Surfactants in Tribology Volume 5

Surfactants in Tribology Volume 5
اسم المؤلف
Girma Biresaw, Kashmiri Lal Mittal
4 يناير 2019

Surfactants in Tribology Volume 5
Girma Biresaw, Kashmiri Lal Mittal
Preface .ix
Editors .xiii
Contributors .xv
Section i ionic Liquids and Polymeric
Amphiphiles in tribology
Chapter 1 Tribochemical Reaction of Ionic Liquids as Lubricants on Steel
Sliding Surfaces 3
Shouhei Kawada, Yusuke Ichise, Seiya Watanabe,
Chiharu Tadokoro, and Shinya Sasaki
Chapter 2 Friction of Polyethylene-b-Poly(ethylene glycol) Diblock
Copolymers against Model Substrates .19
Sophie Bistac, Diane Fischer, and Maurice Brogly
Chapter 3 Aqueous Lubrication with Polyelectrolytes: Toward Engineering
Applications .39
Seunghwan Lee
Chapter 4 Use of Polymers in Viscosity Index Modifcation of Mineral
Oils and Pour Point Depression of Vegetable Oils .61
Dogan Grunberg, Mert Arca, Dan Vargo, Sevim Z. Erhan,
and Brajendra K. Sharma
Section ii nanomaterials in tribology
Chapter 5 Polyethylene Nanotubes Formed by Mechanochemical
Fragments and Displaying Positive Charge 93
Fernando Galembeck, Douglas Soares da Silva, Lia Beraldo da
Silveira Balestrin, and Thiago Augusto de Lima Burgo
Chapter 6 Nanotechnology and Performance Development of Cutting
Fluids: The Enhanced Heat Transfer Capabilities of Nano?uids 103
Nadia G. Kandile and David R. K. Hardingvi Contents
Chapter 7 Silver Nanoparticles Colloidal Dispersions: Synthesis
and Antimicrobial Activity .149
Ali A. Abd-Elaal and Nabel A. Negm
Section iii tribological Applications
in Automotive, Petroleum
Drilling, and Food
Chapter 8 Correlating Engine Dynamometer Fuel Economy to TimeDependent Tribological Data in Friction Modifer Studies 175
Frank J. DeBlase
Chapter 9 Formation of Triboflms from Surfactants with Different
Degrees of Ethoxylation on Steel Surfaces in the Boundary
Lubrication Regime 201
F. Quintero, J.M. Gonz?lez, J. de Vicente ?lvarez, J.E. Arellano,
and S. Rosales
Chapter 10 Load- and Velocity-Dependent Friction Behavior of Cow Milk Fat 239
Teresa Tomasi, Angela M. Tortora, Cristina Bignardi,
and Deepak H. Veeregowda
Section iV Biobased Amphiphilic Materials
in tribology and Related Fields
Chapter 11 Test Methods for Testing Biodegradability of Lubricants:
Complete or Not Complete? .251
Ben Müller-Zermini and Gerhard Gaule
Chapter 12 Biosynthesis and Derivatization of Microbial Glycolipids
and Their Potential Application in Tribology .263
Daniel K.Y. Solaiman, Richard D. Ashby, and Girma Biresaw
Chapter 13 Biofuels from Vegetable Oils as Alternative Fuels: Advantages
and Disadvantages 289
Nabel A. Negm, Maram T.H. Abou Kana, Mona A. Youssif,
and Mona Y. MohamedContents vii
Chapter 14 Field Pennycress: A New Oilseed Crop for the Production
of Biofuels, Lubricants, and High-Quality Proteins .369
Roque L. Evangelista, Steven C. Cermak, Milagros P. HojillaEvangelista, Bryan R. Moser, and Terry A. Isbell
Chapter 15 Biobased Lubricant Additives 401
Girma Biresaw, Grigor B. Bantchev, Zengshe Liu,
David L. Compton, Kervin O. Evans, and Rex E. Murray
Chapter 16 Assessment of Agricultural Wastes as Biosorbents for Heavy
Metal Ions Removal from Wastewater .465
Nabel A. Negm, Hassan H.H. Hefni, and Ali A. Abd-Elaal
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