Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems – V

Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems – V
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Lassaad Walha · Abdessalem Jarraya · Fathi Djemal · Mnaouar Chouchane · Nizar Aifaoui · Fakher Chaari · Moez Abdennadher · Abdelmajid Benamara ·
5 مارس 2024
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Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems – V
Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
Lassaad Walha · Abdessalem Jarraya · Fathi Djemal · Mnaouar Chouchane · Nizar Aifaoui · Fakher Chaari · Moez Abdennadher · Abdelmajid Benamara ·
Mohamed Haddar Editors
Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems, CMSM’2021, December
20–22, 2021, Hammamet, Tunisia
A Smart Control and Monitoring of a Pumping System 1
Ridha Mahjoub
Transient Flow Analysis in Centrifugal Pump During Rapid Stopping
Process 11
Faouzi Omri, Lamjed Hadj-Taieb, and Sami Elaoud
Numerical Exploration of Machining Vibration Effect on Cutting
Stability in Orthogonal Milling Using Cutting Forces 21
Wael Baklouti, Charfeddine Mrad, and Rachid Nasri
Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Material Nature
and Vibration Amplitude on Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting 28
Amine Ben Alaya, Ferid Kourda, and Charfeddine Mrad
Design Requirements Validation Based on MBSE and CAD Models . 35
Rihab Brahmi, Imen Belhadj, Moncef Hammadi, Jean-Yves Choley,
and Nizar Aifaoui
Method of Characteristic Solution for Open-Channel Flow Problems:
Re-examined 42
Souad Mnassri and Ali Triki
Nonlinear Modeling of a Bolted Structure Subjected to a Transient
Longitudinal Excitation . 52
Ahmed Ben Saidane, Jamel Chakhari, and Charfeddine Mrad
Numerical Investigation of Thermomechanical Damage in CFRP
Composites . 59
Brahim Salem, Ali Mkaddem, Saeed Salem Saeed Al Rubaiee,
Ahmad Al-Zahrani, Abdullah Salmin Omar Bin Mahfouz,
and Abdessalem Jarraya
viiModeling of Robot Gear Transmission 67
Anis Frej, Fakher Chaari, Xavier Chiementin, Fabrice Bolares,
and Mohamed Haddar
Thermomechanical Buckling of FGM Skew Plate . 76
Souhir Zghal, Sourour Trabelsi, and Fakhreddine Dammak
Robust Control of Vibrations Using Optimized Parallel Tuned Mass
Dampers, a New Reliability-Based Approach . 84
Elyes Mrabet, Mohamed Héchmi El Ouni, and Nabil Ben Kahla
Axisymmetric Shell Modelling of Viscoelastic Yeast Cells in the Finite
Strain Range . 93
Zeinab Awada, Léo Delmarre, Françoise Argoul, Etienne Harté,
Anne Devin, Pierre Argoul, and Boumediene Nedjar
Development of an AGV System Using MBSE Method and Multiagents’ Technology . 103
Khalil Aloui, Moncef Hammadi, Amir Guizani, Thierry Soriano,
and Mohamed Haddar
Influence of Lubricant Formulations on Dynamic Spur Gears Power
Dissipation . 115
Maroua Hammami, Olfa Ksentini, Nabih Feki, Mohamed Slim Abbes,
and Mohamed Haddar
An Optimized Mesh-Free Method Using an Auto-determination of
Atomic Interactions to Simulate the Mechanical Behavior of Covalent
Bonding Structures . 124
Sadok Mehrez, Amal Abbassi, Moez Ben Jaber, and Sofiene Helaili
Contribution of Elements on Springback Prediction of
Stamped Sheets . 133
Jamila Harabi and Slim Ben Elechi
An Improved Scattering Matrix Algorithm for Sound Propagation
Inside Lined Ducts . 142
Ahmed Kessemtini, Mohamed Taktak, and Mohamed Haddar
Effect of Pipe-End Material on Water Hammer and Cavitation in
Viscoelastic Pipelines . 151
Abdelaziz Ghodhbani, Lamjed Hadj-Taieb, and Sami Elaoud
Experimental Study of the Vibration Level Resulting from
Supra50 Milling . 161
Ahmed Seifallah Frih, Ezzeddine Ftoutou, Ated Ben Khalifa, Imed Hajjaji,
and Moez Trigui
viii ContentsReinforcement of Load-Bearing Structural Elements by Curved
Composite Plates Made from Braided Natural Fibers 171
Sofiene Helaili, Taysir Rezgui, Achref Guizani, and Fahmi Najjar
Uncertainty Consideration for Second Shaft Dynamic Behavior of a
Double Stage Gearbox 179
Mouna Hadj Kacem, Abdelkhalak El Hami, Ahmad Baklouti,
Lassaad Walha, and Mohamed Haddar
Novel Rebar Made from Epoxy and Braided Natural Alfa Fibers . 188
Sofiene Helaili, Achref Guizani, Fehmi Najar, and Moez Chafra
Printing Orientation Selection Based on the Dimensional Errors
Modelling in Additive Manufacturing 195
Ahmed Elayeb, Ameni Eltaief, Anis Korbi, Mehdi Tlija,
and Borhen Louhichi
Single Stage Gearbox Under Variable Regime 206
Mohamed Habib Farhat, Xavier Chiementin, Fakher Chaari,
Fabrice Bolaers, and Mohamed Haddar
IMU Based Serial Manipulator Joint Angle Monitoring: Comparison
of Complementary and Double Stage Kalman Filter Data Fusion . 215
Souha Baklouti, Taysir Rezgui, Asma Chaouch, Abdelbadiaa Chaker,
Safa Mefteh, Anis Sahbani, and Sami Bennour
Towards Smart Assembly Based Design . 225
Amal Allagui, Imen Belhadj, Régis Plateaux, Moncef Hammadi,
Olivia Penas, and Nizar Aifaoui
Formulation of Partner Evaluation Criteria for a Strategic Alliance in
the Context of the VBE-Broadening 232
Souhir Ben Salah, Wafa Ben Yahia, Omar Ayadi, and Faouzi Masmoudi
Residual Plastic Zone in Front of Crack Tip Under Variable
Amplitude Loading . 243
Amina Remadi, Ahmed Bahloul, and Chokri Bouraoui
Mechanical Modelling of Ancient Textiles with a 2-layers
Viscoelastic-Plastic Model 251
Rana Al Ali, Elhem Ghorbel, Mohamed Dallel, and Boumediene Nedjar
Effective Implementation of CPPS Self-reconfiguration Functionality:
Research Review 260
Douha Macherki, Thierno M. L. Diallo, Amir Guizani, Maher Barkallah,
Jean-Yves Choley, and Mohamed Haddar
Vibration Analysis and Control of a Rotor-Bearing System Using a
Magneto-Rheological Elastomer Containing Silicone Oil Plasticizer 269
Faiza Sakly and Mnaouar Chouchane
Contents ixPerformance Improvement of Water-Cooled BIPV/T System . 276
Monia Chaabane, Salma Benzarti, Hatem Mhiri, and Philippe Bournot
Defect Detection in Additive Manufacturing Using Computer Vision
Monitoring . 285
Sana Koubaa, Mouna Baklouti, Hatem Mrad, Ahmed Frikha,
Bassem Zouari, and Zoubeir Bouaziz
An Improved NSGA-II Algorithm for Solving Capacitated Lot-Sizing
Problem . 291
Hanen Ben Ammar, Wafa Ben Yahia, Omar Ayadi, and Faouzi Masmoudi
Electrical Resistivity of Carbon-Filled Elastomeric Structures upon
Thermo-mechanical Aging . 303
Amina Dinari, Mohamed Zaaraoui, and Tarek BenAmeur
Evaluation of Cloud-Based CAD Software in Teaching Experiments
for Engineering Education: 3D Experience 313
Raoudha Gaha, Pierre-Marie Nicolet, Matthieu Bricogne,
and Benoit Eyanrd
Enhancing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Performance
Using Winglets 323
Moncef Ghiss, Yosra Bahri, Khaled Souaissa, Hajer Troudi,
David S.-K. Ting, and Zoubeir Tourki
Tribological Investigation of CoCr28Mo/CoCr28Mo Friction Couple
in Hip Joint Replacement 335
Manel Guezmil, Amira Salem, Walid Bensalah, and Salah Mezlini
On the Improvement of the Performance of an Axial Mining Fan:
Parametric Study 342
Jabeur Msahli, Hatem Mrad, Faouzi Masmoudi, Neila Khabou,
and Ehab Esharkawi
An Assessment of the Ultimate Pressure of Multistage Centrifugal
Pumps 353
Abdourahamane Salifou Adam, Hatem Mrad, Fouad Erchiqui,
Ehab Elsharkawi, and Mathieu Paré
Susceptibility of the Hole-Flanging Modeling to Diverse
Considerations of Plastic Anisotropy . 363
Hela Soussi and Abdelkader Krichen
Dynamic Behavior of Sandwiches with an Auxetic or a Conventional
Core: Experimental Study . 374
Anis Hamrouni, Jean-Luc Rebiere, Abderrahim El Mahi, Moez Beyaoui,
and Mohamed Haddar
x ContentsInfluence of the Viscoelasticity on the Dynamic Behavior
of a Metallic-Polymer Worm Drive Model . 385
Ala Eddin Chakroun, Chaima Hammami, Ahmed Hammami,
Ana De-Juan, Fakher Chaari, Alfonso Fernandez, Fernando Viadero,
and Mohamed Haddar
Boosting III-Nitride Solar Cell Efficiency Using a Semibulk Absorber
and Piezo-Phototronic Effect . 393
Rabeb Belghouthi, Sahar Ammar, Jean-Paul Salvestrini, Nejiba Aoun,
and Mounir Ben El Hadj Rhouma
Data Visualization for Industry 4.0: Developing Dashboards with
Power BI – A Case Study in a Pharmaceutical Company . 402
Mariem Belghith, Hanen Ben Ammar, Faouzi Masmoudi,
and Abdelkarim Elloumi
Comparison of the Impact of Different Pooling Strategies on Supply
Chains CO2 Emissions: Simulation Approach 409
Abdessalem Jerbi, Haifa Jribi, and Faouzi Masmoudi
On the Use of Rott’s Pendulum as an Energy Harvester for Rotating
Systems . 420
Emine Zaouali, Fehmi Najar, Najib Kacem, and Emmanuel Foltete
Influence of Recycled Aggregates on the Flexural and Shear Behavior
of Reinforced Concrete Elements: Experimental and Numerical Study . 430
George Wardeh, Elhem Ghorbel, and Bassam Tayeh
Simulation of Microfluidic Biosensor for Binding Kinetics of SARSCoV-2 S Protein Using the Electrothermal Effect 439
Sameh Kaziz and Hafedh Belmabrouk
Modeling and Vibration Analysis of a Nonlinear Piezoelectric
Flexoelectric Nanobeam . 448
Sourour Baroudi and Fehmi Najar
Experimental Determination of the Acoustic Characteristics of the
Phosphate Slurry 456
Dhouha Tounsi, Sabrine Yousfi, Soufien Sahbi, Mohamed Taktak,
Chafik Karra, and Mohamed Haddar
Non-conventional Tensile Specimen for Mechanical Characterization
of Tubular Materials . 464
Zied Ktari, Ali Khalfallah, and Carlos Leitao
Enhancing the Performance of GaN/InGaN MQW Solar Cells by the
Piezoelectric Polarization Stress . 474
Bilel Chouchen and Mohamed Hichem Gazzah
Contents xiTunisian Olive Pomace Steam Gasification for Production of Syngas:
A Thermodynamic Study Using MATHEMATICA© and ASPEN-PLUS® . 481
Rim Tilouche, Rawdha Garma, Housam Binous, and Ahmed Bellagi
Simulation Study of Shear Bands Interaction
in Pd42.5Cu30Ni7.5P20 Metallic Glass 491
Sami Bouzayeni, Tarek Benameur, and Fathi Gharbi
Temperature Prediction of a Single Slope Solar Still Using CFD
Simulation . 500
Zouhayar Al Adel, Abdallah Bouabidi, and Mouldi Chrigui
Multi-response Optimization of Turning Parameters with TOPSIS
Method 509
Riadh Saidi, Tarek Mabrouki, Salim Belhadi,
and Mohamed Athmane Yallese
Indentation Characteristics of Auxetic Composite Material 520
Khawla Essassi, Jean-luc Rebiere, Abderrahim El mahi,
Mohamed Amine Ben Souf, Anas Bouguecha, and Mohamed Haddar
Predicting of Particle Non-exhaust Emissions Based on Real-Time
Measurements 527
Ines Belkacem, Ali Helali, Salah Khardi, and Khalifa Slimi
Numerical Simulation by ABAQUS of Heat Transfer in a Flat Mini
Heat Pipe 535
Slah Chayoukhi, Mohamed Abid, Insaf Jouini, Jed Mansouri,
and Ali Zghal
Adhesive Bonded Joint Type Influences on Mechanical Properties 545
Haddou Yagoubia Marwa, Sana Abid, Borhen Louhichi, and Amiri Ahmed
Development of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robots for Functional
Rehabilitation . 554
Kaiss Ghrairi, Abdelbadia Chaker, Sana Salah, and Sami Bennour
Chemical Treatment Impact of Doum Palm Fiber for Thermoplastic
Composites . 564
Boughanmi Oumaima, Allègue Lamis, and Zbidi Fayrouz
Extension of Superelastic NiTi Alloy Model Under Cyclic Loading
Accounting for Loading-Unloading Asymmetry . 572
Riheme Sarraj, Aroua Fathallah, Tarek Hassine, and Fehmi Gamaoun
Investigation and Identification of Damage Mechanisms of Sandwich
with Auxetic Core Using Acoustic Emission 580
Khawla Essassi, Jean-Luc Rebiere, Abderrahim El Mahi,
Mohamed Amine Ben Souf, Anas Bouguecha, and Mohamed Haddar
xii ContentsCharacterization of PLA/Palm Fiber Films by Conventional Tensile
Test and Digital Image Correlation 588
Fatma Kharrat, Khlif Mohamed, Loic Hilliou, Hedi Nouri,
Mohamed Haboussi, and Chedly Bradai
Thermal Characterization of Biocomposites Based on PBS Matrix and
Treated Date Palm Fibers . 598
Rania Chaari, Mohamed Khlif, Chedly Bradai, Catherine Lacoste,
and Philippe Dony
LQR Optimization of an Eight-Pole Radial Active Magnetic Bearing
System 606
Abdelileh Mabrouk, Olfa Ksentini, Nabih Feki, Mohamed Slim Abbes,
and Mohamed Haddar
Modeling of Transient Flow Under Superposed Singularities: The
Leak and the Junction 616
Lazhar Ayed, Oussema Choura, Zahreddine Hafsi, Sami Elaoud,
Ezzeddine Hadj Taieb, Silvia Meniconi, and Bruno Brunone
A Haaland Based Explicit Solution for Colebrook-White Equation 630
Lazhar Ayed, Oussama Choura, Zahreddine Hafsi, and Sami Elaoud
Experimental Study of Indirect Solar Dryer Under Climatic
Conditions of Tunisia . 637
Mohamed Fterich, Houssam Chouikhi, Hatem Bentaher, and Aref Maalej
Estimation of Vibrations Levels of a Worm Gear Model with Plastic
Wheel . 646
Chaima Hammami, Ala Eddin Chakroun, Fakher Chaari,
Ahmed Hammami, Ana De-Juan, Alfonso Fernandez, Fernando Viadero,
and Mohamed Haddar
A Case Study of a Bi-objective Model for Flow-Shop Scheduling
Problem . 655
Hager Triki, Wafa Ben Yahia, and Faouzi Masmoudi
Elaboration and Tribo-Micromechanical and Structural
Characterization of Powdered ABS/Cu Composites 664
Mabrouka Akrout, Basma Ben Difallah, Mohamed Kharrat,
Maher Dammak, António Pereira, Igor Bdikin, and Isabel Duarte
Investigation of the AISI D2 Shaft Punch Damage . 671
Abdelwaheb Zeidi, Fatma Ben Saada, Khaled Elleuch, and Hakan Atapek
Mesh Force Analysis of Planetary Gear System with Defect . 680
Ayoub Mbarek, Ahmed Hammami, Alfonso Fernandez Del Rincon,
Fakher Chaari, Fernando Viadero Rueda, and Mohamed Haddar
Contents xiiiA Preliminary Musculoskeletal Modeling Approach
for Handwriting . 687
Taysir Rezgui, R. Hayder, S. Mlawah, C. Ayari, and I. Chihi
The Phase Change Materials for Thermal Applications . 695
Maissa Bouguila, Ahmed Samet, Mohamed Ben Souf,
El Hami Abdelkhalak, and Mohamed Haddar
Wear Behavior of High Chromium Cast Iron and Heat Treated AISI
P20 Steel Under Round and Sharp Counterbodies . 704
Mouna Kallel and Khaled Elleuch
A Modified Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization to Solve
Reliability Problems Related to Production Systems . 715
Hichem Hassine, Oumaima Farjeni, Maher Barkallah,
and Mohamed Haddar
Friction and Wear Behavior of the S235JR Plate Under Reciprocating
Sliding Tests 723
Wissal Yangui and Khaled Elleuch
Thermophysical Characterization of Moulding Sands Using THB
Method 734
Dorsaf Khalifa and Foued Mzali
Turbine Blade Made of Natural Fiber Composite Structural and
Vibrational Behavior . 743
Sofiene Helaili, Soufiene Bouajila, Hamid Kaddami, and Moez Chafra
Analysis of Buckley-Leverett Problem for Water Flooding in Oil
Reservoir Rock: Analytical and Numerical Modeling . 750
Zahreddine Hafsi, Lazhar Ayed, Manoranjan Mishra, and Sami Elaoud
A PSO Approach for Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Energy
Constraint . 761
Triki Hager and Hassine Hichem
Effect of Sol-Gel Nanoparticles on Structural, Thermal and Static
Mechanical Properties of a Polymer Matrix 769
Ahlem Bendaoued, Mouna Messaoud, Omar Harzallah, Sophie Bistac,
and Rached Salhi
Numerical and Analytic Analysis of Stress State in Characterization
Tests 779
Nouha Kammoun, Chaima Hammami, Sonda Moakhar, Hamdi Hentati,
Maher Barkallah, Jamel Louati, Mounir Ben Amar, and Mohamed Haddar
Statistical Model for Estimating Exhaust CO2 Emissions from
Heavy-Duty Trucks 788
Ali Helali, Ines Belkacem, Faouzi Zorgati, and Firas Beltaifa
xiv ContentsIntroduction of LEAN Manufacturing in a Tunisian Shipyard . 795
Safa Mathlouthi
Introduction of Human Skin Prestress: Effect on the Wave
Propagation Velocity . 805
Khouloud Azzez, Marie-Angèle Abellan, Makram Chaabane,
Jean-Michel Bergheau, Abdelwahab Dogui, and Hassan Zahouani
Investigation on the Surface Quality of GFRP Composite Laminates
Machined by Abrasive Water Jet 812
Faten Chaouch, Ated Ben Khalifa, Redouane Zitoune, and Mondher Zidi
Impact of the Numerical Simulation on the Study of Formability
Coated Thin Sheets: Case of Dual-Phase Steels DP600 . 821
Mohamed Nasser, Slimen Attyaoui, Brahim Tlili, Alex Montagne,
Jalel Briki, and Alain Iost
On the Pseudoelastic Damping Capacity of the Fe-30Mn-6Si-5Cr
Shape Memory Alloy: Influences of Thermomechanical Treatments
and Experimental Conditions . 832
Malek Megdiche and Tarak Bouraoui
Experimental Characterization of Coated Aluminum Sheets for Deep
Drawing Applications . 842
Mariem Abdennadher, Anas Bouguecha, Bernd-Arno Behrens,
Eugen Stockburger, and Riadh Elleuch
Preliminary Thermo-mechanical Characterization of Brass Alloys 851
Souhir Hammami, José Gregorio La Barbera-Sosa, Fahmi Chaari,
Tarik Sadat, Bassem Zouari, Laurent Dubar, and Riadh Elleuch
Brake Friction Materials: Relation Between Constituent Distribution
and the Resulting Microstructure, Properties and Tribological
Behavior . 860
Fatma Makni, Nesrine Hentati, Anne-Lise Cristol, Yannick Desplanques,
and Riadh Elleuch
Control of Rotor Side of DFIG with Intelligent Proportional
Controller 868
Maroua Haddar, Nouha Kammoun, Stephan Schmidt,
Philippus Stephan Heyns, Fakher Chaari, and Mohamed Haddar
Effects of Rockwool Fiber Arrangement on the Tribological Behaviour
of Composite Brake Friction Materials . 877
Fatma Makni, Nesrine Hentati, Anne-Lise Cristol, Yannick Desplanques,
and Riadh Elleuch
Contents xvEnhanced Gd Doped TiO2 NPs-PDMS Nanocomposites as Protective
Coatings for Bio-Calcarenite Stone: Preliminarily Analysis 885
Marwa Ben Chobba, Maduka L. Weththimuni, Mouna Messaoud,
Jamel Bouaziz, and Maurizio Licchelli
Cold Working Effect on the Fracture Toughness Properties of
AA1050H16 Aluminum Alloy . 894
Wafa Taktak and Riadh Elleuch
Mechanical Characterization of Glass Fibers–Reinforced Composites
for Wind Turbine Blades Applications 901
Khawla Essassi, Ayman Ayachi, Nabih Feki, Anas Bouguecha,
Fakher Chaari, and Mohamed Haddar
Author Index 909
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