Locomotive and Railway Data

Locomotive and Railway Data
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Machinery's Data Sheet Series
7 أبريل 2020
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Locomotive and Railway Data
Machinery’s Data Sheet Series
Compiled From Machinery’s Monthly Data
Sheets and Arranged With
Explanatory Notes
No. 14
Types of Locomotive Boilers 4
Heating Surface of Locomotive Boiler Flues 6
Bearing Pressure for Locomotive Journals 8
Locomotive Classification 12
Gages of Principal Railroads of the World 13
Pennsylvania Railroad Standard Rail Sections 14
Elevation of Outer Rail on Curves 17
Frogs, Switches and Cross-overs 18
Tables of Weight of Tires 22
Allowances for Shrinkage of Tires 25
Tables for Calculating Speeds of Trains 26
Grades and Their Effect on Hauling Capacity 28
Horsepower Required for Moving Cars 29
Constants for Calculating Tractive Force 30
The inertia of Trains 32
Tables for Dimensions of Brake Levers 34
Proportions for Brake Rods 36
Deflection of Truck From Center Line of Car Oh ‘ Turves


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