How It Works Book of Great Inventors & Their Creations

How It Works Book of Great Inventors & Their Creations
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How It Works Book of Great Inventors & Their Creations
This book celebrates some of history’s greatest minds, whose intelligence and perseverance has helped shape the modern world.
They are by no means the only great inventors in history, but within these pages you’ll meet some of the most iconic figures in the history of technology.
Among many others, you will encounter brilliant mathematicians Archimedes of Syracuse and Charles Babbage, celebrated scientists Michael Faraday and Alfred Nobel, and photography pioneers Nicephore Niépce and George Eastman.
How It Works Book of Great Inventors & Their Creations will offer an insight into the careers of these geniuses through amazing articles, informative diagrams and handwritten notes.
So, turn the page and witness the innovative spirit and insatiable drive possessed by the men and women who conceived of some of the world’s most influential inventions.
Discover the individuals behind many
of the world’s greatest inventions
8 10 inventions that
changed the world
From the printing press to the Internet,
some of the most innovative inventions
20 Archimedes
Look into the life works of the
physicist and mathematician
24 al-Jazar
The inventor of the elephant clock and
the writer of how to construct devices
28 Johannes Gutenberg
Discover the inventor of the printing
press, a life-changing technology
32 Leonardo da Vinci
From the screw maker to his military
inventions, explore his life’s work
38 Hans Lipperhey
Learn how Lipperhey took the first
steps towards discovering the stars
42 Cornelius Drebbel
Read about how Drebbel submerged
the human race underwater
46 Benjamin Franklin
Light up your knowledge on Franklin’s
work on optics and much more
50 James Watt
How James Watt was a driving force
behind the Industrial Revolution
56 Nicéphore Niépce
Explore how the everyday occurrence
of taking a photo was invented
60 Richard Trevithick
Read up on how English engineer
Trevithick invented locomotives
64 Michael Faraday
Understand the process undertaken to
get electricity into our homes
72 Charles Babbage
Learn about the man who invented the
first ever computer device
78 Joseph Lister
Discover the man who introduced
antiseptics into surgical procedures
82 Alfred Nobel
The inventor of dynamite and the man
who lends his name to the Nobel Prize
86 Karl Benz
Read about the person responsible for
the first automobile in production
92 Thomas Edison
From the phonograph to the lightbulb,
discover Edison’s many inventions
98 Alexander
Graham Bell
The inventor of one of the most
life-changing devices: the telephone 
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