Grammar for Academic Writing

Grammar for Academic Writing
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Tony Lynch and Kenneth Anderson
23 يوليو 2022
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Grammar for Academic Writing
Tony Lynch and Kenneth Anderson
(revised & updated by Anthony Elloway)
Punctuation 1
Grammatical construction of the sentence 2
Types of clause 3
Grammar: rules and resources 4
Ways of packaging information in sentences 5
Linking markers 6
Relative clauses 8
Paragraphing 9
Extended Writing Task (Task 1.13 or 1.14) 11
Study Notes on Unit 12
Unit 2 INFORMATION SEQUENCE: Describing 16
Ordering the information 16
Describing a system 20
Describing procedures 21
A general procedure 22
Describing causal relationships 22
Extended Writing Task (Task 2.7 or 2.8 or 2.9 or 2.11) 24
Study Notes on Unit 25
Unit 3 INDIRECTNESS: Making requests 27
Written requests 28
Would 30
The language of requests 33
Expressing a problem 34
Extended Writing Task (Task 3.11 or 3.12) 35
Study Notes on Unit 36
Unit 4 THE FUTURE: Predicting and proposing 40
Verb forms 40
Will and Going to in speech and writing 43
Verbs of intention 44
Non-verb forms 45
Extended Writing Task (Task 4.10 or 4.11) 46
Unit 5 THE PAST: Reporting 49
Past versus Present 50
Past versus Present Perfect 51
Past versus Past Perfect 54
Reported speech 56
Extended Writing Task (Task 5.11 or 5.12) 59
Study Notes on Unit 60
Unit 6 BEING CONCISE: Using nouns and adverbs 64
Packaging ideas: clauses and noun phrases 65
Compressing noun phrases 68
‘Summarising’ nouns 71
Extended Writing Task (Task 6.13) 73
Study Notes on Unit 74
Unit 7 SPECULATING: Conditionals and modals 77
Drawing conclusions 77
Modal verbs 78
Would 79
Alternative conditionals 80
Speculating about the past 81
Would have 83
Making recommendations 84
Extended Writing Task (Task 7.13) 86
Study Notes on Unit 87
E/K = contains exercises and a key.
Exploring Grammar in Writing — upper-intermediate and advanced (R. Hughes; Cambridge
University Press)
Like Grammar for Academic Writing, this book aims to develop your understanding of how genre,
context and purpose affect grammatical choices in writing. E/K
English Grammar in Use (R. Murphy; Cambridge University Press)
The best-selling book on British grammar. It presents grammatical rules (and exceptions) simply
and clearly, and provides plenty of sentence-level exercises. However, it provides rather limited
help for students needing to write academic assignments. E/K
Advanced Grammar in Use (M. Hewings; Cambridge University Press).
In the same series as Murphy’s book. More relevant to university-level writing. E/K
Academic Vocabulary in Use (M. McCarthy and F. O’Dell; Cambridge University Press)
A guide to the key academic vocabulary used in all fields. E/K
Grammar Troublespots (A. Raimes; Cambridge University Press)
Very practical guidance on points to notice when editing your own academic writing. E/K
How English Works (M. Swan and C. Walter; Oxford University Press)
Intended ‘to make grammar practice interesting’. As well as covering the usual areas, it comments
on differences between spoken and written grammar where necessary. Also includes a useful test
to show you which grammatical areas you need to concentrate on. E/K
Oxford Guide to English Grammar (J. Eastwood; Oxford University Press)
A very thorough grammar reference book with clear explanations (there is a good section on
articles and related points, for example), but no exercises. A companion volume, Oxford Practice
Grammar, by the same author, has exercises but less complete explanations.
Cambridge Grammar of English (R. Carter and M. McCarthy; Cambridge University Press)
‘The ultimate guide to English as it is really used’, according to the publishers. A large, very
comprehensive reference grammar, for both spoken and written usage, based on recent research.
Web resources
Links to a number of useful grammar websites can be found in the website Using English for
Academic Purposes, maintained by Andy Gillett (from the UEfAP home page, select
Links, then Language)

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