A Review of Impact Behaviour in Composite Materials

A Review of Impact Behaviour in Composite Materials
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10 أبريل 2021
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A Review of Impact Behaviour in Composite Materials
S. Gholizadeh
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department, University Putra Malaysia
Email: [email protected]
Abstract – The damage of composite structure caused by impact events is one of the most critical damages that have been
caused several design problems. Understanding damage and failure of composite materials is critical in order to produce a
reliable and cost-effective design. Generally, the character of impact response influences the extent of structural degradation
and type of damage. Therefore, it is important to identify the properties and physical parameters that determine the nature of
impact response. We need to detect, characterise, size and localise the impact damage. This study presents types of damages
in composite materials, impact damage and its classification in composite materials.
Keywords – Impact, Damage in composite materials, Acoustic Emission, Composites, Failure,
In this contribution, the application of composite
materials and their efficiency in aircraft industry and
other cases was considered.Several distinct features
of composite materials make them to be essential
materials in aerospace and automotive and make
them more effective than metals. The materials
classification based on their properties and characters
was explained and the impact behaviour on different
types of material has been investigated. The modes of
impact damage derived range from matrix
crackingand delamination through to fibre failure and
penetration. Damage modes interaction, types of
velocity, and influence of various factors on impact
behaviour must be considered and understood to
predict any failure in composite materials.
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