Machinery’s Handbook 26th

Machinery’s Handbook 26th
اسم المؤلف
Erik Oberg, Franklin D. Jones,
18 مارس 2019

Machinery’s Handbook 26th Edition
Erik Oberg, Franklin D. Jones,
Holbrook L. Horton, and Henry H. Ryffel
Christopher J. Mccauley, Editor
Riccardo Heald, Associate Editor
Muhammed Iqbal Hussain, Associate Editor
Mathematics 1
Mechanics 112
Strength of Materials 193
Properties, Treatment, and Testing of Materials 361
Dimensioning, Gaging, and Measuring 605
Tooling and Toolmaking 720
Machining Operations 974
Manufacturing Processes 1298
Fasteners 1452
Threads and Threading 1702
Gears, Splines, and Cams 1995
Machine Elements 2189
Measuring Units 2513
Table of Contents
Numbers, Fractions, and
2 Mathematical Signs and
Commonly Used Abbreviations
3 Prime Numbers and Factors of
13 Continued and Conjugate Fractions
16 Positive and Negative Numbers
17 Powers, Roots, and Reciprocals
17 Powers of Ten Notation
19 Preferred Numbers
Algebra and Equations
20 Rearrangement and Transposition
21 Sequence of Performing Arithmetic
21 Ratio and Proportion
23 Inverse Proportion
23 Percentage
24 Simple and Compound Interest
25 Nominal Vs. Effective Interest
32 Principal Algebraic Expressions
And Formulas
32 Equations
32 Solving First Degree Equations
33 Solving Quadratic Equations
33 Cubic Equations
33 Series
34 Derivatives of Functions
35 Solving Numerical Equations
36 Coordinate Systems
36 Rectangular, Cartesian
36 Polar Coordinates
36 Changing Coordinate Systems
37 Spherical Coordinates
38 Cylindrical Coordinates
38 Imaginary and Complex Numbers
38 Complex or Imaginary Numbers
39 Operations on Complex Numbers
40 Break-even Analysis
43 Arithmetical & Geometrical
56 Areas and Volumes
56 the Prismoidal Formula
56 Pappus or Guldinus Rules
57 Area of Revolution Surface
57 Area of Irregular Plane Surface
58 Areas Enclosed by Cycloidal
58 Contents of Cylindrical Tanks
60 Areas and Dimensions of Figures
66 Volumes of Solids
72 Circles Within Circles
77 Circles Within Rectangles
78 Formulas for Regular Polygons
79 Diameters of Circles and Sides of
Squares of Equal Area
80 Segments of Circles
82 Distance Across Corners of
Squares and Hexagons
Solution of Triangles
83 Functions of Angles
84 Laws of Sines and Cosines
84 Trigonometric Identities
90 Degree to Radian Conversion
92 Graphic Illustrations of the
Functions of Angles
93 Trigonometric Functions
97 Versed Sine and Versed Cosine
97 Sevolute and Involute Functions
102 Common Logarithms
103 Inverse Logarithm
104 Natural Logarithms
104 Multiplication and Division by
106 Powers of Number by Logarithms
107 Roots of Number by Logarithms
108 Tables of Logarithms2 Mathematical Tables
Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals
Mathematical Signs and Commonly Used Abbreviations
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