Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair – Volume 3, Third Edition

Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair – Volume 3, Third Edition
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Heinz P. Bloch and Fred K. Geitner
22 يناير 2018

Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair – Volume 3, Third Edition
Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants
Heinz P. Bloch and Fred K. Geitner
Foreword viii
Acknowledgments . ix
Part I: Background to Process Machinery Maintenance
Programming . 1
1 Machinery Maintenance: An Overview . 3
2 Maintenance Organization and Control for Multi-Plant
Corporations . 11
Type of Operation. Manager’s Role. Maintenance. Central Control System.
Incentives for Computer Systems. Setting Up an Effective System. Machinery
Maintenance on the Plant Level. Assignment of Qualified Personnel. Timing and
Basic Definition of Critical Pre-Turnaround Tasks. Specific Preparation and
Planning. Documenting What You’ve Done.
3 Machinery Foundations and Grouting 61
What’s an Epoxy? Epoxy Grouts. Proper Grout Mixing Is Important. Job
Planning. Conventional Grouting. Methods of Installing Machinery. PressureInjection Regrouting. Prefilled Equipment Baseplates: How to Get a Superior
Equipment Installation for Less Money. Appendix 3-A—Detailed Checklist for
Rotating Equipment: Horizontal Pump Baseplate Checklist. Appendix 3-B—
Specification for Portland Cement Grouting of Rotating Equipment. Appendix
3-C—Detailed Checklist for Rotating Equipment: Baseplate Grouting. Appendix 3-D—Specifications for Epoxy Grouting of Rotating Equipment. Appendix
3-E—Specification and Installation of Pregrouted Pump Baseplates.
4 Process Machinery Piping 148
Fundamentals of Piping Design Criteria. Piping Design Procedure. The When,
Who, What, and How of Removing Spring Hanger Stops Associated with
Machinery. Flange Jointing Practices. Primary Causes of Flange Leakage. The
Importance of Proper Gasket Selection. Flange Types and Flange Bolt-Up.
Controlled Torque Bolt-Up of Flanged Connections. Recommendations for the
Installation, Fabrication, Testing, and Cleaning of Air, Gas, or Steam Piping.
Pickling Procedure for Reciprocating Compressor Suction Piping: Method I.
Cleaning of Large Compressor Piping: Method II. Appendix 4-A—Detailed
Checklist for Rotating Equipment: Machinery Piping. Appendix 4-B—Specifications for Cleaning Mechanical Seal Pots and Piping for Centrifugal Pumps.
Appendix 4-C—Detailed Checklist for Rotating Equipment: Pump Piping.
Part II: Alignment and Balancing . 197
5 Machinery Alignment 199
Prealignment Requirements. Choosing an Alignment Measurement Setup.
Checking for Bracket Sag. Face Sag Effect—Examples. Interpretation and Data
Recording. The Graphical Procedure for Reverse Alignment. Thermal Growth—
Twelve Ways to Correct for It. Thermal Growth Estimation by Rules of Thumb.
6 Balancing of Machinery Components . 258
Definition of Terms. Purpose of Balancing. Types of Unbalance. Motions of
Unbalanced Rotors. Balancing Machines. Centrifugal Balancing Machines.
Measurement of Amount and Angle of Unbalance. Classification of Centrifugal
Balancing Machines. Maintenance and Production Balancing Machines. Establishing a Purchase Specification. Supporting the Rotor in the Balancing
Machine. End-Drive Adapters. Balancing Keyed End-Drive Adapters. Balancing Arbors. Testing Balancing Machines. Inboard Proving Rotors for Horizontal
Machines. Test Procedures. Balance Tolerances. Special Conditions to Achieve
Quality Grades G1 and G0.4. Balance Errors Due to Rotor Support Elements.
Recommended Margins Between Balance and Inspection Tolerances. ComputerAided Balancing. Field Balancing Overview. Field Balancing Examples.
Appendix 6-A—Balancing Terminology. Appendix 6-B—Balancing Machine
Nomenclature. Appendix 6-C—Balancing and Vibration Standards. Appendix 6-
D—Critical Speeds of Solid and Hollow Shafts.
Part III: Maintenance and Repair of Machinery Components . 367
7 Ball Bearing Maintenance and Replacement 369
Engineering and Interchangeability Data. Cleanliness and Working Conditions
in Assembly Area. Removal of Shaft and Bearings from Housing. Cleaning the
viBearing. Shaft and Housing Preparation. Checking Shaft and Housing
Measurements. Basic Mounting Methods. Hints on Mounting Duplex Bearings.
Preloading of Duplex Bearings. Importance of the Correct Amount of Preload.
Assembly of Bearings on Shaft. Cautions to Observe During Assembly of
Bearings into Units. Mounting with Heat. Checking Bearings and Shaft After
Installation. Assembly of Shaft and Bearings into Housing. Testing of Finished
Spindle. Maintain Service Records on All Spindles.
8 Repair and Maintenance of Rotating Equipment
Components 447
Pump Repair and Maintenance. Installation of Stuffing Box Packing. Welded
Repairs to Pump Shafts and Other Rotating Equipment Components. How to
Decide if Welded Repairs Are Feasible. Case Histories. High Speed Shaft Repair.
Shaft Straightening. Straightening Carbon Steel Shafts. Casting Salvaging
Methods. OEM vs. Non-OEM Machinery Repairs.
9 Centrifugal Compressor Rotor Repair 501
Compressor Rotor Repairs. Impeller Manufacture. Compressor Impeller Design
Problems. Impeller Balancing Procedure. Rotor Bows in Compressors and
Steam Turbines. Clean-Up and Inspection of Rotor. Disassembly of Rotor for
Shaft Repair. Shaft Design. Rotor Assembly. Shaft Balancing. Rotor Thrust in
Centrifugal Compressors. Managing Rotor Repairs at Outside Shops. Mounting
of Hydraulically Fitted Hubs. Dismounting of Hydraulically Fitted Hubs.
10 Protecting Machinery Parts Against Loss of Surface . 536
Basic Wear Mechanisms. Hard-Surfacing Techniques. Special Purpose Materials. The Detonation Gun Process. Selection and Application of O-Rings.
Appendix 10-A—Part Documentation Record. Procedures and Materials Used
for Hard-Surfacing.
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