Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook – Volume 1

Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook – Volume 1
اسم المؤلف
Myer Kutz
11 مايو 2019

Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook – Volume 1
Materials and Engineering Mechanics
Myer Kutz
Preface ix
Vision Statement xi
Contributors xiii
1. Carbon and Alloy Steels 3
Bruce L. Bramfitt
2. Stainless Steels 39
James Kelly
3. Aluminum Alloys 59
J. G. Kaufman
4. Copper and Copper Alloys 117
Konrad J. A. Kundig and John G. Cowie
5. Selection of Titanium Alloys for Design 221
Matthew J. Donachie
6. Nickel and Its Alloys 256
Gaylord D. Smith and Brian A. Baker
7. Magnesium and Its Alloys 278
Robert E. Brown
8. Selection of Superalloys for Design 287
Matthew J. Donachie and Stephen J. Donachie
9. Plastics: Information and Properties of Polymeric Materials 335
Edward N. Peters
10. Composite Materials 380
Carl Zweben
11. Smart Materials 418
James A. Harvey
12. Overview of Ceramic Materials, Design, and Application 433
R. Nathan Katz
13. Sources of Materials Data 450
J. G. Kaufman
14. Quantitative Methods of Materials Selection 466
Mahmoud M. Farag
15. Stress Analysis 491
Franklin E. Fisherviii Contents
16. An Introduction to the Finite-Element Method 557
Tarek I. Zohdi
17. Design for Six Sigma: A Mandate for Competitiveness 581
James E. McMunigal and H. Barry Bebb
18. TRIZ 612
James E. McMunigal, Steven Ungvari, Michael Slocum, and Ruth E. McMunigal
19. Computer-Aided Design 642
Emory W. Zimmers, Jr., and Technical Staff of Enterprise Systems Center
20. Data Exchange Using STEP 725
Martin Hardwick
21. Engineering Applications of Virtual Reality 732
Xiaobo Peng and Ming C. Leu
22. 762
Maury A. Nussbaum and Jaap H. van Diee¨n
23. Electronic Materials and Packaging 782
Warren C. Fackler
24. Design Optimization: An Overview 819
A. Ravi Ravindran and G. V. Reklaitis
25. Design for Manufacturing and Assembly with Plastics 847
James A. Harvey
26. Failure Modes: Performance and Service Requirements for Metals 860
J. A. Collins and S. R. Daniewicz
27. Failure Analysis of Plastics 925
Vishu H. Shah
28. Failure Modes: Performance and Service Requirements for Ceramics 942
Dietrich Munz
29. Mechanical Reliability and Life Prediction for Brittle Materials 962
G. S. White, E. R. Fuller, Jr., and S. W. Freiman
30. Total Quality Management in Mechanical Design 980
B. S. Dhillon
31. Reliability in the Mechanical Design Process 1000
B. S. Dhillon
32. Lubrication of Machine Elements 1024
Bernard J. Hamrock
33. Seal Technology 1161
Bruce M. Steinetz
34. Vibration and Shock 1204
Singiresu S. Rao
35. Noise Measurement and Control 1230
George M. Diehl
36. Nondestructive Inspection 1253
Robert L. Crane and Jeremy S. Knopp
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