Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing

Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing
اسم المؤلف
Y. H. Hui
1 يونيو 2019
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Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing
Principles, Bakery, Beverages, Cereals, Cheese, Confectionary, Fats, Fruits, and Functional Foods
Edited by
Y. H. Hui
Senior Scientist, Science Technology System, West Sacramento, California
Associate Editors
R.c. Chandan, S. Clark, N. Cross, J. Dobbs, W.j. Hurst, L.m.l. Nollet, E. Shimoni, N. Sinha, E.b. Smith, S. Surapat, a. Titchenal, and F. Toldra
Principles, Bakery, Beverages, Cereals,
Cheese, Confectionary, Fats, Fruits,
And Functional Foods
Preface Ix
Contributors List Xiii
Part a: Food Manufacturing: Background 1
Section I: Principles and Establishments Classification 3
1. Fundamentals of Food Manufacturing 5
Wai-kit Nip
2. Fermented Products and Their Manufacture 45
Wai-kit Nip
3. Food Manufacturing in the United States: Standard
Industrial Classification 85
Y.h. Hui
Section Ii: Flavors: Food Processing, Product Developments,
And Recent Advances 117
4. Food Flavorings: Principles of Applications 119
Taiwo O. Omobuwajo
V5. Product Development 131
Taiwo O. Omobuwajo
6. Extraction Modes 147
Marisa F. Mendes, Fernando L.p. Pessoa, S? ´lvio a.b. Vieira De Melo, and
Eduardo M. Queiroz
7. Distillation and Drying 157
Fernando L.p. Pessoa, Marisa F. Mendes, Eduardo M. Queiroz,
S? ´lvio a.b. Vieira De Melo, and David Lee Nelson
8. Genetic Engineering 169
Gla´ucia Maria Pastore and Gabriela Alves Macedo
9. Flavor Compounds Produced by Fungi, Yeasts, and Bacteria 179
Carlos R. Soccol, Adriane B.p. Medeiros, Luciana P.s. Vandenberghe, and
Adenise L. Woiciechowski
10. Flavor Production by Solid and Liquid Fermentation 193
Carlos R. Soccol, Adriane B.p. Medeiros, Luciana P.s. Vandenberghe, and
Adenise L. Woiciechowski
11. Herbs, Spices, and Essential Oils 205
Alain Darriet
Section Iii: Food Sanitation and Establishment Inspection 221
12. Fda Gmps, Haccp, and the Food Code 223
Nanna Cross
13. Food Establishment Inspection 245
Y.h. Hui
Part B: Food Products Manufacturing 257
Section Iv: Bakery Products 259
14. Manufacturing of Bread and Bakery Products 261
Weibiao Zhou and Nantawan Therdthai
15. Muffins and Bagels 279
Nanna Cross
16. Fundamentals of Cakes: Ingredients and Production 307
Frank D. Conforti
17. Traditional Italian Products From Wheat and Other Starchy Flours 327
M. Ambrogina Pagani, Mara Lucisano, and Manuela Mariotti
18. Flavor Migration in Solid Food Matrices 389
Yi-chung Fu
Vi Contentssection V: Beverages 417
19. Carbonated Beverages 419
Daniel W. Bena
20. The Beer Brewing Process: Wort Production and Beer Fermentation 443
Ronnie Willaert
21. Manufacture of Whisky 507
Takefumi Yoneya
Section Vi: Cereals: Rice and Noodles 521
22. Rice-based Products 523
C.m. Rosell and C. Collar
23. Asian (Oriental) Noodles and Their Manufacture 539
Wai-kit Nip
Section Vii: Cheeses 565
24. Cheddar and Related Hard Cheeses 567
Stephanie Clark and Shantanu Agarwal
25. Pasteurized Process and Related Cheeses 595
Stephanie Clark and Shantanu Agarwal
26. Cottage Cheese 617
Stephanie Clark and David E. Potter
27. Cheese Varieties Made by Direct Acidification of Hot Milk 635
Ramesh C. Chandan
28. Cream Cheese as an Acidified Protein-stabilized Emulsion Gel 651
Arjen Bot, Frank a.m. Kleinherenbrink, Michel Mellema, and
Christel K. Magnani
Section Viii: Confectionery 673
29. Chocolate and Cocoa 675
Randall Hofberger and Nina Ann Tanabe
30. Confectionery: Inspection and Enforcement 695
Y.h. Hui
Section Ix: Fats and Oils 703
31. Margarine and Dairy Spreads: Processing and Technology 705
Pernille Gerstenberg Kirkeby
Contents Vii32. Cream Products 725
David W. Everett
33. Influence of Processing on Virgin Olive Oil Quality 751
Maria Roca, Beatriz Gandul-rojas, and M. Isabel M? ´nguez-mosquera
Section X: Fruits and Fruit Juices 771
34. Apple: Production, Chemistry, and Processing 773
Nirmal K. Sinha
35. Strawberries and Blueberries: Phytonutrients and Products 793
Nirmal K. Sinha
36. Major Tropical Fruits and Products: Banana, Mango, and Pineapple 815
Lillian G. Po
37. Fruit Juices 847
Terri D. Boylston
38. Dried Banana 867
Raquel Pinho Ferreira Guine´ and Maria Joa?o Barroca Dias
39. Fresh-cut Fruits 879
Olga Mart? ´n-belloso, Robert Soliva-fortuny, and Gemma Oms-oliu
Section Xi: Functional Foods 901
40. Functional Foods and Ingredients 903
Chung-ja C. Jackson and Gopinadhan Paliyath
41. Functional Foods: International Considerations 939
Kelley Fitzpatrick
42. Functional Foods Based on Dairy Ingredients 957
Ramesh C. Chandan and N.p. Shah
43. Functional Properties of Milk Constituents 971
Ramesh C. Chandan
44. Functional Foods Based on Meat Products 989
Francisco Jime´nez-comenero
45. Gluten-free Cereal Products as a Functional Food 1017
Elke K. Arendt and Michelle M. Moore
Volume 1 Index 1037
Volume 1 Contents 1065
Volume 2 Contents 1069
Cumulative Index 1073
Viii Contentscontents
Health, Meat, Milk, Poultry,
Seafood, and Vegetables
Preface Ix
Contributors Xiii
Part B: Food Products Manufacturing (Continued) 1
Section Xii: Health Ingredients and Health Products Development
For Preventing or Treating Human Diseases 3
46. Bioactive Peptides From Food Proteins 5
Hannu Korhonen and Anne Pihlanto
47. Lipid-soluble Vitamins: Nutritional and Functional Aspects 39
Antonio Pe´rez-ga´lvez and Mar? ´a Isabel M? ´nguez-mosquera
48. Phytochemicals in Mediterranean Diet: the Interaction
Between Tomato and Olive Oil Bioactive Compounds 55
Rita Pernice, Paola Vitaglione, Raffaele Sacchi, and Vincenzo Fogliano
49. Functional Microbes: Technology for Health Foods 67
Maria Saarela and Tiina Mattila-sandholm
50. Enterococci and Dairy Products 85
Giorgio Giraffa
51. Fermented Milk: Health Benefits Beyond Probiotic Effect 99
Todor Vasiljevic and Nagendra P. Shah
V52. Application of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals in Allergic
Disorders: Principles and Potential 117
Venu Gangur
53. Functional Foods, Herbs, and Aging 135
Carlos Kusano Bucalen Ferrari
54. Functional Foods and Gastrointestinal Disorders 153
Jude Ryan, Shomik Sibartie, Liam O’mahony, and Fergus Shanahan
55. Herbs in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus With an
Emphasis on Ginseng 175
Vladimir Vuksan and John L. Sievenpiper
56. Functional Foods and Minerals: Calcium 201
John J.b. Anderson
Section Xiii: Meat and Meat Products 215
57. Thermal Processing 217
Isabel Guerrero Legarreta
58. Ham 233
Fidel Toldra´
59. Sausages 251
Fidel Toldra´ and Milagro Reig
60. Fermented Meat Production 265
Fidel Toldra´
61. Processed Pork Meat Flavors 281
Fidel Toldra´ and Mo´nica Flores
62. Sensory Quality of Meat Products 303
Fidel Toldra´ and Mo´nica Flores
Section Xiv: Milk and Milk Products 329
63. Processing Quality Fluid Milk Products 331
James V. Chambers and Somjit Surapat
64. Milk Composition, Physical and Processing Characteristics 347
Ramesh C. Chandan
65. Genetics and Milk Production 379
Stephanie Clark and Michael J. Costello
66. Flavored Milks 403
Kayanush J. Aryana
67. Fermented Milks Popular in Europe and North America 411
A.y. Tamime and R.k. Robinson
Vi Contents68. Fermented Milk in Asia 431
Sardar Iftekharudin Ahmed and Jutatip Wangsai
69. Goat Milk, Its Products and Nutrition 449
Young W. Park and George F.w. Haenlein
70. Bioactive Peptides in Dairy Products 489
Marco Gobbetti, Fabio Minervini, and Carlo Giuseppe Rizzello
71. Science and Technology of Sour Cream 519
Wilfried Rieder
72. Dairy Protein Hydrolysates 537
Ifendu a. Nnanna and Chao Wu
73. The Manufacture and Applications of Casein-derived
Ingredients 557
John E. O’connell and Cal Flynn
74. Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts 593
Arun Kilara and Ramesh C. Chandan
75. Frozen Novelties 635
Jonathan Hopkinson
76. Yogurt 647
Lisa Pannell and Tonya C. Schoenfuss
77. Infant Formulas 677
G. Boehm, C. Beermann, G. Georgi, and B. Stahl
78. Biochemical Processes in the Production of Flavor in Milk
And Milk Products 715
Tanoj K. Singh, Keith R. Cadwallader, and Maryanne Drake
Section Xv: Poultry Products 749
79. Poultry Marination 751
Edith Ponce-alquicira
80. Poultry Sausages 773
Alfonso Totosaus and M. Lourdes Pe´rez-chabela
81. Flavor of Fresh and Frozen Poultry 781
Edith Ponce-alquicira
82. Edible Packaging for Poultry and Poultry Products 795
Baciliza Quintero-salazar and Edith Ponce-alquicira
Section Xvi: Seafood 815
83. Frozen Seafood Products Description 817
Nanna Cross
Contents Vii84. Processing Frozen Seafoods 855
Shann-tzong Jiang and Tung-ching Lee
85. Shellfish Freezing 893
Athapol Noomhorm, Mukku Shrinivas Rao, and Punchira Vongsawasdi
86. Processing Formulated Fish and Fish Products 915
Jamilah Bakar
87. Flavorants From Seafood Byproducts 931
Rosa Jonsdottir, Gudrun Olafsdottir, Sigur?ur Hauksson, and
Jon Magnus Einarsson
88. Seafood Processing: Basic Sanitation Practices 947
Nanna Cross
89. Sustainable Intensive Aquaculture 969
C.g. Carter
Section Xvii: Vegetable Products 983
90. Frozen Vegetables and Product Descriptions 985
Nanna Cross
91. Frozen Avocados 997
Rosa Mar? ´a Galicia-cabrera
92. Frozen French Fried Potatoes and Quality Assurance 1013
Nanna Cross
93. Paprika Production: Current Processing Techniques and
Emerging Technologies 1031
Mar? ´a Isabel M? ´nguez-mosquera, Manuel Jare´n-gala´n,
Da´maso Hornero-me´ndez, and Antonio Pe´rez-ga´lvez
94. Pickles Manufacturing in the United States:
Quality Assurance and Establishment Inspection 1045
Nanna Cross
95. Soymilk and Tofu Manufacturing 1063
Sam K.c. Chang
96. Tomato Processing 1091
Rosa Mar? ´a Galicia-cabrera
97. Dried Tomato 1109
Raquel Pinho Ferreira Guine´ and Maria Joa?o Barroca Dias
Volume 2 Index 1123
Volume 1 Contents 1155
Volume 2 Contents 1159
Cumulative Index 1163 
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