Dictionary of Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health

Dictionary of Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health
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Jeffrey Wayne Vincoli
8 فبراير 2024
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Dictionary of Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health
Jeffrey Wayne Vincoli
Table of Contents
A Westview Replica Edition — The Whaling Issue in U.S.-Japan Relations — Nature of the Whaling Issue in U.S. and Japan
— Lessons from the History of Sealing and Whaling in Japanese-American Relations
— The Origin of the International Whaling Commission — Failure of Past Regulations and the Future of Whaling
— Whaling and the Biology of Whales — The Whaling Industry in Japan’s Economy
— An Assessment of Man-Made and Natural Changes in the Ocean Environment
— Ocean Management and the Whale
— Constructing a Theory of the 200-Mile Economic Zone — The 200-Mile Zone in U.S. Ocean Policy
— The Significance of the 200-Mile Zone for Marine Studies
— The Changing Structure of International Law on Marine Living Resources
— Future International Shocks Related to Ocean Food Resources
— Japanese View Toward the Law of the Sea and Whaling
— The Great Whales, Their Status and Future
— Policy Proposals on the Whaling Issue: Product of the Japanese-American Deliberations in Two International, Interdisciplinary Conferences
With definitions from areas such as toxicology, industrial hygiene, environmental compliance, environmental engineering, and occupational medicine the Lewis Dictionary of Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health contains THE MOST definitions for the words, related phrases, and terms encountered in these fields. It also includes a comprehensive listing of acronyms and abbreviations.
You will find definitions in:
risk management
workers’ compensation
product liability
expert witnessing
system safety
health physics
emergency response
fire protection and prevention
hazardous waste management
occupational health and safety
industrial security
pollution control
biology and microbiology
environmental protection and preservation
aviation and aerospace
law and litigation
accident investigation
inspections and audits
and much, much more!

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