Laptop Repair Complete Guide; Including Motherboard and Component Level Repair!

Laptop Repair Complete Guide; Including Motherboard and Component Level Repair!
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Garry Romaneo
4 مايو 2022

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Laptop Repair Complete Guide; Including Motherboard and Component Level Repair!
Author: Garry Romaneo
Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

  • Basic Troubleshooting Used By A Laptop Technician
  • Common Parts And Functions Of The Average Laptop
  • Installing Operating Systems On Laptops And Netbooks
  • Complete Disassembly / Taking Apart The Laptop
  • Laptop Screen Disassembly Instructions
  • Laptop Screen Types, Including Bulb/Inverter Repair
  • Laptop Not Powering On Issues & Resolutions
    Liquid Spill Discussion Cleaning The Motherboard DiscussionChapter 8 – Laptop Not Powering On Issues; Part 2: Video Related Cleaning The Fan And HeatSink Assembly Discussion Thermal Paste Usage & Removal Discussion Chipset Discussion
    Chapter 9 – Reflowing The GPU Coin-stack Use Discussion BGA Explanation Heat Gun Use/Hot
    Air Gun/ Tips and Nozzles Monitoring The Temperature Tips For A Successful Reflow Chip Sealant /
    Epoxy Removal Preheating the PCB Use Of Flux Fan Modification/Thermal Controller Thermal Pads
    Verses Shims Use Of Thermal Paste
    Chapter 10 – Laptop Not Powering On Issues; Part 3: Motherboard Related Blown Voltage Regulator
    Types Of Voltage Regulators/ Images/Vectors Blown Capacitors Tantalum & Electrolytic
    Laptop Repair Complete Guide iii
    TABLE OF CONTENTS: continued…
    Chapter 10 – continued Motherboard Testing Procedures Motherboard Testing Tools
    Methods To Testing Capacitors Identifying Components On The Laptops Motherboard
    Motherboard Flex Issue Discussion Schematic Discussion Motherboard Repairing Discussion
    Chapter 11 – Soldering Micro Components De-soldering Process Tools Used In Soldering
    Soldering Process Explained Diagnosing And Repairing A Failing Hard Drive
    This book was written to allow a better understanding as to how exactly
    a Laptop can fail and how an individual such as yourself, can troubleshoot,
    diagnose and properly repair the faulty issue(s) that may arise while saving a
    ton of money rather than sending it to a repair facility or buying new
    replacement parts.
    Great for current Students enrolled in Technology related courses, as this
    information is not taught in classes.
    DIY (Do It Yourself) Laptop Repair Guide
    Please take the time to read this book in its entirety, then re-read it again
    to ensure you get a clear understanding of all its content. I also recommend
    that you purchase my First book release entitled: World’s First Complete
    Guide to Laptop & Notebook Repair.
    – Suitable for all age groups and learning levels – this book will teach
    you without all the technical terms used, and will explain, step by step, in
    great detail. I will not include all the arithmetic equations used, or the
    specific detailed component schematics, rather, I will replace those
    confusing terms with easily understandable replacement terms for your
    convenience and to allow a better understanding for the Beginner or
    inexperienced technician.
    Garry Romaneo
    Laptop Repair Complete Guide vChapter 1

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