Mastering and Casting a Resin Model

Mastering and Casting a Resin Model
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Scot Doepker
1 مارس 2020
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Mastering and Casting a Resin Model
By Scot Doepker
Make the World a Better Place — Mold Your Own Kit
Wanted to Add a Starlifter to Their Collections of Military Cargo Aircraft.
The Only Logical Answer Was to Create
My Own Kit. Sound Difficult? It’s Not, Really.
When Tackled in Pieces, This Model is Really
Just a Bunch of Small Projects That Draw on
Many Modeling Skills, Such as Scratchbuilding, Creating Parts From Resin, Scribing Panel
Lines, and Making Custom Decals.the Best
Part is That It Can Be as Extensive or Simple
As You Like.
T’s a Good Time to Be a Modeler:there Are
Kits and Aftermarket Products Available to
Build Almost Any Subject, and Each Year
New Kits Provide an Even Greater Variety
Of Subjects and Details.
So, I Was Surprised When I Was Unable to
Find a 1/144 Scale C-141 Starlifter Kit. Sure,
There Have Been Other Kits of the Aircraft: a
1/108 Scale Aurora Kit in the Late 1960s; a
1/200 Scale Dragon Kit in the Early ’90s;
And a Few Vacuum-formed and Resin Kits.
But There is Nothing More Recent in 1/144
Or 1/72 Scale.
I Could Have Scratchbuilt a C-141. But
Then I Thought About All the Modelers Who
Scot Developed a Plan to Break Down His C-141
Kit Into Easily Molded Parts, Including a Singlepiece Fuselage, Two Wings, Separate Vertical and
Horizontal Stabilizers, Four Engines, and a Refueling Receptacle.
Step 1: Pick a Subject
If You’re Considering Creating a Kit, You
Probably Have a Subject in Mind. I Work at
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