Electric Currents in Geospace and Beyond

Electric Currents in Geospace and Beyond
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Andreas Keiling, Octav Marghitu, Michael Wheatland
18 أغسطس 2019
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Electric Currents in Geospace and Beyond
Andreas Keiling, Octav Marghitu, Michael Wheatland
14 Mhs Models of Current Layers in the Solar Atmosphere
Clare E. Parnell 219
15 Large‐scale Current Sheets in Flares and Cmes
Jun Lin and Lei Ni 239
Part Iv: Field‐aligned Currents
16 a Review of Birkeland Current Research Using Ampere
John C. Coxon, Stephen E. Milan, and Brian J. Anderson 259
17 Birkeland Currents at Mercury: Review and Comparison With Earth
Brian J. Anderson, Catherine L. Johnson, Haje Korth, and Lydia C. Philpott .279
18 Recent Advances in the Study of Upward Field‐aligned Currents Generated Near
The Earth’s Magnetopause Boundary
Simon Wing, Jay R. Johnson, and Marius Echim .303
19 the Current System of Dipolarizing Flux Bundles and Their Role as Wedgelets
In the Substorm Current Wedge
Jiang Liu, V. Angelopoulos, Zhonghua Yao, Xiangning Chu, Xu‐zhi Zhou, and a. Runov .323
20 Cusp Current System: an Energy Source View
M. Yamauchi and R. Slapak .339
21 Magnetospheric and Atmospheric Controls of Giant Planet Auroral Currents
L. C. Ray 359
22 the Ambivalent Role of Field‐aligned Electric Currents in the Solar Atmosphere
Manolis K. Georgoulis .371
23 Solar Active Region Electric Currents Before and During Eruptive Flares
B. Schmieder and G. Aulanier .391
Part V: Ionospheric Currents
24 Review of Data Analysis Techniques for Estimating Ionospheric Currents Based
On Miracle and Satellite Observations
H. Vanhamäki and L. Juusola .409
25 Earth’s Ionosphere: Theory and Phenomenology of Cowling Channels
Akimasa Yoshikawa and Ryoichi Fujii 427
26 Ionospheric Currents at Mars and Their Electrodynamic Effects
Matthew Fillingim .445
27 Ionospheric Currents Due to Ionosphere‐magnetosphere Coupling at Jupiter and Saturn
G. J. Hunt, S. W. H. Cowley, and J. D. Nichols 459
Part Vi: Other Current Systems
28 the Bow Shock Current System
Ramon E. Lopez 479
29 Current Systems of Inert Moons
M. Holmström and S. Fatemi .497
30 Currents in Cometary Comae
Martin Volwerk .513
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