Deep Learning Toolbox Reference

Deep Learning Toolbox Reference
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Mark Hudson Beale, Martin T. Hagan, Howard B. Demuth
22 فبراير 2024
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Deep Learning Toolbox Reference
Mark Hudson Beale, Martin T. Hagan, Howard B. Demuth
Deep Learning Functions
Approximation, Clustering, and Control Functions
Deep Learning Blocks
Deep Network Designer
Design, visualize, and train deep learning networks
The Deep Network Designer app lets you build, visualize, edit, and train deep learning networks.
Using this app, you can:

  • Build, import, edit, and combine networks.
  • Load pretrained networks and edit them for transfer learning.
  • View and edit layer properties and add new layers and connections.
  • Analyze the network to ensure that the network architecture is defined correctly, and detect
    problems before training.
  • Import and visualize datastores and image data for training and validation.
  • Apply augmentations to image classification training data and visualize the distribution of the
    class labels.
  • Train networks and monitor training with plots of accuracy, loss, and validation metrics.
  • Export trained networks to the workspace or to Simulink®.
  • Generate MATLAB® code for building and training networks and create experiments for
    hyperparameter tuning using Experiment Manager.

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