Computer Aided Optimum Design in Engineering X

Computer Aided Optimum Design in Engineering X
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S. Hernandez, C.A. Brebbia
3 أبريل 2018
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Computer Aided Optimum Design in Engineering X
S. Hernandez
University of La Coru?a, Spain
C.A. Brebbia
Wessex Institute of Technology, UK
Section 1: Algorithmic and topology optimisation
Numerical experiences with parallel clusters for generating Pareto surfaces:
application in structural topology optimization
S. Wuppalapati, A. D. Belegundu, A. Aziz & V. Agarwala ..3
Global versus local statement of stress constraints in
topology optimization of continuum structures
J. Par?s, F. Navarrina, I. Colominas & M. Casteleiro 13
Block aggregation of stress constraints in topology optimization
of structures
J. Par?s, F. Navarrina, I. Colominas & M. Casteleiro ..25
Design of experiments and optimization of composite structures
using solid-shell elements
M. Hannachi, H. Naceur, J. L. Batoz & S. Belouettar .35
Evaluation of extended Stochastic Schemata Exploiter
T. Maruyama & E. Kita ..45
Section 2: Shape optimisation
Shape optimization of composites based on minimum potential energy
P. Proch?zka 57
Optimization of geometry for the lateral buckling process of a
cantilever beam
R. Drazumeric, F. Kosel & T. Kosel .67
Geometric optimization of shells
P. Bro? .
Genetic algorithms and finite element coupling for mechanical optimization
G. Corriveau, R. Guilbault & A. Tahan ..87
Towards the optimization of photoacoustic sensors
B. Kost, B. Baumann, M. Wolff & H. Groninga ..97
Section 3: Applications in construction engineering
MINLP cost optimization of industrial steel building
S. Kravanja & T. ?ula 109
Parametric optimization of steel floor system cost using Evolver
B. S. Platt & P. V. Mtenga ..119
Selection of optimum structural systems and materials
O. S. Al Shamrani & G. G. Schierle 129
Threshold accepting optimization of road vaults and
rectangular hollow bridge piers
A. Carbonell, F. Martinez, V. Yepes, A. Hospitaler
& F. Gonzalez-Vidosa 141
VTOP – an improved software for design optimization of
prestressed concrete beams
S. Hernandez, D. Marcos, A. N. Fontan & J. Diaz .151
Section 4: Applications in mechanical and aircraft engineering
Optimal design of fatigue loaded heavy-duty machine spring elements
H. Martikka & I. P?ll?nen ..167
Non-parametric shape optimization method for
thin-walled structures under strength criterion
M. Shimoda, J. Tsuji & H. Azegami 179
A study on torsional stiffness of the competition go-kart frame
C.-C. Liang, C.-H. Yu & C.-C. Wu ..189
Active vibration suppression of a flexible link manipulator
using piezoelectric actuator
H. Salmasi, R. Fotouhi & P. N. Nikiforuk 199Aerodynamic optimization of a biplane configuration
using differential evolution
R. W. Derksen & A. G. Kraj 209
Design optimization application in accordance with product
and process requirements
A. Del Prete, D. Mazzotta & A. Anglani ..219
Section 5: Applications to process optimisation
Evaluation of optimum landfill design:
Mid Auchencarroch experimental landfill emissions
T. C. Koliopoulos & G. Koliopoulou .231
Optimization of surface utilization using heuristic approaches
Y. Langer, M. Bay, Y. Crama, F. Bair, J. D. Caprace & Ph. Rigo .241
Author Index 25
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