ASM Metals Handbook Vol 04 Heat Treating

ASM Metals Handbook Vol 04  Heat Treating
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9 مايو 2016

ASM Metals Handbook Vol 04  Heat Treating
Table of Contents
Section Features
Front Matter
Table of Contents
Interactive Graphs Heat Treating of Steel
1. Principles of Heat Treating of Steels
2. Quantitative Prediction of Transformation Hardening in Steels
3. Stress-Relief Heat Treating of Steel
4. Normalizing of Steel
5. Annealing of Steel
6. Continuous Annealing of Steel
7. Quenching of Steel
8. Tempering of Steel
9. Martempering of Steel
10. Austempering of Steel
11. Induction Heat Treating of Steel
12. Cold Treating and Cryogenic Treatment of Steel
13. Heat Treating of Ultrahigh-Strength Steels
14. Heat Treating of Maraging Steels
15. Heat Treating of Powder Metallurgy Steels
16. Thermomechanical Processing of Steels Surface Hardening of Steel
17. Introduction to Surface Hardening of Steels
18. Flame Hardening
19. Laser Surface Hardening
20. Electron Beam Surface Hardening
21. Gas Carburizing
22. Pack Carburizing
23. Liquid Carburizing and Cyaniding
25. Plasma (Ion) Carburizing
26. Microstructures and Properties of Carburized Steels
27. Carbonitriding
28. Gas Nitriding
29. Liquid Nitriding
30. Plasma (Ion) Nitriding
31. Gaseous and Plasma Nitrocarburizing
32. Boriding (Boronizing)
33. Thermoreactive Deposition/Diffusion Process
34. Methods of Measuring Case Depth Heat-Treating Equipment
35. Types of Heat-Treating Furnaces
36. Salt Bath Equipment
37. Fluidized-Bed Equipment
38. Heat Treating in Vacuum Furnaces and Auxiliary Equipment
39. Heat-Resistant Materials for Furnace Parts, Trays, and Fixtures
40. Energy-Efficient Furnace Design and Operation Process and Quality Control Considerations
41. Temperature Control
42. Furnace Atmospheres
43. Furnace Atmosphere Control
44. Control of Surface Carbon Content in Heat Treating of Steel
45. Evaluation of Carbon Control in Processed Parts
46. Defects and Distortion in Heat-Treated Parts
47. Statistical Process Control of Heat-Treating Operations
48. Computerized Properties Prediction and Technology Planning in Heat Treatment of Steels
49. Furnace Safety
49. Furnace Safety Heat Treating of Cast Irons
50. Introduction to Heat Treating of Cast Irons
51. Heat Treating of Gray Irons
52. Heat Treating of Ductile Irons
53. Heat Treating of Malleable Irons
54. Heat Treating of High-Alloy Irons Heat Treating of Tool Steels
55. Introduction to Heat Treating of Tool Steels
56. Processes and Furnace Equipment for Heat Treating of Tool Steels
57. Heat Treating of Specific Classes of Tool Steels
58. Control of Distortion in Tool Steels Heat Treating of Stainless Steels and Heat-Resistant Alloys
59. Heat Treating of Stainless Steels
60. Heat Treating of Superalloys
61. Heat Treating of Refractory Metals and Alloys Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys
62. Principles of Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys
63. Heat Treating of Aluminum Alloys
64. Heat Treating of Copper Alloys
65. Heat Treating of Magnesium Alloys
66. Heat Treating of Nickel and Nickel Alloys
67. Heat Treating of Titanium and Titanium Alloys
68. Heat Treating of Tin-Rich Alloys
69. Heat Treating of Lead and Lead Alloys
70. Heat Treating of Uranium and Uranium Alloys
71. Annealing of Precious Metals
Glossary of Terms
Temper Colors for Steels
Austenitizing Temperatures for Steels
Metric Conversion Guide
Temperature Conversions
Abbreviations, Symbols, and Trade names
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