Gravity Die Casting Process Die Design and Process Optimisation

Gravity Die Casting Process Die Design and Process Optimisation
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Dr.S.Shamasundar, Dr. Janagan
25 مارس 2019

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Gravity Die Casting Process Die Design and Process Optimisation
Dr.S.Shamasundar, V.Gopalakrishna, Manjunatha, Badrinath
ProSIM- AFTC, 326, III Stage IV Block, Basaveshwara Nagar,
Bangalore 560079
Dr. Janagan,
Ennore Foundries Limited, Chennai
The design of dies, gating and risering system in gravity die casting or
permanent mould casting by conventional approach is a difficult process
and time consuming. Gravity die casting used for non-ferrous casting
applications is increasingly used in the foundries today as an economically
viable casting process. The conventional trial and error based die design
and process development is expensive and time consuming. Such a
procedure also might lead to higher rejections and lower casting yield.
Further any changes and modifications to be incorporated to the die
design, involves metal cutting and reshaping. Computer simulation
procedure based process development and die design can be used for
rapid process development and die design in a shorter time. Such a
computer simulation based procedure, often using state of the art FINITE
ELEMENT ANALYSIS based software systems, can improve the quality
and enhance productivity of the enterprise by way of faster development of
new product. FEM based simulation software systems help the designer
to visualize the metal flow in the die cavity, the temperature variations, the
solidification progress, and the evolution of defects such as shrinkage
porosities, cold shuts, hot tears and so on.Authors have applied FEM simulation to design and develop a variety of
Aluminium gravity die casting processes. The components include a gear
casing and a manifold. In this process different options of gating design
studied by FEM simulation, and the resultant patterns of solidification are
ProCAST® a FEM simulation based virtual casting environment for analysis
of casting process is used as a tool for die design and process
In gravity die casting of Aluminium parts, computer simulation can be a
useful tool for rapid process development. Limitation of the conventional
die design and gating design has been elaborated. Advantages of
computer simulation based design enumerated. The procedures thus
described have been demonstrated with two case studies of application of
ProCAST simulation at Ennore Foundries. It is demonstrated that the
foundries can derive mileage by resorting to FEM simulations of the
casting process for process development and optimization.
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