ASM Metals Handbook Vol 18 Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology

ASM Metals Handbook Vol 18 Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology
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ASM International Handbook Committee
19 مايو 2016

ASM Metals Handbook Vol 18 Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology
Table of Contents
Section Features
Front Matter
Table of Contents
Interactive Graphs
Glossary of Terms
Solid Friction
2. Basic Theory of Solid Friction
3. Frictional Heating Calculations
4. Laboratory Testing Methods for Solid Friction
5. Friction during Metal Forming
6. Appendix: Static and Kinetic Friction Coefficients for Selected Materials, Lubricants and Lubrication
7. Introduction to Lubrication, Liquid Lubrication
8. Liquid Lubricants
9. Lubrication Regimes
10. Lubricant Additives and Their Functions, Solid Lubricants and Greases
11. Solid Lubricants
12. Grease
12. Grease, Applications of Lubrication Technology
13. Lubricants for Rolling-Element Bearings
14. Metalworking Lubricants
15. Lubricants for High-Vacuum Applications
16. Internal Combustion Engine Lubricants    , Wear
17. Introduction to Wear
18. Surface Damage, Wear by Particles or Fluids
19. Abrasive Wear
20. Polishing Wear
21. Solid Particle Erosion
22. Cavitation Erosion
23. Liquid Impingement Erosion
24. Slurry Erosion, Wear by Rolling, Sliding, or Impact
25. Sliding and Adhesive Wear
26. Fretting Wear
27. Rolling Contact Wear
28. Impact Wear, Chemically Assisted Wear
29. Corrosive Wear
30. Oxidational Wear, Wear Monitoring and Diagnosis
31. Surface Examination
32. Vibration Analysis
33. Lubricant Analysis
34. Motor-Current Signature Analysis
35. Radionuclide Methods, Laboratory Characterization Techniques
36. Introduction to Laboratory Characterization Techniques, Characterization of Roughness and Wear Scar Dimensions
37. Surface Texture
38. Surface Topography and Image Analysis (Area)
39. Confocal Microscopy
40. Wear Measurement
40. Wear Measurement, Microscopy Techniques
41. Light Microscopy
42. Electron Microscopy
43. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
44. Measurement of Surface Forces and Adhesion
45. Characterization of Surfaces by Acoustic Imaging Techniques, Micromechanical Properties Techniques
46. Microindentation Hardness Testing
47. Nanoindentation
48. Scratch Testing, Thermal, Chemical, and X-ray Methods
49. Surface Temperature Measurement
50. Surface Chemical Analysis
51. X-ray Characterization of Surface Wear, Systematic Diagnosis of Friction and Wear Test Data
52. Basic Tribological Parameters
53. Design of Friction and Wear Experiments
54. Presentation of Friction and Wear Data
55. Concepts of Reliability and Wear: Failure Modes, Friction and Wear of Components, Bearings, Gears, and Seals
56. Friction and Wear of Rolling-Element Bearings
57. Friction and Wear of Sliding Bearings
58. Friction and Wear of Gas-Lubricated Bearings
59. Friction, Lubrication, and Wear of Gears
60. Friction and Wear of Seals, Transportation System Components
61. Friction and Wear of Internal Combustion Engine Parts
62. Friction and Wear of Automotive and Truck Drive Trains
63. Friction and Wear of Automotive Brakes
64. Friction and Wear of Tires
65. Friction and Wear of Aircraft Brakes
66. Wear of Jet Engine Components, Industrial and Mining Machinery
67. Wear of Pumps
68. Friction and Wear of Compressors
69. Friction and Wear of Cutting Tools and Cutting Tool Materials
70. Friction and Wear of Dies and Die Materials
71. Friction and Wear in the Mining and Mineral Industries, Medical and Dental Materials
72. Friction and Wear of Medical Implants and Prosthetic Devices
73. Friction and Wear of Dental Materials, Electrical Contacts and Semiconductors
74. Friction and Wear of Electrical Contacts
75. Friction and Wear of Semiconductors, Materials for Friction and Wear Applications
76. Introduction to Materials for Friction and Wear Applications, Ferrous Metals and Alloys
77. Friction and Wear of Cast Irons
78. Friction and Wear of Carbon and Alloy Steels
79. Wear of Stainless Steels
80. Friction and Wear of Bearing Steels
81. Friction and Wear of Tool Steels, Nonferrous Metals and Alloys
82. Friction and Wear of Sliding Bearing Materials
83. Friction and Wear of Hardfacing Alloys
84. Friction and Wear of Cobalt-Base Wrought Alloys
85. Friction and Wear of Ordered Intermetallic Alloys of Ni3Al
86. Friction and Wear of Titanium Alloys, Ceramics and Composites
87. Friction and Wear of Aluminum-Silicon Alloys
88. Friction and Wear of Cemented Carbides
89. Friction and Wear of Metal-Matrix Composites
90. Friction and Wear of Ceramics
91. Friction and Wear of Carbon-Graphite Materials
92. Friction and Wear of Thermoplastic Composites, Surface Treatments and Coatings for Friction and Wear Control
93. Thermal Spray Coatings
94. Electroplated Coatings
95. PVD and CVD Coatings
96. Ion Implantation
97. Laser Surface Processing
98. Carburizing
99. Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing
Metric Conversion Guide
Temperature Conversions
Abbreviations, Symbols, and Tradenames
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