High Speed Gears and Gear Boxes

High Speed Gears and Gear Boxes
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25 يونيو 2021
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High Speed Gears and Gear Boxes
Triveni Group
Triveni has always been regarded as a major player in the field of industry.
Beginning with sugar (the relationship now spans over 65 years), the Triveni
umbrella presently accommodates other key areas such as steam, gas and hydel
turbines, oil and gas field services, sugar plant machineries, gears, condensers,
pollution control equipments, couplings, mechanical oil seals and project and
engineering consultancy.
The Group provides the right work environment whereby Triveni’s family
of 4000 personnel are bonded together in their quest for better quality and
higher productivity.
Triveni’s excellence in its line of business naturally calls for an exploration of
the global market. Hence, providing value for money through its reasonably
priced and well-engineered products.
Technology and people. Together they empower Triveni on the road to growth.
High Speed Gear Boxes – Hsg/hdg/htg
High Speed Gear Boxes – Hsg/hdg/htg
High Speed Gear Boxes – Hsg
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