Inelastic Deformation of Composite Materials

Inelastic Deformation of Composite Materials
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George J. Dvorak
14 يناير 2021
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Inelastic Deformation of Composite Materials
With 101 Illustrations
International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
George J. Dvorak (Ed.)
IUTAM Symposium, Troy, New York
May 29-June 1, 1990
Pre face v
Sponsors . . vi
List of Participants vii
Session 1. Interfaces I Chairman: J.R. Willis
Composite Materials with Interphase: Thermoelastic and
Inelastic Effects . 3
Z. Hashin
Effect of a Viscoelastic Interfacial Zonc on the Mechanical Behavior
and Failure of Fiber-Reinforced Composites . 35
B. Moran, M. Gosz and J.D. Achenbach
Measurement of Strength of Thin Film Interfaces by Laser
Spallation Experiment 51
V. Gupta and A.S. Argon
Session 2. Interfaces II Chairman: A.S. Argon
On a Correspondence Between Mechanical and Thermal Fields in
Composites with Slipping Interfaces 77
Y. Benveniste and GJ. Dvorak
Micromechanical Modelling of Fibre Debonding in a Metal
R”einforced by Short Fibres 99
V. Tvergaard
Session 3. Damage Chairman: Y.Rajapakse
Fiber Stress Enhancement Due to Initial Matrix Cracking 115
A. Dollar and P.S. .teif
Fracture Toughness Enhancement Due to Particle Transformation . 125
Z. Gao and T. Mura
Cracks at the Extremities of Cylindrical Fibre Inclusions . 147
A.P.S. SelvaduraiXii
Session 4. Inelastic Behavior I Chairman: B. Budiansky
Bounds for the Creep Behavior of Polycrystalline Materials . 175
R.Dendievel, G. Bonnet and J.R. Willis
Simplifications in the Behavior of Viscoelastic Composites with
Growing Damage 193
R.A. Schapery
The Effective Properties of Brittle/Ductile Incompressible
Com posites 2 15
P.Ponte Castaneda
Session 5. Inelastic Behavior II Chairman: Z. Hashin
Compressive Failure of Fibre Composites Due to Microbuckling 235
N.A. Fleck and B. Budiansky
A Critical Evaluation for a Class of Micro-Mechanics Models . 275
R.M. Christensen
Experiments and Modeling in Plasticity of Fibrous Composites . 283
G.J. Dvorak, Y.A. Bahei-EI-Din, R.S. Shah and H. Nigam
Session 6. Computational Methods Chairman: George K. Haritos
The Effect of Superposed Hydrostatic Stress on the Mechanical
Response of Metal-Matrix Composites 309
T. Christman, J. Liorca,S.Suresh and A. Needleman
Micromechanical Modeling of Plasticity Texture Evolution in
Sem i-Crystalline Polymers . 325
D.M. Parks and S.Ahzi
A Unified Formulation of Micromechanics Models of
Fiber-Reinforced Composites . 341
J.L. Teply andJ.N. Reddy
Session 7. Inelastic Behavior III Chairman: R.A. Schapery
A Micromechanical Composite Yield Model Accounting for
Residual Stresses . 373
C.T. Herakovich,J. Aboudi andJ.L. Beuth, Jr.
The Effects of Thermal, Plastic and Elastic Stress Concentrations
on the Overall Behavior of Metal Matrix Composites 389
F. Corvasce, P. Lipinski and M. Berveiller
i .xiii
Session 8. Inelastic Behavior IV Chairman: R.M. Christensen
Residual Stresses in Fibrous Metal Matrix Composites:
A Thermoviscoplastic Analysis 411
E. Krempl and N.M. Yeh
Elasto-Plastic Analysis for Cracked Fibrous Composites under Axial
and Thermal Loads 445
K.P. Herrmannand Y.Q. Wang
Incremental Elastoplastic Behavior of Metal Matrix Composites
Based on Averaging Schem es . 465
D.C. LagoudasandA.C. Gavazzi
Session 9. Inelastic Behavior V Chairman: E. Krempl
Global and Internal Time Dependent Behaviour of Polymer
Matrix C omposites . 489
A.H. Cardon
A Local-Field Theory for the Overall Creep of Fiber-Reinforced
Metal Matrix Composites 501
Y.M. Wang and GJ. Weng
The Overall Behaviour of a Nonlinear Fibre Reinforced
Composite 527
D.R.S. Talbot andJ.R. Willis
Session 10. Damage and Failure Chairman: P.Ladeveze
A Continuum Model for Damage Evolution in Laminated
Composites 549
D.C. Lo, D.H.Allen and C.E. Harris
Lower and Upper Bound Estimates for the Macroscopic Strength
Criterion of Fiber Composite Materials . 563 Buhan,J.Salencon andA. Taliercio
Static and Fatigue Biaxial Testing of Fiber Composites Using Thin
Walled Tubular Specimens . 581
T.P. Soemardi,D. Lai andC. Bathias
ml • ilnll~ lm iiIIINxiv
Session 11. Fracture Chairman: D.H. Allen
Mesomodeling of Damage for Laminate Composites: Application
to Delamination . 607
P.Ladeveze, 0. Allix and L. Daudeville
Constitutive Relations of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Plastics of
GFRP/CFRP and GFRP/AFRP under Combined Stress State . 623
K. Ikegami and M. Yoshida
Predictions of the Critical Strain for Matrix Cracking of Ceramic
Matrix Composites 639
W.S. Kuo and T.W. Chou
Session 12. Inelastic Behavior VI Chairman: C.T. Herakovich
Shear Characterisation and Inelastic Torsion of Fibre-Reinforced
Materials 653
T.G. Rogers
Inelastic Deformation and Fatigue Damage of Composites under
Multiaxial Loading . 675
S. Murakami, Y. Kanagawa,T. Ishida and E. Tsushima
A Hybrid Model for Nonlinear Characterization of Composite
Materials . 695
R. Pyrz
Session 13. Inelastic Behavior VII Chairman: K. Herrmann
Adm: sible Deformations in Diaphragm Forming of Continuous
Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics . 709
PJ. Mallon, C.M. O’Bradaigh,M.R. Monaghanand R.B. Pipes
Viscoelastic Creep Post Buckling Behavior of AS4/J I
Thermoplastic-Matrix Composite Laminates . 727
Y. Nakajo
Asymmetrical Growth of Edge Delaminations in CFRP Tensile
Specimens . 741
PA. Klumpp andE. Schnack
Matrix Mean-Field and Local-Field Approaches in the Analysis of
Metal Matrix Composites . 761
J. Aboudi and MJ. Pindera
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