Manual of Engineering Drawing Third Edition

Manual of Engineering Drawing Third Edition
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Colin H. Simmons, Dennis E. Maguire, Neil Phelps
15 نوفمبر 2017

Manual of Engineering Drawing Third Edition
Colin H. Simmons
Dennis E. Maguire
Neil Phelps
Drawing office management and organization
Product development and computer aided design
CAD organization and applications
Principles of first and third angle orthographic projection
Linework and lettering
Three-dimensional illustrations using isometric and oblique projection
Drawing layouts and simplified methods
Sections and sectional views
Geometrical constructions and tangency
Loci applications
True lengths and auxiliary views
Conic sections and interpenetration of solids
Development of patterns from sheet materials
Dimensioning principles
Screw threads and conventional representations
Nuts, bolts, screws and wash
Keys and key ways
Worked examples in machine drawing
Limits and fits
Geometrical tolerancing and datums
Application of geometrical tolerances
Maximum material and least material principles
Positional tolerancing
Surface texture
3D annotation
The Duality Principle—the essential link between the design intent and the verification of the end product
Differences between American ASME Y 14.5M Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD & T) and ISO/BS 8888 geometrical tolerancing, standards
Cams and gears
Welding and welding symbols
Engineering diagrams
Bearings and applied technology
Engineering adhesives
Related standards
Production drawings
Drawing solutions
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