Image Recognition and Classification Algorithms, Systems, and Applications

Image Recognition and Classification Algorithms, Systems, and Applications
اسم المؤلف
Bahram Javidi
11 يونيو 2021
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Image Recognition and Classification Algorithms, Systems, and Applications
Edited by
Bahram Javidi
University of Connecticut
Storrs, Connecticut
Part I: Aided Target Recognition
1. Neural-Based Target Detectors for Multiband Infrared
Lipchen Alex Chan, Sandor Z. Der, and Nasser M. Nasrabadi
2. Passive Infrared Automatic Target Discrimination
Firooz Sadjadi
3. Recognizing Objects in SAR Images
Bir Bhanu and Grinnell Jones III
4. Edge Detection and Location in SAR Images: Contribution
of Statistical Deformable Models
Olivier Germain and Philippe Re´fre´gier
5. View-Based Recognition of Military Vehicles in Ladar
Imagery Using CAD Model Matching
Sandor Z. Der, Qinfen Zheng, Brian Redman,
Rama Chellappa, and Hesham Mahmoud
6. Distortion-Invariant Minimum Mean Squared Error
Filtering Algorithm for Pattern Recognition
Francis Chan and Bahram Javidi
Part II: Three-Dimensional Image Recognition
7. Electro-Optical Correlators for Three-Dimensional Pattern
Joseph Rosen
8. Three-Dimensional Object Recognition by Means of Digital
Enrique Tajahuerce, Osamu Matoba, and Bahram Javidi
Part III: Nonlinear Distortion-Tolerant Image Recognition Systems
9. A Distortion-Tolerant Image Recognition Receiver Using a
Multihypothesis Method
Sherif Kishk and Bahram Javidi
10. Correlation Pattern Recognition: An Optimum Approach
Abhijit Mahalanobis
11. Optimum Nonlinear Filter for Detecting Noisy Distorted
Seung Hyun Hong and Bahram Javidi
12. I
p-Norm Optimum Distortion-Tolerant Filter for Image
Luting Pan and Bahram Javidi
Part IV: Commercial Applications of Image Recognition Systems
13. Image-Based Face Recognition: Issues and Methods
Wen-Yi Zhao and Rama Chellappa
14. Image Processing Techniques for Automatic Road Sign
Identification and Tracking
Elisabet Pe´rez and Bahram Javidi
15. Development of Pattern Recognition Tools Based on
the Automatic Spatial Frequency Selection Algorithm in
View of Actual Applications
Christophe Minetti and Frank Dubois
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