Geometric Design Tolerancing Theories, Standards and Applications

Geometric Design Tolerancing Theories, Standards and Applications
اسم المؤلف
Hoda A. EIMaraghy, Ph.D., P.Eng.
6 نوفمبر 2017

Geometric Design Tolerancing Theories, Standards and Applications
Edited by
Hoda A. EIMaraghy, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Professor, Faculty of Engineering
University of Windsor, Canada
Hoda A. ElMaraghy
View Points on Future Directions in CAT Research
Herbert Voelcker, Leonard Farmer and Roland Weill
Modeling Representation and Processing of Tolerances,Tolerance Inspection:
A Survey of Current Hypothesis
Luc Mathieu, Andre Clement and Pierre Bourdet
PART I Tolerance Theory and Standards 35
1 International Standards for Design Tolerancing Review and Future Perspective 37
Per Bennich
2 Research In Statistical Tolerancing: Examples of Intrinsic Non-Normalities
and their effects 52
Peter R. Braun, Edward P. Morse and Herbert B. Voelker
3 Composing Distribution Function Zones for Statistical Tolerance Analysis
Michael A. 0 ‘Connor and Vijay Srinivasan
4 ISO Deliberates Statistical Tolerancing
Vijay Srinivasan
5 Relations Between ISO 1101 and Geometric Tolerances and Vectorial
Tolerances – Conversion Problems
Zbigniew Humienny, S. Bialas and K. Kiszka
6 The Tools & Rules for Computer Automated Datum Reference
Frame Construction
William Tandler
PART II Tolerance Representation in CAD
7 Remarks on the Essential Element of Tolerancing Schemes –
Short Communication
Herbert B. Voelcker
8 The TTRS: 13 Constraints for Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Andre Clement, Alain Riviere, Philippe Serre and Catherine Valade
9 Variational Method for Assessment of Toleranced Features
Vladimir T. Portman, Roland D. Weill and Victoria Shuster
10 The Application of FAST Diagrams to Dimensioning and
Tolerancing 147
Leonard E. Farmer
11 Identifying and Quantifying Functional Element Dispersions
During Functional Analysis 157
Luc Laperriere
12 Three Dimensional Functional Tolerancing with Proportioned Assemblies
Clearance Volume (U.P.E.L.: Unions Ponderees d’Espaces de Liberte):
application to setup planning 171
Denis Teissandier; lVes Couetard & Alain Gerard
PART ill Modeling of Geometric Errors 183
13 Determination of Part Position Uncertainty Within Mechanical
Assembly Using Screw Parameters 185
Alain Desrochers and Olivier Delbart
14 A Computation Method for the Consequences of Geometric Errors
in Mechanisms I 97
Eric Ballot and Pierre Bourdet
15 A Unified Model for Variation Simulation of Sheet Metal Assemblies 208
Yufeng Joshua Long and S. Jack Hu
16 Practical Applications for Intersections of Mechanical Primitives for
Geometric Tolerancing 220
S. Valluri, Waguih H. ElMaraghy and Mohammed A.E. Gadalla
17 Functional Dimensioning and Toierancing of Manufactured Parts
for Fluid Leakage Control 232
Chuck Zhang, David Zhang and Ben Wang
18 Geometric Tolerancing for Assembly with Maximum Material Parts 242
Dean M. Robinson
19 More on the Effects of Non-Normal Statistics in Geometric Tolerancing –
Short Communication 254
Edward P. Morse
PART IV Tolerance Analysis and Synthesis 263
20 A New Algorithm for Combinatorial Optimization: Application to Tolerance
Synthesis with Optimum Process Selection 265
Mohamed H. Gadallah and Hoda A. EIMaraghy
21 Automated Cost Modeling for Tolerance Synthesis Using Manufacturing
Process Data, Knowledge Reasoning and Optimization 282
Zuomin Dong and Gary G. Wang
22 A Comprehensive System for Computer Aided Tolerance Analysis of
2-D and 3-D Mechanical Assemblies 294
Kenneth W. Chase, Spencer P. Magleby and Charles G. GlancyContents
23 Parametric Kinematic Tolerance Analysis of Planar Pairs
with Multiple Contracts
Elisha Sacks and Leo Joskowicz
24 Advanced Methodology and Software for Tolerancing and
Stochastic Optimization
Jean M. Parks and Chung Li
25 Towards a Designed Experiments Approach to Tolerance Design
Richard J. Gerth and Ziau Islam
PART V Evaluation of Geometric Deviations
26 An Iterative Approach to Profile Evaluation Using Interpolation
of Measured Positions and Surface Normals
Robert Edgeworth and Robert G. Wilhelm
27 Virtual Gage with Internal Mobilities for the Verification of
Functional Specifications
Luc Mathieu and Alex Ballu
28 On the Accurate Evaluation of Geometric Deviations from CMM Data
Ashrafo. Nasset. Anis Limaiem and Hoda A. EIMaraghy
29 Tolerancing of Free Form Surfaces
Mohamed A.E. Gadalla and Waguih H. EIMaraghy
30 Minimum Zone Evaluation of Cylindricity Using Non-Linear
Optimization Method
Elsayed A. Orady, Songnian Li and Yubao Chen
PART VI Industrial Applications and CAT Systems
31 Geometrical Evaluation Models in Sheet Metal Forming:
A Classification Method for Shape Errors of Free-Form Surfaces
Kiwamu Kase, Norio Matsuki, Hiromasa Suzuki, Fumihiko Kimura and
Akitake Makinouchi
32 Tolerancing Problems for Aircraft Industries
Benoit Marguet and Luc Mathieu
33 Teaching Tolerances: A Comparison Between The Conventional and
Reverse Engineering Approaches
Joseph Pegna, Clement Fortin and Rene Mayer
34 Current Status of CAT Systems
O. W. Salomons, Fred J.A.M. van Houten and Hubert J.J. Kals
35 Tolerance Analysis Using VSA-3D for Engine Applications
Donald M. Wisniewski and Praveen Gomer
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