Practical Extrusion Blow Molding

Practical Extrusion Blow Molding
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Samuell Belcher
12 أكتوبر 2019
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Practical Extrusion Blow Molding
Edited by
Samuell Belcher
Sabel Plastechs,inc.
1 History of Blow Molding
Samuel L.
2 Selecting the Proper Equipment for Industrial/
Technical Blow Molding 37
Roln:rt a. Sinwska
3 Start-up and Initial Production 63
Robert a. Slawska
4 Selecting a Blow Molding Material
W. Bruce Thompson
Matepwan, 3amnmehhbim Abtopckwm Npabomvi Contents
5 Extrusion Blow Mold Design 95
Charles Carey, Tar Tsau, Reinhold Nitsche,
Rmrf Ifor/ Schwarz?
6 Auxiliary Equipment
Robert J Pierce
7 the Use of Regrind 187
I )an Weissman N
Deflashing, Trimming, and Reaming
Alex Orlowsky and Anatoly Orlowsky
9 Testing of Extrusion Blow Molding 219
Cheryl L. Hayek
10 Automation, Simplicity, and Profit for
Blow Molding 253
Robert R. Jackson
11 Troubleshooting Guide for Common Blow
Molding Problems 265
Samuel Tj . Reicher
Appendix a: Marlex/phillips Chemical Company
Technical Information Bulletin 31, Blow Molding:
Markets, Processes and Equipment; Controlling Wall
Distribution Bv Programming and Die Shaping;
Material Requirements for Part Performance 273
Appendix B: Marlex/phillips Chemical Company
Technical Information Bulletin 32, Part 1. Blow
Molding Highly Irregular Shaped Parts With Moving
Mold Sections; Part 2. Blow Molding Highly Irregular
Shaped Parts With Multiple Airing Lines
Don L. Peters and J. R. Ratliman
Glossary: Plastics Terms
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