60 Excellent Inventions in Metal Forming

60 Excellent Inventions in Metal Forming
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A. Erman Tekkaya, Werner Homberg, Alexander Brosius
24 مايو 2019
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60 Excellent Inventions in Metal Forming
A. Erman Tekkaya, Werner Homberg, Alexander Brosius
Table of Contents
Part I Material Characterization and Tribology
Novel Method for Combined Tension and Shear Loading
of Thin-Walled Tubes 3
Christopher P. Dick and Yannis P. Korkolis
An Innovative Procedure for the Experimental Determination
of the Forming Limit Curves . 11
Dorel Banabic, Lucian Lazarescu, and Dan-Sorin Comsa
Sheet Material Characterization with the In-Plane Torsion Test:
Cyclic Loading, Grooved Specimen and Twin Bridge Specimen . 17
Heinrich Traph?ner, Qing Yin, and A. Erman Tekkaya
Friction Analysis in Bulk Metal Forming . 23
Laurent Dubar, André Dubois, and Mirentxu Dubar
Flow Stress Measurement in Upsetting Test with Grooved Platens 29
Kozo Osakada
Equipment for Off-line Testing of Sheet Tribo-systems 35
Ermanno Ceron and Niels Bay
Part II Modelling
Anisotropic Yield Functions . 43
Frédéric Barlat and Hyuk Jong Bong
BBC2005 Yield Criterion Used in the Numerical Simulation
of Sheet Metal Forming Processes 49
Dorel Banabic and Dan-Sorin Comsa
xixii Table of Contents
The Impact of M-K Model on Development of Formability Assessment
in Sheet Metal Forming Processes 55
Andrzej Kocanda ´
Cyclic Plasticity Model for Accurate Simulation of Springback
of Sheet Metals 61
Fusahito Yoshida and Takeshi Uemori
Fast Semi-analytical Approach for Deep Drawing Processes 67
Alexander Brosius and Tim Cwiekala
Part III Sheet Metal Forming
Vaporizing Foil Actuator: a Tool for Creating High-Pressure Impulses
for Metalworking . 77
Anupam Vivek, Geoffrey A. Taber, Jason R. Johnson, and Glenn S. Daehn
Hybrid Deep Drawing Tools for High Strength Steels . 83
Thomas Mennecart, J?rg Kolbe, and Matthias Kleiner
High-Accuracy & High-Rigidity Forming Machines (UL Presses) . 89
Takaaki Imura
Short-Cycle-Stretch-Forming (SCS) 95
Mathias Liewald, Philipp Schmid, Matthias Schneider, and Apostolos Papaioanu
Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming 101
Daniel Gr?bel, Thomas Schneider, and Marion Merklein
Electromagnetically Assisted Sheet Metal Stamping and Deep Drawing . 107
Glenn S. Daehn, Anupam Vivek, and Jianhui Shang
Dry Metal Forming – a Green Approach . 113
Frank Vollertsen, Hendrik Flosky, and Thomas Seefeld
Forming of Tailored Blank 119
Toshiyuki Takasago and Takao Iwai
New Forming Technologies Using Screw Type Servo Press 127
Junichi Endou and Chikara MurataTable of Contents xiii
Part IV Incremental Forming
Non-circular Spinning . 137
Sebastian H?rtel and Birgit Awiszus
Hybrid Sheet Metal Processing Center 143
David Bailly, Laura Conrads, and Gerhard Hirt
Friction-Spinning – Innovative Opportunity for Overcoming Process
Limits in Spinning Processes . 149
Werner Homberg and Benjamin Lossen
Single Point “Dieless” Incremental Forming . 155
Masaaki Amino, Masashi Mizoguchi, Yuji Terauchi, and Trent Maki
TwinTool 161
Lukas Kwiatkowski and A. Erman Tekkaya
Laser Adjustment Using Actuators . 167
Hinnerk Hagenah and Manfred Geiger
Flexible Asymmetric Spinning 173
Omer Music and Julian M. Allwood
Part V Shear Cutting
Micro Hole Piercing with a Slant Angle 181
Tomomi Shiratori and Takafumi Komatsu
Fine Blanking of Helical Gears . 187
Andreas Feuerhack, Daniel Trauth, Patrick Mattfeld, and Fritz Klocke
Edge-Fracture-Tensile-Test 193
Martin Feistle, Michael Krinninger, Isabella P?tzold, and Wolfram Volk
Reduction of Vibrations in Blanking by MR Dampers 199
Andrea Ghiotti, Paolo Regazzo, Stefania Bruschi, and P. Francesco Bariani
Force Reduction During Blanking Operations of AHSS Sheet Materials . 205
Andreas Mackensen, Matthias Golle, Roland Golle, and Hartmut Hoffmannxiv Table of Contents
Part VI Rolling
Flexible Rolling 213
Markus Grüber, Reiner Kopp, and Gerhard Hirt
Vertical Twin-Roll Strip Casting of Steel . 219
Markus Daamen, Michele Vidoni, and Gerhard Hirt
Pair Cross Type Rolling Mill for Hot Rolling 225
Shunji Omori, Hiroyuki Hino, Kanji Hayashi, and Hideaki Furumoto
Endless Hot Strip Rolling . 233
Kanji Hayashi, Hideyuki Nikaido, and Hideaki Furumoto
6-High Type Rolling Mill for Cold Rolling 239
Toshiyuki Kajiwara, Hidetoshi Nishi, Yasutsugu Yoshimura, and Hideaki Furumoto
Riblet Rolling on Ti6Al4V Compressor Blades . 245
Michael Terhorst, Daniel Trauth, and Fritz Klocke
Part VII Extrusion and Hot Forging
TR Process for Forging Heavy Crankshafts . 253
Tadeusz Rut, Wojciech Walczyk, Andrzej Milenin, and Maciej Pietrzyk
Chip Extrusion with Integrated Equal Channel Angular Pressing . 261
Matthias Haase and Nooman Ben Khalifa
Non-graphite Water Soluble Lubricant for Hot Forging . 267
Nobuhiro Ikeda
Composite Extrusion 275
Christoph Dahnke, Thomas Kloppenborg, Martin Schwane, Marco Schikorra,
Daniel Pietzka, Matthias Kleiner, and Michael Schom?cker
Novel Billet Design for Co-extrusion of Bi-metallic Shapes and Tubes 281
Mario E. Epler and Wojciech Z. Misiolek
Curved Profile Extrusion . 287
Alessandro Selvaggio, Dirk Becker, Alexander Klaus, Dieter Arendes, and
Matthias KleinerTable of Contents xv
Part VIII Cold Forging
Joining of a Shaft-Hub Connection by Lateral Extrusion 295
Florian D?rr and Mathias Liewald
Divided Flow Method 301
Kazuyoshi Kondo
Enclosed Die Forging Using Die Set 307
Yoshihiro Ishihara and Kozo Osakada
Joining of Serrated Shaft with Holed Disk by Indentation 313
Kazuhiko Kitamura, Kenji Hirota, Yoshihiko Ukai, and Kei-ichi Matsunaga
Development of Orbital Forging Processes by Using
Marciniak Rocking-Die Solutions 319
Andrzej Kocanda ´
Double Cup Extrusion Test to Evalute Lubricants for Cold Forging . 325
Taylan Altan and Gracious Ngaile
Extrusion of Scroll Against Counter Pressure 331
Kanji Hayashi and Kozo Osakada
High-Performance Permanent Magnets by Cold Forming 337
Peter Groche and Lennart Wie?ner
New Cold Forging Lubricant Replacing Zinc Phosphate Coating . 343
Zhigang Wang and Shinobu Komiyama
Part IX Tube and Profile Forming
Incremental Tube Forming 351
Christoph Becker, Matthias Hermes, and A. Erman Tekkaya
Incremental Profile Forming . 357
Goran Grzancic, Christoph Becker, and Matthias Hermes
CNC Tube Forming Method for Manufacturing Flexibly
and 3-Dimensionally Bent Tubes . 363
Makoto Murata and Takashi Kuboki
Mechanical Joining of Tubes . 369
Luis M. Alves and Paulo A.F. Martinsxvi Table of Contents
Fabrication of Seamless Metallic Liners for COPV‘s . 375
Luis M. Alves and Paulo A.F. Martins
Torque Superposed Spatial bending 381
Matthias Hermes, Daniel Staupendahl, and Matthias Kleiner
Further Development on Tube Hydroforming 387
Ken-ichi Manabe and Sadakatsu Fuchizawa
Part X Further Developments
In-Situ Measurement of Loading Stresses by Means of X-ray Diffraction with
Multi-State Sheet Specimen 397
Alper Güner and A. Erman Tekkaya
Smart Hot Stamping for Ultra-high Strength Steel Parts . 403
Ken-ichiro Mori
Technologies for Forming and Foaming of Aluminium Foam Sandwich . 409
Bernd Viehweger and Alexander Sviridov
Plastic Consolidation of Metal Matrix Composites by Pressure Cycling . 415
Glenn S. Daehn
Process-Integrated Heat Treatment of Hot Forged Components 421
Adis Huskic, Mohammad Kazhai, and Bernd-Arno Behrens
Micro-Tube Hydroforming System Based on Floating Die Assembly . 427
Gracious Ngaile and James Lowrie
Tube Drawing with Tilted and Shifted Die 433
Adele Carrad?, Farzad Foadian, and Heinz Palkowski
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