in Printed Electronics . 73
D. Janczak, M. Sloma, G. Wr´ oblewski, A. M lo˙ zniak, M. Jakubowska
Safety Module for the System of Verticalization and Aiding
Motion of the Disabled 79
D. Jasi´ nska-Choroma´ nska, B. Kabzi´ nski,
M. Matyjewicz-Maciejewicz, D. Kolodziej
Electromagnetic Coil Gun – Construction and Basic
Simulation . 87
B. Skala, V. Kindl
Generating Code Consistent with Simulink Simulation
for Aperiodic Execution on a Target Hardware Powered by
a Free RTOS 95
V. Lambersk´y, J. Kriˇzan, A. Andreev
A New Approximation of the Storage Efficiency for the
Lean NOx Trap Model . 103
B. Lee, R. Grepl, M. Han
Overview of Computational Models Used for Mixed
Lubrication 111
O. Marˇs´alek, P. Novotn´y, P. Raffai, L. Dr´apal, V. P´ıˇstˇek
Heating of Mould in Manufacture of Artificial Leathers in
Automotive Industry 119
J. Mlynek, T. Martinec, R. Srb
Influence of Underpressure on Acoustic Properties of
Semi-intelligent Vacuum Packed Particles 127
M. Rutkowski
Hardware in the Loop Simulation Model of BLDC Motor
Taking Advantage of FPGA and CPU Simultaneous
Implementation 135
V. Sova, R. Grepl
Using PSO Method for System Identification 143
M. Dub, A. Stefek
Damping of Machine Frame Vibrations by an Electromagnetic Actuator . 151
G.J. Stein, R. Chm´ urnyContents IX
Determination of Parameters of Second Order Integration
Model for Weighing Scales . 161
R. Ugodzi´ nski, R. Szewczyk
Feed-Rate Control along Multi-axis Toolpaths . 169
P. Vavruska
Model Based Design of Power HIL System for Aerospace
Applications . 177
J. Vejlupek, J. Chalupa, R. Grepl
Visualization of Energy Flows Using a Particle System 185
I. Dudarev, V. Wittstok, F. Purzel, P. Blecha ¨
Parameter Identification of Rheological Models Using
Optimization Algorithms 193
V. P´ıˇstˇek, P. Novotn´y, T. Mauder, L. Klimeˇs
Cam Ring Force Simulation for Variable Roller Pump . 199
P. Zavadinka, R. Grepl
Benefits of a Parallelization of a Stand-Alone Desktop
.NET Application Threaded Instance Methods 207
I. Koˇst’´al
Morphing Structure with a Magnetorheological Material –
Preliminary Approach . 219
P. Skalski
Evaluation of Possibilities of Electroactive Polymers
Application in Bio-inspired Adaptronic System 227
J. Kaleta, K. Kot, D. Lewandowski, K. Niemiec, P. Wiewiorski
Transport Duty Cycle Simulation of Electro-hydromechanical Drive Unit for Mixing Drum . 235
P. Kriˇsˇs´ ak, J. Jakuboviˇc, P. Zavadinka
Investigation on the Jump Phenomenon of Linear
Compressor 243
H.M. Zou, M.S. Tang, Sh.Q. Shao, Ch.Q. Tian, Y.Y. Yan
Software Tool for Calibration of Hydraulic Models
of Water-Supply Networks . 253
J. Kovar, J. Rucka
Practical Problems during Fuel Pump Development
for Aerospace Industry 259
P. Axman, R. Kr´ al, V. Axman, J. BerjakX Contents
Simulation Modelling of MEMS Thermoelectric Generators
for Mechatronic Applications 265
L. Janak, Z. Ancik, Z. Hadas
Simulation Assessment of Suspension of Tool Vibrations
during Machining 273
T. Bˇrezina, L. Bˇrezina, J. Marek, Z. Hadas, J. Vetiˇska
Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Electronics
The Comparison of the Permanent Magnet Position in
Synchronous Machine 283
P. Svetlik
Air Gap Heat Transmission and Its Consideration in FEM
Analyses . 291
R. Pechanek, V. Kindl, K. Hruska
Problems of FEM Analysis of Magnetic Circuit 299
J. Roupec, M. Kubik, I. Maz˚urek, Z. Strecker
FEM Model of Induction Machine’s Air Gap Force
Distribution . 307
J. Sobra, V. Kindl
Current-Voltage Characteristics and IR Imaging of Organic
Light-Emitting Diodes . 315
G. Koziol, J. Gromek, A. Arazna, K. Janeczek, K. Futera,
W. Steplewski
Complex Model of Asynchronous Machine as Traction
Machine in Mining 323
R. Vlach
Energetic Properties of a New, Iron Powder Based
Switched Reluctance Motor Drive . 331
B. Fabianski
Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Embedded Control
System 339
B. Fabianski, K. Zawirski
Design and Implementation of A Single-Stage Full-Bridge
DC/DC Converter with ZVS Mode 347
A. Diker, D. Korkmaz, O.F. Al¸ ¨ cin, U. Budak, M. Gedikpınar
Sensitivity Analysis of the Induction Machine Torque to
the Substituting Circuit Elements . 355
M. Patocka, R. BelousekContents XI
Fractional-Order Model of DC Motor 363
R. Cipin, C. Ondrusek, R. Huzl´ık
FEM Model of Electro-magnetic Vibration Energy
Harvester 371
Z. Hadas, R. Huzl´ık
Measurement and Diagnostics
Contribution to Determination of Target Angular Position
by Single Visual Camera at Indoor Close Environs . 379
R. Doskocil, V. Krivanek, A. Stefek
A Simple Acoustic Generator for Boiler Cleaning
Applications . 387
A. Jedrusyna, A. Noga
Effects of Misalignments of MEMS Accelerometers in Tilt
Measurements . 393
S. Luczak
Method for Determining Direction, Velocity and Position
of a Flying Ball 401
A. Nagy
Silicon PIN Photodiode-Based Radiation Detector
for Mobile Robots . 409
O. Petruk, R. Szewczyk
A Method for Measuring Size and Form Deviations of
Rotary Components with Variable Curvature on FMM 417
M. Sienilo, S. Zebrowska- ˙ Lucyk
Three-Dimensional Meshless Modelling of Functionally
Graded Piezoelectric Sensor . 425
P. Stanak, J. Sladek, V. Sladek, A. Tadeu
Diagnostics of Mechatronic Systems on the Basis of Neural
Networks with High-Performance Data Collection . 433
P. Stepanov, Yu. Nikitin
Signal Processing in DiaSter System for Simulation and
Diagnostic Purposes . 441
M. Syfert, P. Wnuk
System for Multipoint Measurements of Slowly Varying
Magnetic Fields . 449
M. Szumilas, E. Slubowska, K. Lewenstein ´XII Contents
X Band Power Generator 457
R. Krizan, L. Drazan
A New Approach to the Uncertainty in Diameter
Measurement Using Laser Scanning Instrument . 463
Ryszard Jablonski, Pawel Fotowicz
Real-Time Edge Detection Using Dynamic Structuring
Element . 471
M. Kawecki, B. Putz
Investigation Method for the Magnetoelastic
Characteristics of Construction Steels in Nondestructive
Testing 479
D. Jackiewicz, R. Szewczyk, J. Salach, A. Bie´ nkowski, K. Wolski
Testing of Automotive Park Assistant Control Unit by HIL
Simulation . 487
P. Krejci
Coupled Thermal-Structural Transient Analysis of Pressure
Sensors 495
R. Vlach
Device for Measuring of Active Power and Energy at
Machine Tools . 503
R. Huzl´ık, P. Blecha, A. Vaˇs´ıˇcek, P. Houˇska, M. Holub
Effect of Gear Ratio on Energy Consumption of Actuators
Used in Orthotic Robot . 511
K. Bagi´ nski, J. Wierciak
Precise Model of Multicopter for Development of
Algorithms for Autonomous Flight 519
R. Baranek, F. Solc
In-pipe Microrobot Driven by SMA Elements . 527
M. Bodnicki, D. Kami´ nski
Adaptive Cruise Control for a Robotic Vehicle Using Fuzzy
Logic 535
A. Hassan, G. Collier
Robot with Adjustable Undercarriage – The Design and
the Simulation . 543
M. Dovica, T. Kelemenov´a, M. Kelemen, T. LukacContents XIII
Project of Autonomous Control System in HUSAR Lunar
Mining Rover 551
P. W
eclewski, G. Bujko, P. Etz, L. Godziejewski, J. Kapli´ nska,
P. Kicman, M. Wi´sniowski
Object Classification Using Dempster–Shafer Theory 559
B. Harasymowicz-Boggio, B. Siemiatkowska
A Novel Indoor Localization Scheme by Integrating
Wiimote Sensing and a Controllable IR-LED Array 567
Y.T. Fu, K.S. Chen
Hybrid Navigation Method for Dynamic Indoor
Environment Based on Mixed Potential Fields . 575
S. Vechet, K.S. Chen, J. Krejsa
Human-Machine Interface for Mobile Robot Based on
Natural Language Processing 583
P. Maˇsek, M. R˚uˇziˇcka
Real Time Object Tracking Based on Computer Vision 591
M. R˚uˇziˇcka, P. Maˇsek
Searching for Features in Laser Rangefinder Scan via
Combination of Local Curvature Scale and Human
Obstacles Detection . 599
J. Krejsa, S. Vechet
Orthotic Robot as a Self Optimizing System . 607
J. Wierciak, K. Bagi´ nski, D. Jasi´ nska-Choroma´ nska, T. Strojnowski
Trajectory Generation for Autonomous Vehicles . 615
Vu Trieu Minh
Robotnic Underwater Vehicle Steered by a Gyroscope –
Model of Navigation and Dynamics 627
E. Lady˙ zy´ nska-Kozdra´s
Robotic Implementation of the Adaptive Cruise
Control-Comparison of Three Control Methods 633
P. Shakouri, A. Ordys, G. Collier
Control and Automation
Self-learning Control for Servo Drives in Forming
Technologies . 641
M. Hoffmann, P. Huˇsek, H.-J. Koriath, V. Kuˇcera, U. PriberXIV Contents
Automatic System for Object Recognition in Robotic
Production Line for Automotive Industry 653
P. Boˇzek, P. Pokorn´y
Pulse Response Identification of Inertial Model for Astatic
System 663
J.E. Kurek
Benchmarking Various Rapid Control Prototyping Targets
Supported in Matlab/Simulink Development Environment . 669
V. Lambersk´y, R. Grepl
Tuning Rules Selection and Iterative Modification of PID
Control System Parameters 677
J. Mo˙ zaryn, K. Malinowski
Fuzzy Approach to the Selection of Interference Fit
Assembly Method . 685
A.N. Sinitsyn, V.V. Sinitsyna, I.V. Abramov, A.I. Abramov
Application of Artificial Neural Network for Speed Control
of Servodrive with Variable Parameters 693
T. Pajchrowski
Hybrid Fuzzy – State Variable Feedback Controller of
Inverted Pendulum 701
A. Petrovas, R. Rinkeviˇciene
A Model Comparison Performance Index for Servo Drive
Control 709
J. Quellmalz, M. Rehm, H. Schlegel, W.-G. Drossel
Control Structures for Opposed Driving, Coupled Linear
Drives . 717
M. Rehm, J. Quellmalz, H. Schlegel, W.-G. Drossel
The Robust Remote Control of the Manipulator . 725
V. Ondrouˇsek, M. Vyteˇcka, J. Kolomazn´ık, M. Hammerschmiedt
Control System of One-Axis Vibration-Insulation Platform
with Gyroscopic-Stabilizer . 733
R. Votrubec
Hybrid PI Sliding Mode Position and Speed Controller for
Direct Drive . 741
S. BrockContents XV
Distributed Control System of Solar Domestic Hot Water
Heating Using Open-Source . 749
G. Gaspar, S. Pavlikova, R. Masarova
Design of Engine Control System for Small Helicopter . 757
L. Ertl, M. Jasansky
Biomedical and Biomechanical Engineering
Application of Indices Characterizing the Shape of a Signal
for Automatic Identification of Artifacts in Impedance
Cardiography 763
P. Piskulak, G. Cybulski, W. Niewiadomski
Predictive Algorithm for the Insulin Dose Selection with
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System . 771
H.J. Hawlas, K. Lewenstein
Experimental Device for Reconstructing Spinal Deviations
in to a 3D Model 779
F. Horv´at, M. Cekan, L. ˇ Solt´ ˇ es, B. Huˇcko
Automatic Analysis of Recurrence Plot for the Needs of
the Analysis of Infrasonic Signals from the Human Heart 785
M. Jamrozy, K. Lewenstein, T. Leyko
Evaluation of the Empirical Mode Decomposition Method
as a Tool for Preprocessing Ultrasonic Cardiological Data . 793
T. Kubik, K. Kalu˙ zy´ nski, S. Cygan, K. Mikolajczyk
Evaluation of Bilateral Asymmetry of the Muscular Forces
Using OpenSim Software and Bilateral Cyclograms 801
P. Kutilek, Z. Svoboda, P. Smrcka
Properties of Ankle-Brachial-Index (ABI)
in the Light of Numerical Simulation
of Pulse Wave Propagation 809
M. Pieniak, K. Cie´slicki
Patient Activity Measurement in Active Elbow Orthosis . 817
T. Ripel, J. Krejsa, J. Hrb´aˇcek
A Physical Model of the Human Circulatory System for
the Modeling, Control and Diagnostic of Cardiac Support
Processes 825
A. Siewnicka, K. Janiszowski, M. GawlikowskiXVI Contents
A New Method for Tissue Impedance Spectrometry and
Its Initial Application in vivo 833
M. Wladzi´ nski, K. Wildner, S. Cygan, B. Grobelski, D. Pawelczak,
T. Palko
Active Artificial Lower Limb . 839
M. Zawiski, R. Pa´sniczek
Evaluation and Testing of Novel Ocular Tactile Tonometry
Device . 847
E.T. Enikov, P.P. Polyv´as, R. Janˇco, M. Madar´asz
Calculation of the Bio-ceramic Material Parameters . 855
V. Fuis, P. Janicek
Effect of Contact Condition on Film Thickness Formation
in Artificial Joints . 863
T. N´ avrat, M. Vrbka, J. Laˇst˚uvka, I. Kˇrupka, M. Hartl, J. Gallo
Mechatronic Education
Model Based Design of a Self-balancing Vehicle:
A Mechatronic System Design Case Study . 869
R. Grepl
The Design and Use of 3DOF Manipulator as a Platform
for Education in Mechatronics . 877
D. Klimes, T. Ripel, M. Suransky, J. Vejlupek
Jasper – A Platform for Teaching Mechatronics . 883
G. Gaspar, S. Pavlikova, P. Fabo, P. Pavl´ık
Model-Based Design of Mobile Platform with Integrated
Actuator – Design with Respect to Mechatronic
Education . 891
O. Andrs, Z. Hadas, J. Kovar, J. Vetiˇska, V. Singule
Author Index
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