Handbook of Design and Analysis of Experiments

Handbook of Design and Analysis of Experiments
اسم المؤلف
Angela Dean, Max Morris, John Stufken, Derek Bingham
27 يناير 2022
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Handbook of Design and Analysis of Experiments
Edited by
Angela Dean
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Max Morris
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa, USA
John Stufken
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona, USA
Derek Bingham
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Preface xi
Editors . xv
Contributors xvii
Section I General Principles

  1. History and Overview of Design and Analysis of Experiments 3
    Klaus Hinkelmann
  2. Introduction to Linear Models 63
    Linda M. Haines
    Section II Designs for Linear Models
  3. Blocking with Independent Responses . 99
    John P. Morgan
  4. Crossover Designs . 159
    Mausumi Bose and Aloke Dey
  5. Response Surface Experiments and Designs 197
    André I. Khuri and Siuli Mukhopadhyay
  6. Design for Linear Regression Models with Correlated Errors . 237
    Holger Dette, Andrey Pepelyshev, and Anatoly Zhigljavsky
    Section III Designs Accommodating Multiple Factors
  7. Regular Fractional Factorial Designs . 279
    Robert Mee and Angela Dean
  8. Multistratum Fractional Factorial Designs 321
    Derek Bingham
  9. Nonregular Factorial and Supersaturated Designs 339
    Hongquan Xu
    viiviii Contents
  10. Structures Defined by Factors 371
    R.A. Bailey
  11. Algebraic Method in Experimental Design . 415
    Hugo Maruri-Aguilar and Henry P. Wynn
    Section IV Optimal Design for Nonlinear and Spatial Models
  12. Optimal Design for Nonlinear and Spatial Models: Introduction and
    Historical Overview . 457
    Douglas P. Wiens
  13. Designs for Generalized Linear Models . 471
    Anthony C. Atkinson and David C. Woods
  14. Designs for Selected Nonlinear Models . 515
    Stefanie Biedermann and Min Yang
  15. Optimal Design for Spatial Models 549
    Zhengyuan Zhu and Evangelos Evangelou
    Section V Computer Experiments
  16. Design of Computer Experiments: Introduction and Background 577
    Max D. Morris and Leslie M. Moore
  17. Latin Hypercubes and Space-Filling Designs . 593
    C. Devon Lin and Boxin Tang
  18. Design for Sensitivity Analysis . 627
    William Becker and Andrea Saltelli
  19. Expected Improvement Designs . 675
    William I. Notz
    Section VI Cross-Cutting Issues
  20. Robustness of Design . 719
    Douglas P. WiensContents ix
  21. Algorithmic Searches for Optimal Designs . 755
    Abhyuday Mandal, Weng Kee Wong, and Yaming Yu
    Section VII Design for Contemporary Applications
  22. Design for Discrete Choice Experiments 787
    Heiko Grossmann and Rainer Schwabe
  23. Plate Designs in High-Throughput Screening Experiments for
    Drug Discovery . 833
    Xianggui Qu (Harvey) and Stanley Young
  24. Up-and-Down Designs for Dose-Finding . 857
    Nancy Flournoy and Assaf P. Oron
  25. Optimal Design for Event-Related fMRI Studies 895
    Jason Ming-Hung Kao and John Stufken

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