Handbook of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

Handbook of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
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Robert Doering, Yoshio Nishi
3 أغسطس 2019
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Handbook of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
Second Edition
Edited by
Robert Doering, Yoshio Nishi
1 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices John R. Hauser . 1-1
2 Overview of Interconnect—Copper and Low-K Integration Girish A. Dixit and
Robert H. Havemann 2-1
3 Silicon Materials Wen Lin and Howard Huff . 3-1
4 SOI Materials and Devices Sorin Cristoloveanu and George K. Celler . 4-1
5 Surface Preparation Glenn W. Gale, Brian K. Kirkpatrick, and Frederick W. Kern, Jr . 5-1
6 Supercritical Carbon Dioxide in Semiconductor Cleaning Mohammed J. Meziani,
Pankaj Pathak, and Ya-Ping Sun . 6-1
7 Ion Implantation Michael Ameen, Ivan Berry, Walter Class, Hans-Joachim Gossmann,
and Leonard Rubin 7-1
8 Dopant Diffusion Sanjay Banerjee . 8-1
9 Oxidation and Gate Dielectrics C. Rinn Cleavelin, Luigi Colombo,
Hiro Niimi, Sylvia Pas, and Eric M. Vogel 9-1
10 Silicides Christian Lavoie, Francois M. d’Heurle and Shi-Li Zhang . 10-1
11 Rapid Thermal Processing P.J. Timans . 11-1
12 Low-K Dielectrics Ting Y. Tsui and Andrew J. McKerrow . 12-1
13 Chemical Vapor Deposition Li-Qun Xia and Mei Chang . 13-1
14 Atomic Layer Deposition Thomas E. Seidel . 14-1
15 Physical Vapor Deposition Stephen M. Rossnagel . 15-1
16 Damascene Copper Electroplating Jonathan Reid 16-117 Chemical–Mechanical Polishing Gregory B. Shinn, Vincent Korthuis,
Gautum Grover, Simon Fang, and Duane S. Boning 17-1
18 Optical Lithography Gene E. Fuller . 18-1
19 Photoresist Materials and Processing Ce´sar M. Garza, Will Conley, and Jeff Byers 19-1
20 Photomask Fabrication Syed A. Rizvi and Sylvia Pas 20-1
21 Plasma Etch Peter L.G. Ventzek, Shahid Rauf, and Terry Sparks . 21-1
22 Equipment Reliability Vallabh H. Dhudshia . 22-1
23 Overview of Process Control Stephanie Watts Butler 23-1
24 In-Line Metrology Alain C. Diebold . 24-1
25 In-Situ Metrology Gabriel G. Barna and Brad VanEck . 25-1
26 Yield Modeling Ron Ross and Nick Atchison . 26-1
27 Yield Management Louis Breaux and Sean Collins . 27-1
28 Electrical, Physical, and Chemical Characterization Dieter K. Schroder,
Bruno W. Schueler, Thomas Shaffner, and Greg S. Strossman 28-1
29 Failure Analysis Lawrence C. Wagner 29-1
30 Reliability Physics and Engineering J.W. McPherson and E.T. Ogawa . 30-1
31 Effects of Terrestrial Radiation on Integrated Circuits Robert Baumann 31-1
32 Integrated-Circuit Packaging Michael Lamson, Andreas Cangellaris,
and Erdogan Madenci . 32-1
33 300 mm Wafer Fab Logistics and Automated Material
Handling Systems Leonard Foster and Devadas Pillai 33-1
34 Factory Modeling Samuel C. Wood 34-1
35 Economics of Semiconductor Manufacturing G. Dan Hutcheson . 35-1Appendix A: Physical Constants A-1
Appendix B: Units Conversion B-1
Appendix C: Standards Commonly Used in Semiconductor Manufacturing . C-1
Appendix D: Acronyms D-1
Index .
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