Mechatronics for Cultural Heritage and Civil Engineering

Mechatronics for Cultural Heritage and Civil Engineering
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Erika Ottaviano, Assunta Pelliccio
23 يونيو 2022
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Mechatronics for Cultural Heritage and Civil Engineering
Erika Ottaviano
Assunta Pelliccio
Vincenzo Gattulli Editors
Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering
Mechatronics in the Process of Cultural Heritage and Civil
Infrastructure Management 1
Vincenzo Gattulli, Erika Ottaviano and Assunta Pelliccio
Part I Robotics and Automation
Timed Cellular Automata-Based Tool for the Analysis of Urban Road
Traffic Models 35
Camelia Avram, Adina Astilean and Eduardo Valente
Process Analysis of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots for Automated
Construction 63
Tobias Bruckmann, Arnim J. Spengler, Christian K. Karl,
Christopher Reichert and Markus König
Design of Reconfigurable Cable-Driven Parallel Robots . 85
Lorenzo Gagliardini, Marc Gouttefarde and Stéphane Caro
Distance Geometry in Active Structures . 115
Josep M. Porta, Nicolás Rojas and Federico Thomas
New Trends in Residential Automation . 137
José Reinaldo Silva, Javier Martinez Silva, Celina Pereira, Camelia Avram
and Sergiu Dan-Stan
Part II Digital Technologies for Cultural Heritage
Digital Technology and Mechatronic Systems for the Architectural 3D
Metric Survey . 161
Marco Giorgio Bevilacqua, Gabriella Caroti, Andrea Piemonte
and Alessandro Ariel Terranova
ixCultural Heritage Documentation, Analysis and Management Using
Building Information Modelling: State of the Art and Perspectives 181
Filiberto Chiabrando, Vincenzo Donato, Massimiliano Lo Turco
and Cettina Santagati
3D Survey Systems and Digital Simulations for Structural Monitoring
of Rooms at the Uffizi Museum in Florence 203
Sandro Parrinello and Sara Porzilli
GIS-Based Study of Land Subsidence in the City of Bologna 235
Rose Line Spacagna and Giuseppe Modoni
Infrared Thermography of Walls in Residential Buildings in Historic
Workers’ Housing Estates in Upper Silesia 257
Magdalena Żmudzińska-Nowak, Paweł Krause and Magdalena Krause
Part III Civil Structural Health Monitoring
Structural Health Monitoring Systems for Smart Heritage and
Infrastructures in Spain . 271
F. Javier Baeza, Salvador Ivorra, David Bru and F. Borja Varona
Data-Driven Approach to Structural Health Monitoring Using
Statistical Learning Algorithms . 295
Debarshi Sen and Satish Nagarajaiah
Vibration-Based Monitoring of Civil Structures with Subspace-Based
Damage Detection 307
Michael Döhler, Falk Hille and Laurent Mevel
Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Reinforced Masonry
Structures Across Multiple Scales . 327
Eleni N. Chatzi, Savvas P. Triantafyllou and Clemente Fuggini
Monitoring and Maintenance of Customized Structures for
Underground Environments: The Case of Gran Sasso National

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