Machining Metalworking Handbook

Machining Metalworking Handbook
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Donald A. Walsh, Donis Cormier
12 نوفمبر 2018

Machining Metalworking Handbook 3rd Edition
Donald A. Walsh, Donis Cormier
Chapter 1 – Modern Metalworking Machinery, Tools, and Measuring Devices
Chapter 2 – Mathematics for Machinists and Metalworkers
Chapter 3 – U.S. Customary and Metric (SI) Measures and Conversions
Chapter 4 – Materials: Physical Properties, Characteristics, and Uses
Chapter 5 – Modern Engineering Drawing Practices
Chapter 6 – Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, and Engineering Systems
Chapter 7 – Machining, Machine Tools, and Practices
Chapter 8 – Tooling, Die Making, Molds, Jigs, and Fixtures
Chapter 9 – Sheet Metal Practices and Layout
Chapter 10 – Solid Freeform Fabrication
Chapter 11 – Hardening and Tempering Steels and Nonferrous Alloys
Chapter 12 – Castings, Moldings, Extrusions, and Powder-Metal Technology
Chapter 13 – Plating Practices and Finishes for Metal
Chapter 14 – Fastening and Joining Techniques and Hardware
Chapter 15 – Safety Practices in Industry
Chapter 16 – Societies, Associations, Institutes, and Specification Authorities
Chapter 17 – American National Standards Applicable to Machinery, Machining, and Metalworking Practices
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