Developments in Injection Moulding 3

Developments in Injection Moulding 3
اسم المؤلف
A. Whelan, J. P. Goff
19 أكتوبر 2019
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Developments in Injection Moulding 3
Edited by
A. Whelan, J. P. Goff
Senior Lecturers, London School of Polymer Technology,
Holloway, London, Uk
Contents of Volumes 1 and 2
Volume 1
Edited by a. Whelan and J. L. Craft
1. Digital Hydraulics. H. Bluml
2. Clamping Systems. R. A. Ireland
3. Mould Design and Manufacture. 1. Nightingale
4. Screw and Barrel Assembly Development. 1. B. Smith
5. Materials Modification in Injection Moulding. R. C. Mcgregor
6. Economic Material Use in Injection Moulding. G. Cheater
7. Training and Education. C. D. Barnett
8. Temperature Control. P. H. 1. Ingham
9. Solid State Systems. F. Cooke
10. Process Control. G. F. Turnbull
Volume 2
Edited by a. Whelan and J. L. Craft
1. Energy Use in Injection Moulding. A. Whelan and R. C. Mcgregor
2. The Injection Moulding Unit. V. T. Gardner and H. Helmy
3. Injection Unit Control. G. R. Enderby
4. Designing for Production. 1. E. Nightingale
5. Efficient Mould Cooling. D. C. Cooper
6. Machine Control Using Microprocessors. P. T. K. Farrar
7. The Case for the Simple Machine. J. Bown
8. Machine Design for Specific Purposes. M. Oldaker
9. Plant Layout and Materials Handling. J. Bown
Preface V
List of Contributors Ix
1. Injection Moulding Derivatives 1
D. H. Morton-jones
2. Mould Manufacture 41
P. J. C. Gough
3. Computer-aided Part and Mould Design 111
C. Austin
4. Sprueless and Runnerless Moulding 161
Ross E. Rockenbaugh
5. Mould Cooling Circuits by Computer. 207
Keith Schauer
6. The Injection Moulding of Reinforced Thermoplastics 243
Steven D. Gerbig
7. The Rheology and Injection Moulding of Reinforced and
Liquid Crystalline Polymers. 271
G. Akay
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