Computational Methods in Mechanical Systems

Computational Methods in Mechanical Systems
اسم المؤلف
Jorge Angeles, Evtim Zakhariev
26 فبراير 2018

Computational Methods in Mechanical Systems
Mechanism Analysis, Synthesis, and Optimization
Edited by
Jorge Angeles
Department of Mechanical Engineering
and McGill Centre for Intelligent Machines
McGill University, 817 Sherbrooke Street W.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 2K6
Evtim Zakhariev
Institute of Mechanics
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Acad. G. Bonchev Street, bl. 4
BG-l1l3 Sofia, Bulgaria
Table of Contents
Preface 0 v
Part I. Kinematics of Mechanical Systems
1. The Application of Dual Algebra to Kinematic Analysis
J 0 Angeles 3
2. Formulation and Solution for the Direct
and Inverse Kinematics Problems for Mechanisms
and Mechatronics Systems
Jo Nielsen and Bo Roth 33
3. The Design of Spherical 4R Linkages
for Four Specified Orientations
Do Ao Ruth and Jo Mo McCarthy 53
4. On the Design ofEfficient Parallel Mechanisms
Co Mo Gosselin 68
5. Optimization ofMulti-DOF Mechanisms
Po Chedmail 97
6. Computational Issues in the Kinematic Design
of Tactile Sensing Fixtures
Wo Wo Nederbragt and Bo Ravani 0 130
7. N umerical Methods for Mechanism and Manipulator
Workspace Analysis
E. Jo Haug, Fo Ao Adkins, and Co-Mo Luh 144VIII
Part 11. Dynamics and Control of Rigid-Body Systems
8. Equations ofMotion in Tensor Variables
and Their Application to Multibody Systems
L. Lilov and N. Vassileva 167
9. Efficient Description and Geometrical Interpretation
of the Dynamics of Constrained Systems
H. Brauchli 197
10. A Generic Numerical Method for Mechanical System
Kinematics and Dynamics Modeling
E. Zakhariev . 212
11. Implicit Integration ofthe Equations ofMultibody
E. J. Haug, D. Negrut, and M. Iancu . 242
12. Models for Simulation ofPower-Steering Systems
R. Dürr and W. Schiehlen 268
13. Control of Robotic Systems by Exact Linearization
C. Woernle . 296
Part 111. Dynamics of Flexible Multibody Systems
14. Flexible Bodies in Multibody Systems
R. Schwertassek 329
15. Parallelization ofLarge Mechanical Engineering Codes.
A Case Study for the Multibody Simulation Package
A. Marthinsen and O. 1. Sivertsen 364
16. Flexible Multibody Dynamics with Nonlinear Deformations:
Vehicle Dynamics and Crashworthiness Applications
J. A. C. Ambrosio and M. F. O. S. Pereira 382
Index .
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