My First Internet Business

My First Internet Business
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6 نوفمبر 2016

My First Internet Business
Table of Contents
Introduction 5
Top 7 Benefits of Starting an Internet Business 7
Starting Your Own Internet Business 11
7 Things to Consider When Starting your Own Internet Business 11
Internet Business in 3 Easy Steps 13
Internet Business Models 15
Affiliate Marketing 15
Three Types of Affiliate Marketing 15
How are payments made? 17
What Skills do you need to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business? 17
Advantages of the Affiliate Marketing Model 17
The Downside to Affiliate Marketing 19
eBay and other online Auction Sites 20
How eBay works 21
What should you keep in mind when selling on EBay? 23
Pros and Cons of selling on eBay and Online Auctions 24
Product Creation 25
What is Product Creation? 26
How to Start an Internet Business Using the Product Creation Model 27
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Product Creation Model 28
Offering Services on the Internet 28
How to Start Offering Services on the Internet 28
Advantages and Disadvantages of Offering Services on the Internet 30
Internet Marketing 30
Types of Internet Marketing 31
Recommendation 41
Learning and Internet Businesses 42


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