Mechanical Drawing and Practical Drafting

Mechanical Drawing and Practical Drafting
اسم المؤلف
Charles H. ampson, B. S.
27 أكتوبر 2017

Mechanical Drawing and Practical Drafting
Charles H., Sampson, B. S.
Head of Technical Department, Huntington School, Boston, Mass. In Charge
Of the Courses in Shop Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Plan Reading, Shop
Sketching, and Machine Design as Conducted by the University Extension
Department of the Massachusetts Board of Education.
Author of “Algebra Review,” “Woodturning Exercises,” “Assignment Manual of Algebra,” “Pattern Making,” and Various Courses for the University
Extension Department.
Things a Good Draftsman Should Remember.
The Lettering Plates.
Geometrical Problems
Conic Section Curves.
Orthographic Projection.
The Use of the Scale.
(Read This Carefully.)
(Read Carefully.)
Detail and Assembly Drawing.
Screw Threads.
Instructions for Plate 50.
Table of Decimal Equivalents
Plate 60. The Cycloid.
The Archimedean Spiral
The Involute.
Plate 61. The Epicycloid.
Gearing Formulae.
Symbols to Find Formula
Diametral Pitch . . .
– P Diametral Pitch . . P
Circular Pitch . . .
– Ph Circular Pitch Pr – P
Pitch Diameter . . . N
– D Pitch Diameter D P
Center Distance
– C Center Distance
– S Addendum
Dedendum . . .
– D Dedendum . . D S
Clearance . . 0.157
– F Clearance F
Thickness of Tooth . _ Thickness of Tooth
Space Between Teeth
– W Space Between Teeth
Outside Diameter
– O Outside Diameter . . . .
Number of Teeth . . .
– N Number of Teeth
Length of Rack – L Length of Rack
Templet for Gear Teeth.
Templet for Involute Teeth. Figure 1.
Involute Rack With Straight Flanked Teeth. Figure 2.
Templet for Cycloidal Teeth. Figure 3.
Bevel Gears.
Isometric Projection.
Perspective Drawing.
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