Make – Technology on Your Time Volume 37 – Homegrown Drones!

Make – Technology on Your Time Volume 37 – Homegrown Drones!
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Sean Michael Ragan, Michael Colombo
14 أكتوبر 2023
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Make – Technology on Your Time Volume 37 – Homegrown Drones!
Sean Michael Ragan, Michael Colombo
Reader Input
All Art is Made by Makers
Made on Earth
Shifting Gears
A student-built, world-class race car.
Radically Cheap
Building machine tools from car parts to save the world.
Inkjet Maniac
Hacking printers for the sake of art.
FLIGHT OF THE DRONES Here’s looking at you: new platforms
for aerial imaging.Flight of the Drones
The multicopter revolution is coming. Are you ready?
Anatomy of a Drone
Find your way around a modern multirotor UAV.
Aerial Videography
Make fantastic videos from your multicopter or drone.
World of Drones
Drones are already hard at work, from the pyramids to the polar ice.Quadcopter Photogrammetry
R/C aircraft helping restore historic buildings in Cuba.
HandyCopter UAV
Build a cheap quadrotor airframe with video and autonomous flight.
Drone Buyer’s Guide
Take a peek at the new wave of drones available to buy now.
FPV Fundamentals
Pilot your drone by seeing what it sees, with first person view.
Custom-Crafted Multicopters
Homegrown drones — you can build your own!
No Man’s Land
The legal gray area facing drones and their pilots.
Quad Squad
These expert drone pilots are making quadcopters even cooler.
Finding Your Way with GPS
Precision location data, via satellite.
Calling Out Around the World
Communicate with your projects anywhere they can see the sky.
Sensor Smörgåsbord
All-in-one sensing devices are cheaper & easier to use than ever.
PROJECTSLuminous Lowtops
Snazzy sneakers with full-color LEDs that respond to your moves.
Salt and Pepper Well
Woodworking with a twist — use your drill press as a lathe.
Library Box
A mobile, anonymous wi-fi file server from off-the-shelf hardware.
Zombie Flashlight
Revive a dead battery to make this powerful pocket flashlight.
License Plate Guitar
A “resonator” guitar with a hand-wound electromagnetic pickup.
Remaking History
Build the simple plane that defined modern aircraft.
Three-Day Kimchi
Piquant, fiery, and fast to make.123: Glider Launcher
An inexpensive launcher that yields impressive flights.
The Amateur Scientist
Track heat islands with data loggers and DIY sensors.
Chameleon Bag
An interactive messenger bag that reacts to your RFID-tagged objects.
Toy Inventor’s Notebook
Stop ants from getting into the hummingbird feeder with a DIY moat.
Enough Already
Use an Arduino to mute annoying celebrities on your TV automatically.
Bass Bump
Build this circuit to boost low frequencies and make your MP3s go boom.
123: Self-Filling Pet Water Bowl
Keep your pet happy and hydrated with this simple build.
Bamboo Hors d’Oeuvre Tray
A few clever cuts and you’ll be serving in style.
Mini Blind Minder
Train your blinds to automatically open when it’s cold and close when it’s hot.
GPS Cat Tracker
Find out exactly where kitty wanders all day.
CNC Air Raid Siren
It’s loud, annoying, and fun!
Glow Plug 3D Printer Extruder
Make an extruder by hand using only a few tools and a diesel glow plug.
Build a nifty ripcord rotor copter with an emery board propeller.
Homebrew: Pinball Machine
One man’s journey to build a pinball machine from the ground up.TOOLBOX
Tool Reviews
MAKE’s recommendations for useful maker tools and materials.
Text tools for your bench or bedside table.
New Maker Tech
On the horizon for 3D printing, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.

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