ABAQUS – Example Problems Manual

ABAQUS – Example Problems Manual
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ABAQUS – Example Problems Manual
1. Static Stress/Displacement Analyses
Static and quasi-static stress analyses
Axisymmetric analysis of bolted pipe flange connections 1.1.1
Elastic-plastic collapse of a thin-walled elbow under in-plane bending and internal
pressure 1.1.2
Parametric study of a linear elastic pipeline under in-plane bending 1.1.3
Indentation of an elastomeric foam specimen with a hemispherical punch 1.1.4
Collapse of a concrete slab 1.1.5
Jointed rock slope stability 1.1.6
Notched beam under cyclic loading 1.1.7
Hydrostatic fluid elements: modeling an airspring 1.1.8
Shell-to-solid submodeling and shell-to-solid coupling of a pipe joint 1.1.9
Stress-free element reactivation 1.1.10
Transient loading of a viscoelastic bushing 1.1.11
Indentation of a thick plate 1.1.12
Damage and failure of a laminated composite plate 1.1.13
Analysis of an automotive boot seal 1.1.14
Pressure penetration analysis of an air duct kiss seal 1.1.15
Self-contact in rubber/foam components: jounce bumper 1.1.16
Self-contact in rubber/foam components: rubber gasket 1.1.17
Submodeling of a stacked sheet metal assembly 1.1.18
Axisymmetric analysis of a threaded connection 1.1.19
Direct cyclic analysis of a cylinder head under cyclic thermal-mechanical loadings 1.1.20
Buckling and collapse analyses
Snap-through buckling analysis of circular arches 1.2.1
Laminated composite shells: buckling of a cylindrical panel with a circular hole 1.2.2
Buckling of a column with spot welds 1.2.3
Elastic-plastic K-frame structure 1.2.4
Unstable static problem: reinforced plate under compressive loads 1.2.5
Buckling of an imperfection-sensitive cylindrical shell 1.2.6
Forming analyses
Upsetting of a cylindrical billet: quasi-static analysis with mesh-to-mesh solution
mapping (ABAQUS/Standard) and adaptive meshing (ABAQUS/Explicit) 1.3.1
Superplastic forming of a rectangular box 1.3.2
Stretching of a thin sheet with a hemispherical punch 1.3.3
Deep drawing of a cylindrical cup 1.3.4
Extrusion of a cylindrical metal bar with frictional heat generation 1.3.5
Rolling of thick plates 1.3.6
Axisymmetric forming of a circular cup 1.3.7
Cup/trough forming 1.3.8
Forging with sinusoidal dies 1.3.9
Forging with multiple complex dies 1.3.10
Flat rolling: transient and steady-state 1.3.11
Section rolling 1.3.12
Ring rolling 1.3.13
Axisymmetric extrusion: transient and steady-state 1.3.14
Two-step forming simulation 1.3.15
Upsetting of a cylindrical billet: coupled temperature-displacement and adiabatic
analysis 1.3.16
Unstable static problem: thermal forming of a metal sheet 1.3.17
Fracture mechanics
A plate with a part-through crack: elastic line spring modeling 1.4.1
Conical crack in a half-space with and without submodeling 1.4.2
Elastic-plastic line spring modeling of a finite length cylinder with a part-through
axial flaw 1.4.3
Crack growth in a three-point bend specimen 1.4.4
Import analyses
Springback of two-dimensional draw bending 1.5.1
Deep drawing of a square box 1.5.2
2. Dynamic Stress/Displacement Analyses
Dynamic stress analyses
Nonlinear dynamic analysis of a structure with local inelastic collapse 2.1.1
Detroit Edison pipe whip experiment 2.1.2
Rigid projectile impacting eroding plate 2.1.3
Eroding projectile impacting eroding plate 2.1.4
Tennis racket and ball 2.1.5
Pressurized fuel tank with variable shell thickness 2.1.6
Modeling of an automobile suspension 2.1.7
Explosive pipe closure 2.1.8
Knee bolster impact with general contact 2.1.9
Crimp forming with general contact 2.1.10
Collapse of a stack of blocks with general contact 2.1.11
Cask drop with foam impact limiter 2.1.12
Oblique impact of a copper rod 2.1.13
Water sloshing in a baffled tank 2.1.14
Seismic analysis of a concrete gravity dam 2.1.15
Mode-based dynamic analyses
Analysis of a rotating fan using substructures and cyclic symmetry 2.2.1
Linear analysis of the Indian Point reactor feedwater line 2.2.2
Response spectra of a three-dimensional frame building 2.2.3
Eigenvalue analysis of a structure using the parallel Lanczos eigensolver 2.2.4
Brake squeal analysis 2.2.5
3. Tire and Vehicle Analyses
Tire analyses
Symmetric results transfer for a static tire analysis 3.1.1
Steady-state rolling analysis of a tire 3.1.2
Subspace-based steady-state dynamic tire analysis 3.1.3
Steady-state dynamic analysis of a tire substructure 3.1.4
Coupled acoustic-structural analysis of a tire filled with air 3.1.5
Import of a steady-state rolling tire 3.1.6
Analysis of a solid disc with Mullins effect 3.1.7
Vehicle analyses
Inertia relief in a pick-up truck 3.2.1
Substructure analysis of a pick-up truck model 3.2.2
4. Mechanism Analyses
Resolving overconstraints in a multi-body mechanism model 4.1.1
Crank mechanism 4.1.2
Snubber-arm mechanism 4.1.3
Flap mechanism 4.1.4
Tail-skid mechanism 4.1.5
Cylinder-cam mechanism 4.1.6
Driveshaft mechanism 4.1.7
Geneva mechanism 4.1.8
Trailing edge flap mechanism 4.1.9
Substructure analysis of a one-piston engine model 4.1.10
5. Heat Transfer and Thermal-Stress Analyses
Thermal-stress analysis of a disc brake 5.1.1
Exhaust manifold assemblage 5.1.2
Coolant manifold cover gasketed joint 5.1.3
Radiation analysis of a plane finned surface 5.1.4
6. Electrical Analyses
Piezoelectric analyses
Eigenvalue analysis of a piezoelectric transducer 6.1.1
Transient dynamic nonlinear response of a piezoelectric transducer 6.1.2
Joule heating analyses
Thermal-electrical modeling of an automotive fuse 6.2.1
7. Mass Diffusion Analyses
Hydrogen diffusion in a vessel wall section 7.1.1
Diffusion toward an elastic crack tip 7.1.2
8. Acoustic and Shock Analyses
Coupled acoustic-structural analysis of a car 8.1.1
Fully and sequentially coupled acoustic-structural analysis of a muffler 8.1.2
Coupled acoustic-structural analysis of a speaker 8.1.3
Response of a submerged cylinder to an underwater explosion shock wave 8.1.4
Coupled acoustic-structural analysis of a pick-up truck 8.1.5
Long-duration response of a submerged cylinder to an underwater explosion 8.1.6
9. Soils Analyses
Plane strain consolidation 9.1.1
Calculation of phreatic surface in an earth dam 9.1.2
Axisymmetric simulation of an oil well 9.1.3
Analysis of a pipeline buried in soil 9.1.4
10. ABAQUS/Aqua Analyses
Jack-up foundation analyses 10.1.1
Riser dynamics 10.1.2
11. Design Sensitivity Analyses
Design sensitivity analysis: overview 11.1.1
Design sensitivity analysis of a composite centrifuge 11.2.1
Design sensitivities for tire inflation, footprint, and natural frequency analysis 11.2.2
Design sensitivity analysis of a windshield wiper 11.2.3
Design sensitivity analysis of a rubber bushing 11.2.4
12. Postprocessing of ABAQUS Results Files
User postprocessing of ABAQUS results files: overview 12.1.1
Joining data from multiple results files and converting file format: FJOIN 12.1.2
Calculation of principal stresses and strains and their directions: FPRIN 12.1.3
Creation of a perturbed mesh from original coordinate data and eigenvectors: FPERT 12.1.4
Output radiation viewfactors and facet areas: FRAD 12.1.5
Creation of a data file to facilitate the postprocessing of elbow element results:
FELBOW 12.1.
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