Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking Fluids
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Jerry P. Byers
29 يوليو 2019
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Metalworking Fluids
Second Edition
Jerry P. Byers
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction: Tracing the Historical Development of Metalworking Fluids . 1
Jeanie S. McCoy
Chapter 2 Metallurgy for the Nonmetallurgist with an Introduction to Surface
Finish Measurement 19
James E. Denton
Chapter 3 Metal Cutting Processes 47
Stuart C. Salmon
Chapter 4 Performance of Metalworking Fluids in a Grinding System . 75
Cornelis A. Smits
Chapter 5 Metalforming Applications . 103
Kevin H. Tucker
Chapter 6 The Chemistry of Metalworking Fluids . 127
Jean C. Childers
Chapter 7 Laboratory Evaluation of Metalworking Fluids . 147
Jerry P. Byers
Chapter 8 Corrosion: Causes and Cures 175
Giles J.P. Becket
Chapter 9 Microbiology of Metalworking Fluids . 195
Frederick J. Passman
Chapter 10 Filtration Systems for Metalworking Fluids . 231
Robert H. Brandt
Chapter 11 Metalworking Fluid Management and Troubleshooting 253
Gregory J. Foltz
hapter 12 Recycling of Metalworking Fluids . 279
Raymond M. Dick
Chapter 13 Waste Treatment . 301
John M. Burke and William A. Gaines
Chapter 14 Contact Dermatitis and Metalworking Fluids 325
C.G. Toby Mathias
Chapter 15 Health and Safety Aspects in the Use of Metalworking Fluids . 337
John K. Howell, William E. Lucke, and Eugene M. White
Chapter 16 Generation and Control of Mist from Metal Removal Fluids . 377
Jean M. Dasch, Carolina C. Ang, and James B. D’Arcy
Chapter 17 Regulatory Aspects of Metalworking Fluids 399
Eugene M. White
Chapter 18 Costs Associated with the Use of Metalworking Fluids 421
Lloyd J. Lazarus
Chapter 19 Glossary
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