Harris’ Shock and Vibration Handbook 6th Edition

Harris’ Shock and Vibration Handbook 6th Edition
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Allan G. Piersol,Thomas L. Paez
27 أكتوبر 2018

Harris’ Shock and Vibration Handbook 6th Edition
Allan G. Piersol
Thomas L. Paez
Contributors xi
Preface xiii
Chapter 1. Introduction to the Handbook 1.1
Cyril M. Harris and Allan G. Piersol
Chapter 2. Basic Vibration Theory 2.1
Ralph E. Blake
Chapter 3. Vibration of a Resiliently Supported Rigid Body 3.1
Harry Himelblau and Sheldon Rubin
Chapter 4. Nonlinear Vibration 4.1
C. Nataraj and Fredric Ehrich
Chapter 5. Self-Excited Vibration 5.1
Fredric Ehrich
Chapter 6. Dynamic Vibration Absorbers and Auxiliary
Mass Dampers 6.1
Sheldon Rubin
Chapter 7. Vibration of Systems Having Distributed Mass
and Elasticity 7.1
Ronald G. Merritt
Chapter 8. Transient Response to Step and Pulse Functions 8.1
Thomas L. Paez
Chapter 9. Mechanical Impedance/Mobility 9.1
Elmer L. Hixson
Chapter 10. Shock and Vibration Transducers 10.1
Anthony S. Chu
viiChapter 11. Calibration of Shock and Vibration Transducers 11.1
Jeffrey Dosch
Chapter 12. Strain Gage Instrumentation 12.1
Patrick L. Walter
Chapter 13. Shock and Vibration Data Acquisition 13.1
Strether Smith
Chapter 14. Vibration Analyzers and Their Use 14.1
Robert B. Randall
Chapter 15. Measurement Techniques 15.1
Cyril M. Harris
Chapter 16. Condition Monitoring of Machinery 16.1
Ronald L. Eshleman
Chapter 17. Shock and Vibration Standards 17.1
David J. Evans and Henry C. Pusey
Chapter 18. Test Criteria and Specifications 18.1
Allan G. Piersol
Chapter 19. Vibration Data Analysis 19.1
Allan G. Piersol
Chapter 20. Shock Data Analysis 20.1
Sheldon Rubin and Kjell Ahlin
Chapter 21. Experimental Modal Analysis 21.1
Randall J. Allemang and David L. Brown
Chapter 22. Matrix Methods of Analysis 22.1
Stephen H. Crandall and Robert B. McCalley, Jr.
Chapter 23. Finite Element Methods of Analysis 23.1
Robert N. Coppolino
Chapter 24. Statistical Energy Analysis 24.1
Richard G. DeJong
viii CONTENTSChapter 25. Vibration Testing Machines 25.1
David O. Smallwood
Chapter 26. Digital Control Systems for Vibration Testing Machines 26.1
Marcos A. Underwood
Chapter 27. Shock Testing Machines 27.1
Vesta I. Bateman
Chapter 28. Pyroshock Testing 28.1
Vesta I. Bateman and Neil T. Davie
Chapter 29. Vibration of Structures Induced by Ground Motion 29.1
William J. Hall, Billie F. Spencer, Jr., and Amr S. Elnashai
Chapter 30. Vibration of Structures Induced by Fluid Flow 30.1
Robert D. Blevins
Chapter 31. Vibration of Structures Induced by Wind 31.1
Alan G. Davenport and J. Peter C. King
Chapter 32. Vibration of Structures Induced by Sound 32.1
John F. Wilby
Chapter 33. Engineering Properties of Metals 33.1
M. R. Mitchell
Chapter 34. Engineering Properties of Composites 34.1
Keith T. Kedward
Chapter 35. Material and Slip Damping 35.1
Peter J. Torvik
Chapter 36. Applied Damping Treatments 36.1
David I. G. Jones
Chapter 37. Torsional Vibration in Reciprocating and
Rotating Machines 37.1
Ronald L. Eshleman
Chapter 38. Theory of Shock and Vibration Isolation 38.1
Michael A. Talley
CONTENTS ixChapter 39. Shock and Vibration Isolation Systems 39.1
Herbert LeKuch
Chapter 40. Equipment Design 40.1
Karl A. Sweitzer, Charles A. Hull, and Allan G. Piersol
Chapter 41. Human Response to Shock and Vibration 41.1
Anthony J. Brammer
Index follows Chapter 41
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