Mechanics and Strength of Materials

Mechanics and Strength of Materials
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Machinery's Reference Series
27 يناير 2018

Mechanics and Strength of Materials
Machinery’s Data Sheet Series
Compiled From Machinery’s Monthly Data
Sheets and Arranged With
Explanatory Notes
No. 17
Rules and Formulas in Mechanics 4
Table of Forces on Inclined Planes 12
Centrifugal Force Per Pound of Revolving Mass 14
Power of Toggle-joints With Equal Arms 19
Tables of Height, Velocity and Time of Falling Foodies 20
Strength of Materials 23
Formulas for the Strength of Flat Plates 24
Factors for Converting Strength of Wire to “Strength in Pounds Per Square Inch 32
Ratios of Outside Radius to Inside Radius of Thick Cylinders 35
Properties of Sections for Punch and Shear Frames
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