Belt and Chain Drives – Flexible Drive Elements

Belt and Chain Drives – Flexible Drive Elements
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Belt and Chain Drives – Flexible Drive Elements
Why Flexible Drives ?
Common Belt Types
Characteristics of Some Common Belt Types
1. Flat Crowned pulley
(conveyor belts)
2. Round (O-ring) Grooved pulley
3. V-belt Flanged pulleys
4. Timing (toothed) Cogged pulley
(no stretch or slip)
5. Proprietary belt designs
Flat Belts as Conveyer Belts
O-Ring Drive
Reversing Belts
Timing Belts
Flat-belt with Out-of-plane Pulleys
Variable-Speed Belt Drives
Flat-Belt Geometry – Open Belt
Free Body of Infinitesimal Element of Flat Belt
Analysis of Flat Belt, The Belting Equation
Fc = Hoop Tension Due to Centrifugal Force
Forces and Torques on a Pulley
Initial Tension
Flat Belt Tensions
Transmitted Horsepower
Correction Factors for Belts, Based on Manufacturer Data
Velocity Correction Factor Cv for Leather Belts
Pulley Correction Factor CP for Flat Belts
Steps for Flat-Belt Analysis
Belt-Tensioning Schemes
Standard V-Belt Sections
Inside Circumferences of Standard V-Belts
Length Conversion Dimensions
V-Belt Pitch Length and Center-to-Center Distance
Horsepower Ratings of Standard V-Belts
Adjusted Power
Angle of Wrap Correction Factor
Belt-Length Correction Factor
Belting Equation for V-Belt (Gates Belting)
Design Power for V-Belt
V-Belt Tensions
Belting Selection
Roller Chain
Roller Chain Characteristics
Roller Chain
ANSI Chain Size Number
Dimensions of American Standard Roller Chains
Engagement of Chain and Sprocket
Roller Chain Drive
Roller Chain Design Guide Rules of Thumb
Chain Velocity
Chordal Speed Variation (as chain not perfectly round)
Roller Chain Rated Horsepower Capacity
Available Sprocket Tooth Counts
Example 17–5
Wire Rope
Berg cable timing belts
Stress in Wire Rope
Wire-Rope Data
Equivalent Bending Load in a Pulley, diameter D
Percent Strength Loss for D/d
Minimum Factors of Safety for Wire Rope
Bearing Pressure of Wire Rope in Sheave Groove
Maximum Allowable Bearing Pressures (in psi)
Relation Between Fatigue Life of Wire Rope and Sheave Pressure
Fatigue of Wire Rope
Factor of Safety for Static Loading
Typical Strength of Individual Wires
Service-Life Curve Based on Bending and Tensile Stresses
Some Wire-Rope Properties
Working Equations for Mine-Hoist Problem
Example 17–6
Flexible Shaft Configurations
Flexible Shaft Construction Details
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