Automating SolidWorks 2011 Using Macros

Automating SolidWorks 2011 Using Macros
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Mike Spens
1 يونيو 2019
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Automating SolidWorks 2011 Using Macros
Mike Spens
A Visual Studio Tools for Applications tutorial for SolidWorks users Using the Visual Basic.NET Language
Table of Contents
Macro Basics
Recording the Macro
Code Description
Modifying the Macro
Running Macros
One Button PDF Publishing
Record the Save As Action
Changing Filename and Paths
Macro Buttons in SolidWorks
Model Dimensions Using Excel VBA
SolidWorks VBA Macros
Changing Dimensions
Using Excel’s VBA
Selection Methods
Controlling Options
Getting and Setting Options
SolidWorks Constants
Material Properties
Part 1: Basic Material Properties
User Forms
Part 2: Working with Assemblies
Verification and Error Handling
Custom Properties
Part 1: Setting Properties
Part 2: Adding the Ability to Modify Properties
User Interactions
Debugging Tips
Part 3: Add and Delete Properties
Part 4: Save and Copy Between Files
Model Creation
Part 1: Geometry Creation
Creating A New Part
Creating a Sketch
Creating Features
Part 2: Feature Editing and Traversal
Feature Editing
Feature Traversal
Data Import
3D Points
Code Changes
Code Files and Portability
Drawing Automation
Creating Drawings
Windows Directories Using System.10 Namespace
Working with Notes
Add Assembly Components
Processing Code
Processing Selections
Traversing Topology
Adding a Part to an Assembly
IMathUtility and Transforms
Working with File References
Finding File References
Functionality Additions
Saving the References List
PropertyManager Pages
Building a PropertyManager Ul
Page Control Creation and Layout
Defining PropertyManagerPage Handlers
Using Notifications (Events) in SolidWorks Macros
Initial Code
WthEvents Declaration
Creating the Notification Functions
Debugging Notification Macros
Starting SolidWorks including Macros
Workgroup PDM API Basics
Connecting to Workgroup PDM
Workgroup PDM Interfaces
Extract Workgroup PDM Documents
Working with Workgroup PDM Documents
Extracting Document History
Workgroup PDM Check In
Establishing the Connection
Processing Documents
Renaming Documents
Checking In Documents
Enterprise PDM API Basics
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Type Library
Enterprise PDM API Help
Traversing Files in a Folder
More File Properties
Enterprise PDM Files and Variables
Reading Variables
Check Out and Editing Card Variables
Adding Files to the Vault
Favorite Code Examples
Batch Process Fites
Traverse Features of a Part
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