Surfactants in Tribology Volume 3

Surfactants in Tribology Volume 3
اسم المؤلف
Girma Biresaw, Kashmiri Lal Mittal
4 يناير 2019

Surfactants in Tribology Volume 3
Girma Biresaw, Kashmiri Lal Mittal
Preface .ix
Editors xiii
Contributors .xv
PART I Nanotribology and Polymeric Systems
Chapter 1 Nano-Scale Friction and Superlubricity at Carbonic Interfaces 3
Naruo Sasaki and Kouji Miura
Chapter 2 Synthesis and Tribological Properties of Surface-Modifed
Lead Nanoparticles 33
Lei Sun, Yanbao Zhao, Zhishen Wu, and Zhijun Zhang
Chapter 3 Molecular Organization and Friction Dynamics
of Confned Semidilute Polymer Solutions 43
J. Cayer-Barrioz, D. Mazuyer, and A. Tonck
Chapter 4 Tribological Behavior of Ionic Polymer Brushes
in Aqueous Environment 75
Motoyasu Kobayashi, Masami Terada, Tatsuya Ishikawa,
and Atsushi Takahara
Chapter 5 Modifcation of Biopolymers Friction by Surfactant Molecules 93
Maurice Brogly, Ahmad Fahs, and Sophie Bistac
Chapter 6 Characterization and Tribological Behavior of Polymer Brush
Functionalized with Ionic Liquid Moiety 111
Tatsuya Ishikawa, Motoyasu Kobayashi, and Atsushi Takaharavi Contents
PART II Biobased and Environmentally Friendly
Lubricants and Additives
Chapter 7 A Biobased Nitrogen-Containing Lubricant Additive
Synthesized from Epoxidized Methyl Oleate
Using an Ionic Liquid Catalyst . 131
Kenneth M. Doll and Atanu Biswas
Chapter 8 Environmentally Friendly Surface Active Agents
and Their Applications . 147
Nabel A. Negm and Salah M. Tawfk
Chapter 9 Lubricants and Functional Fluids from Lesquerella Oil 195
Steven C. Cermak and Roque L. Evangelista
Chapter 10 Green Tannic Acid-Based Surfactants and Their Metal
Complexes for Inhibiting Microbial Growth 227
Nabel A. Negm, Mohamed M. El Sukkary, and Dina A. Ismail
Chapter 11 Elastohydrodynamics of Farm-Based Blends Comprising
Amphiphilic Oils 265
Grigor B. Bantchev and Girma Biresaw
PART III Tribological Properties of Aqueous and
Nonaqueous Systems
Chapter 12 Ionic Liquids as Novel Lubricant Bases . 301
Marian W. Sulek and Marta Ogorzalek
Chapter 13 Stability of Cutting Fluids Emulsions 317
Nadia G. Kandile, Ahmed M. Al-Sabagh, Mahmoud R. Noor
El-Din, and David R. K. Harding
Chapter 14 The Chemistry of Alkylcarbonates and Their Application
as Friction Modifers 357
Leslie R. Rudnick and Carlo ZecchiniContents vii
Chapter 15 Theoretical and Practical Treatments of Surface and Bulk
Properties of Aqueous Mixed Surfactant Systems: Mixed
Monolayers, Mixed Micelles Formation, and Synergism 379
Nabel A. Negm
Chapter 16 Tribological Properties of Aqueous Solutions
of Silicone Polyethers . 421
Marian W. Sulek and Malgorzata Zieba
PART IV Advanced Tribological Concepts
Chapter 17 Surfactants for Electric Charge and Evaporation
Control in Fluid Bearing Motor Oil . 437
T. E. Karis
Chapter 18 Adsorption of Surfactants on Hematite Used as Weighting
Material and the Effects on the Tribological Properties
of Water-Based Drilling Fluids 463
F. Quintero and J. M. Gonz?lez
Chapter 19 Moving Contact Line Problem in Electrowetting:
Relevance to Tribological Phenomenon . 491
Ya-Pu Zhao and Ying Wang
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