Elements of Machine Design

Elements of Machine Design
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O. A. Leutwiler, M. E.
13 ديسمبر 2019

Elements of Machine Design
O. A. Leutwiler, M. E.
Professor of Machine Design, University of Illinois
Member of the American Society of
Mechanical Engineers
First Edition
Chapter I
Stresses and Strains in Machine Parts 1
Forces Principles Governing Design Stress and Strain Stressstrain Diagram Modulus of Elasticity Poisson’s Ratio Resilience Tensile Stress Compressive Stress Shearing Stress
Stresses Due to Flexure Flexure Combined With Direct Stress
Straight Prismatic Bar Offset Connecting Link Stresses in Columns Shearing Combined With Tension or Compression Stresses
Due to Suddenly Applied Forces Repeated High Stresses
Repeated Low Stresses Safe Endurance Stress Deformation Due
To Temperature Change Stresses Due to Temperature Change
Factor of Safety References.
Chapter Ii
Materials Used in the Construction of Machine Parts 26
Cast Iron Vanadium Cast Iron Pig Iron Malleable Casting
Chilled Casting Semi-steel Wrought Iron Manufacturing
Processes Manganese-steel Castings Applications of Manganese-steel Castings Bessemer Process Open-hearth Process
Cementation Process Crucible Steel Cold-rolled Steel Nickel
Steel Chrome Steel Vanadium Steel Nickel-chromium Steel
Chromium-vanadium Steel Silicon-manganese Steel Tungsten
Steel Brass Bronze Monel Metal Aluminum Babbitt Metal
Heat-treating Processes S. A. E. Heat Treatments Galvanizing
Chapter Iii
Fastenings Rivets and Riveted Joints 48
Rivets Rivet Holes Forms of Rivets Forms of Heads
Types of Joints Failure of Joints Definitions Analysis of a
Boiler Joint Efficiency of the Joint Allowable Stresses Minimum Plate Thickness Design of a Boiler Joint Rivet Spacing in
Structural Joints Types of Structural Joints Single Angle and
Plate End Connections for Beams Double Angle and Plate
Splice Joint Pin Plates Diagonal Boiler Brace References.
Chapter Iv
Fastenings Bolts, Nuts, and Screws 76
Forms of Threads Bolts Screws Stay Bolts Nut Lockswashers
Efficiency of V Threads Stresses Due to Screwing Up
Stresses Due to the External Forces Stresses Due to Combined
Loads Fastening With Eccentric Loading Common Bearing
Efficiency of Square Threads Stresses in Power Screws.
Viiviii Contents
Chapter V
Fastenings Keys, Cotters, and Pins 110
Sunk Keys Keys on Flats Friction Keys the Strength of Keys
Friction of Feather Keys Gib-head Keys Key Dimensions
Integral Shaft Splines Analysis of a Cotter Joint Taper Pins
Rod and Yoke Ends References.
Chapter Vi
Cylinders Plates and Springs 129
Thin Cylinders Thick Cylinders Rectangular Plates Square
Plates Circular Plates Flat Heads of Cylinders Elliptical
Plates Helical Springs Concentric Helical Springs Helical
Springs for Torsion Spiral Springs Conical Springs Leaf
Springs Semi-elliptic Springs Materials for Springs References.
Chapter Vii
Belting and Pulleys 147
Leather Belting Rubber Belting Textile Belting Steel Belting
Belt Fastenings Tensions in Belts Relation Between Tight and
Loose Tensions Coefficient of Friction Maximum Allowable
Tension Selection of Belt Size Taylor’s Experiments on Belting
Tandem-belt Transmission Tension Pulleys Types of Pulleys
Transmitting Capacity of Pulleys Proportions of Pulleys
Tight and Loose Pulleys Types of V Belts Force Analysis of V
Belting References.
Chapter Viii
Manila Rope Transmission 17
Manila Hoisting Rope Sheave Diameters Stresses in Hoisting
Rope Analysis of Hoisting Tackle Experimental Data on
Hoisting Tackle Multiple System Continuous System Manila
Transmission Rope Sheaves Relation Between Tight and Loose
Tensions Force Analysis of a Manila Rope Transmission Sheave
Pressures Sag of Rope Efficiency of Manila Rope Drives
Selection of Rope Cotton Rope Transmission References.
Chapter Ix
Wire Rope Transmission 195
Relation Between Load and Effort Stresses Due to Starting and
Stopping Stresses Due to Bending Stresses Due to Slack
Selection of Rope Hoisting Tackle Hoisting Sheaves and Drums
Design of Crane Drums Conical Drums Flat Wire Ropes
Single Loop System Wire Transmission Rope Transmission
Sheaves Stresses in Wire Rope Sag of Wire Rope References.contents Ix
Chapter X
Chains and Sprockets 216
Coil Chain Stud-link Chain Chain Drums and Anchors Chain
Sheaves Relation Between P and Q Analysis of a Chain Block
Detachable Chain Strength of Detachable Chain Closed-joint
Chain Strength of Closed-joint Chain Sprockets for Detachable
Chain Relation Between Driving and Driven Sprockets Tooth
Form Rim, Tooth, and Arm Proportions Block Chains
Sprockets for Block Chains Selection of Block Chains Roller
Chains Sprockets for Roller Chains Length of Roller Chain
Silent Chains Coventry Chain Whitney Chain Link Belt
Chain Morse Chain Strength of Silent Chain Sprockets for
Silent Chain Spring-cushioned Sprockets References.
Chapter Xi
Friction Gearing 259
Experimental Results Plain Spur Frictions Applications of Spur
Frictions Analysis of a Drop Hammer Grooved Spur Frictions
Starting Conditions of Bevel Frictions Running Conditions
Force Analysis of Crown Frictions Bearing Pressures Due to
Crown Frictions Friction Spindle Press Curve Described by the
Flywheel Pressure Developed by a Friction Spindle Press
Double Crown Frictions Efficiency of Crown Friction Gearing
Thrust Bearing for Friction Gearing Starting Loads References.
Chapter Xii
Spur Gearing 280
Definitions Tooth Curves Methods of Manufacture Involute
System Laying Out the Involute Tooth Standard Involute
Cutters Action of Involute Teeth Cycloidal System Form of
The Cycloidal Tooth Laying Out the Cycloidal Tooth Standard
Cycloidal Cutters Action of Cycloidal Teeth Strength of Cast
Teeth Strength of Cut Teeth Materials and Safe Working
Stresses Rawhide Gears Fabroil Gears Bakelite Micarta-d
Gears Large Gears Gear Wheel Proportions Methods of
Strengthening Gear Teeth Special Gears Efficiency of Spur
Gearing References.
Chapter Xiii
Bevel Gearing 322
Methods of Manufacture Form of Teeth Definitions Acuteangle Bevel Gears Obtuse-angle Bevel Gears Right-angle Bevel
Gears General Assumptions Regarding the Strength of Bevel
Gears Strength of Cast. Teeth Strength of Cut Teeth Method
Of Procedure in Problems Resultant Tooth Pressure Bearingx Contents
Pressures and Thrusts Gear Wheel Proportions Non-metallic
Bevel Gears Mounting Bevel Gears Spiral Bevel Gears
Advantages and Disadvantages of Spiral Bevel Gears Bearing
Loads and Thrusts Due to Spiral Bevel Gears Experimental
Results Skew Bevel Gears References.
Chapter Xiv
Screw Gearing 350
Types of Helical Gears Advantages of Double-helical Gears
Applications of Double-helical Gears Tooth Systems Strength of
Double-helical Teeth Materials for Helical Gearing Double-helical Gear Construction Mounting of Double-helical Gears
Circular Herringbone Gears Straight Worm Gearing Hindley Worm Gearing Materials for Worm Gearing Tooth Forms
Load Capacity Strength of Worm Gear Teeth Force Analysis
Of Worm
Gearing Bearing Pressures Worm and Gear Construction Sellers Worm and Rack Worm Gear
Mounting. Tandem
Worm Gears
Experimental Results on Worm Gearing
Chapter Xv
Couplings 383
Flange Coupling Marine Type of Flange Coupling Compression
Coupling Roller Coupling Oldham’s Coupling Universal Joint
Leather-link Coupling Leather-laced Coupling Francke Coupling Nuttall Coupling Clark Coupling Kerr Coupling Rolling
Mill Coupling Positive Clutch Analysis of Jaw Clutches
Chapter Xvi
Friction Clutches 405
Requirements of a Friction Clutch Materials for Contact Surfaces Classification of Friction Clutches Single-cone Clutch
Double-cone Clutch Force Analysis of a Single-cone Clutch a
Study of Cone Clutches Experimental Investigations of a Cone
Clutch Analysis of a Double-cone Clutch Smoothness of
Engagement of Cone Clutches Clutch Brakes Single-disc
Clutch Hydraulically Operated Disc Clutch Slip Coupling
Multiple-disc Clutches Force Analysis of a Disc Clutch a Study
Of Disc Clutches Hele-shaw Clutch Ideal Multi-cone Clutchmoore and White Clutch Transmission Block Clutches Analysis
Of Block Clutches Machine-tool
Split-ring Clutches Analysis of
A Split-ring Clutch Study of Split-ring Clutches Types of Band
Clutches Analysis of a Band Clutch Horton Clutch Requirements of an Engaging Mechanism Analysis of Engaging Mechanisms References.contents Xi
Chapter Xvii
Brakes 462
General Equations Classification Single- and Double-block
Brakes Analysis of Block Brakes Graphical Analysis of a
Double-block Brake Simple Band Brakes Band Brakes for
Rotation in Both Directions Differential Band Brakes Conical
Brakes Disc Brakes Worm-gear Hoist Brakes Crane Disc
Brakes Crane Coil Brakes Cam Brake Force
Analysis of an
Automatic Brake Disposal of Heat References.
Chapter Xviii
Shafting 489
Materials Method of Manufacture Commercial Sizes of Shafting Simple Bending Simple Twisting Combined Twisting and
Bending Method of Application Combined Twisting and Compression Bending Moments Crane Drum Shaft Shaft Supporting Two Normal Loads Between the Bearings Shaft Supporting
Two Normal Loads With One Bearing Between the Loads Shaft
Supporting One Normal and One Inclined Load Between the Bearings Two-bearing Shafts Supporting Three Loads Hollow Shafts
Effect of Key-seats Upon the Strength of Shafts Effect of Keyseats
Upon the Stiffness of Shafts References.
Chapter Xix
Journals, Bearings, and Lubrication 513
Types of Bearings General Considerations Selection of Bearing
Materials Provisions for Lubrication Adjustments for Wear
Adjustments for Alignment Bearing Pressures Relation Between
Length and Diameter Radiating Capacity of Bearings Coefficient of Friction Design Formulas Temperature of Bearings
Strength and Stiffness of Journals Design of Bearing Caps and
Bolts Work Lost Due to the Friction on a Cylindrical Journal
Work Lost Due to the Friction on a Conical Journal Proportions
Of Journal Bearings Solid Bearing With Thrust Washers Collar
Thrust Bearings Step Bearings Work Lost Due to Pivot Friction Work Lost in a Collar Thrust Bearing Analysis of a Flat
Pivot Tower’s Experiments on Thrust Bearings Schiele Pivot
Chapter Xx
Bearings With Rolling Contact 556
Requirements of Rolling Contact Classification Radial Bearings
Having Cylindrical Rollers Radial Bearings Having Conical
Rollers Radial Bearings Having Flexible Rollers Thrust Bearing
Having Cylindrical Rollers Thrust Bearing Having Conical Rollers Xii Contents
Allowable Bearing Pressures and Coefficients of Friction
Roller Bearing Data Mounting of Roller Bearings Forms of
Ball Bearing Raceways Experimental Conclusions of Stribeck
Radial Ball Bearings Thrust Ball Bearings Combined Radial
And Thrust Bearing Allowable Bearing Pressures Coefficient
Of Friction Ball Bearing Data Mounting Ball Bearings
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